Chapter 20:

Yama's Invitation [Pt.1]

A Moribund Hero

Rabbit paced frantically near the entrance when they emerged outside.Bookmark here

"Calm down. Yah giving me a headache." Wolf groaned.Bookmark here

Lucy huffed and let out chetting noises. She grabbed the girl's arm and led her toward Bessy.Bookmark here

"Get in. Sit down."Bookmark here

The twin ponytail girl cocked her head to one side, perplexed, but she followed orders. And then it came to her. Bessy had a scanner for trilateration mapping.Bookmark here

"Well?" Lucy crossed her arms in the driver's chair.Bookmark here

She grinned when Rabbit was playing around with the dashboard console's commands to bring up Bessy's terrain application. A semi-transparent 3D wireframe image of the mine appeared within the hull's center.Bookmark here

Wolf stepped inside. The three of them gathered around the image, which showed the mine's shaft sink. It wounded downward in three large spiral paths. All of them passed through one central antechamber to diverge into separate paths again.Bookmark here

Lucy frowned, noticing rows of square pockets within the chamber's space. "Tell me that ain't a burial site."Bookmark here

She shivered and held her arms over her chest.Bookmark here

Rabbit continued to examine the map and found a small entry point at the base of one of the slot canyons, a few meters from the main entrance.Bookmark here

"Brother, we come," she whispered to the entry point.Bookmark here

"Good. Let's check out the damage." Wolf let out a hearty yawn with his stretch.Bookmark here

"Better not be spiders in there. I hate spiders." Lucy continued to shiver at the thought of going into the mine.Bookmark here

"They probably hate yah too, especially when yah rock on up firing bullets into their hairy asses." Wolf joked.Bookmark here

His lame joke did make her feel better.Bookmark here

They made their way to the entrance, armed for anything. Rabbit's warning about illusion defense came too late when they passed through the mine's backdoor.Bookmark here

The VR mode on their visor glasses had switched on without their initiation. Its setting was locked, so they had no choice but to experience the artificial version of the mine. Completely dangerous.Bookmark here

"Worry not. I will draw out the mine's poison."Bookmark here

Lucy and Wolf watched Rabbit's fingers set a few commands on her jet armor via sign language to activate her trilateration application, which she had copied from Bessy's control center.Bookmark here

Everyone sighed with relief when a lime-green grid overlaid their illusionary map. Green dots along the landscape indicated real pitfalls and spots to avoid.Bookmark here

"Take these." Rabbit pulled out two small vials from her belt pockets and handed them to her comrades. "Ginseng Mix blesses the brain and blood with calmness. Makes false dreams hard to take hold."Bookmark here

Lucy and Wolf shrugged their shoulders and downed the slick liquid. At least, this way, they weren't going to be caught out by the pitfalls of a hidden reality.Bookmark here

"Ugh. Taste like the smell of Wolf's dirty washing!" Lucy gagged and poked out her tongue. "That's nasty bad."Bookmark here

"Yah has some weird fetish, lass. I'll make sure to save my stinky socks for yah later." Wolf chuckled, unable to resist the cheek.Bookmark here

"Eew! I'm gonna vomit." She retched, holding her stomach, but nothing came out.Bookmark here

They waited for Lucy to get a hold of herself, then continued.Bookmark here

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