Chapter 14:


Black and White

When they returned home, in the evening, no one came to welcome the victor. Everyone came to Whitney’s and Emily’s birthday party and gathered at Brian’s home’s backyard. Although the place got overcrowded. Most amazingly, Mr. Paul came to the station running. “Bo…Bo…BOLT! Gimme a minute.” Mr. Paul collapsed to the ground from tiredness. “I didn’t know our Paul can run.” Natasha said. Everyone was dumbfounded after they saw Paul running. “You must go to…you HOUSE!” Mr. Paul yelled. Mr. Bolt thought it was too serious. “Let’s go!” Brian and Emily whooshed on Phantom. “Hop on Mr. Bolt.” Whitney let Mr. Bolt ride with her and Luna also whooshed to Brian’s house. “Yeah fine, leave us here. We’ll walk.” Serena said in a carelessly mocking accent. “We are tired. We’re going home.” Jane said and she and Jessica went home.

Moments later when Brian, Emily, Whitney and Mr. Bolt arrived at Brian’s house, they were confused to see the place crowded. “Mr. Bolt! Thank goodness you are here. There’s a … a…” Simon tried to speak. Mr. Bolt and the three of them dismounted and went past the crowd. Brian opened the door. What they saw was extremely shocking (in a good way). It made Brian lose his grip on the trophy and Mr. Bolt lost his grip on the bag of souvenirs. Whitney and Emily were left confused. “O…O…Olivia? Is this really you?” Mr. Bolt asked. “FREDRICK!”. There was a lady inside their house. Brian’s eyes went watery. “Emily, who’s Olivia?” Whitney asked. “Its … it’s … MOMMY!” Emily ran in and hugged her. Brian covered his eyes. “Why did you stay away for so long? For YEARS.” Brian asked while wiping his tears. “I didn’t mean to, Brian. I don’t remember what happened after I left from town’s infirmary and before I woke up in Saintia village. Until a week ago, I couldn’t remember who I am. I read your name in the newspaper when you qualified for an interstate derby. And your name helped me to recall my memory” Olivia Bolt or Mrs. Bolt indirectly apologized. “That’s it. Yesterday and today are the best days of my life! The whole town gets a party by me!” Mr. Bolt shouted. “HOORAY!” the crowd outside the house cheered.

The party began at night. Some party freaks even complained that Mr. Bolt, was celebrating all in one day. Whitney became an elite, Brian won the December derby and Mr. Bolt meeting the love of his life after twelve years. Mr. Riggy wanted to meet Brian. “Brian, can I have a talk?” Mr. Riggy asked. “Sure.” Brian replied. “Five students started to run a club called, Highschool Equestrians’ Club. I was appointed as the advisor. Can you be the coach to teach them?” Mr. Riggy asked. “I’d be honoured to do that sir.” Brian said and accepted.

From the next year onward, Brian was called to school in the afternoon, every Friday. Whitney was obsessed with equestrian vaulting competitions and concerts she was getting to hear. And all the people in town and all the good people Brian met, so... classically,
lived happily ever after.