Chapter 7:

I Want to be Like Her

Heaven's Codex

Date — March 27, 345 Babel Calendar

Location — Capital : Empire Castle

Time — 10:12 am

Gab immediately delivered the heavy information we got to the Empire Council as well to the Emperor—

"Leviathan, the demon of Envy huh.."


"Yes your Majesty, we're facing one of the three pillars of Underworld according to the Heaven's Scripture"

[Council]: "Your Majesty, we can't let these demons run free inside our territories,  in a few days, they might attack Syria the 4th Sector...worst case scenario is another huge population casualty..."

"I know that well, now...should we draw our aces?"

[Council]: "Your Majesty do you mean 'them'? The three Angels?

"Gabriel Carter, go on!"

Gab emits a huge smile while vowing down and spoke on a echoish voice—

"Council, I...

He stand up and looked up to the Council...

...I have found the fourth."

[Council]: "What do you mean?!?! Only the three grand families of the throne have the Blessings of the Angels!

"What do you mean three, gentlemens? Have you forgotten the long annihilated clan? The fourth clan of the throne? One of the Four Clans who received the Blessings of  the Angel's from the Heaven's Scripture four decades ago?"

[Council]: "There's no way!! The Fourth Clan is long annihilated since the birth of the Empire!! They started a huge rebellion causing an inside war, the Fourth Clan is already annihilated fourty-two years ago!!"

"Calm down, I'm not bringing back our Empire's Dark History! What I found is...

...the Fourth Clan Angel's Vessel"

[Council]: "A-A Vessel?"

"Your Majesty, I have a plan, but first I need your approval."

"Interesting...What is it?"

◆ ♣︎ ◆

After what happened earlier at the train station we arrived at our class, same as usual they taught us the basics of mana manipulation spells and etc. I noticed Heva's kind of quiet since we arrived, I can't blame her tho, seeing someone's head explode early in the morning and hearing such a shoking news from Gab surely is a bad experience. 

After hours of studying and lectures the school for today is over. I decided to go back early to the our Dorms I'm not in the mood to roam the City, I advised Heva to do the same leaving Nehl and Ashley outside...

Nehl upon not seeing me walked alone to the Riverbank, Ashley followed her as if she's a natural born stalker. Nehl sat on the riverbank's grassy surface and enjoyed the wind, he lied on the grass and looked at the Orange dyed sky.

"Mmm, I wish they can see this lovely view."

"Yeah, how did you know this place?"

"WOAHHH! You shocked me, Ashley"

Ashley winked her eyes to Nehl and spoked with a gentle voice—

"Are you shocked with my beauty?"

Nehl replied with a flat voice and expressionless face—

"Ah, Hell no."

Ashley pouted and didn't elaborate further...

"Ashley, you heard the news?"

"Mhm, ofcourse I did, the 7th Sector has fallen."

"You know... sister's one of the troops of 7th Sector"

Ashley got shoked and couldn't speak—

"She's one of the Cleric Mages of the Frontlines, someday I wanna be like her, a brave exorcist..."


"I know...the 7th has Fallen miserably, I don't even know if she's still alive right now."

He extended his arms upwards as if he's reaching the orange sky, his tears went down while looking at the sky and spoked—

"I want to be like h-her, I want to be—*sob*"

Ashley lied down too...

"You don't have to be strong anymore, cry it out"

Nehl cried besides Ashley the whole hour...

—The Next Day

All four of us went to the Academy Together, everything's pretty much normal to us, not until we arrived—

"W-What is this?"

[Hologram Screen]: Hello Everyone, with the Emperor's permission the Academy will have a large scale Practical Tests for the Advance Exorcists Recruitment. The Practical Tests will Include Mana, Physical, Weaponry and Tactical Tests, head to your classrooms for more Information!

[Heva]: "Huh? A large scale Advance Exorcists Recruitment? This means..."

[Minoru]: "We can all be Exorcists at once with our skills? Right?"

Nehl shaked his head—

"This means the Army needs more Exorcists than normal, they need reinforcements badly."

Ashley spoked to Nehl—

"This is your chance."

"Yeah, our chance"

My phone vibrated and just what Im expecting, its Gab, he messaged me...

[Text—Gab]: "The Four of you, come to my office, quick!"


[Text—Mark]: "We're on our way, wait up"