Chapter 8:

8 Years Ago

Heaven's Codex

Four of us entered Gab's office and asked everything about the situation outside. He remained silent for a minute, after a while he turned around with his chair and spoke to us

"I...will send you four to the 4th Sector tomorrow before the sun rise"

I got shocked and asked him—

"We're studying here for just almost a week now, wasn't it still too early? That's battlefield we're going into not just a normal chess game!!"

"I know that well, but you guys are in a special case."

"S-Special Case?"

"You know what I mean."


"I'll tell you everything—

...fourty-two years ago, the age when the Empire was established, the Empire discovered the Heaven's Scripture—The Ancient Codex...

...upon discovering this, the Heaven's Scripture Blessed humanity with a huge present from the Eden, the Holy Scripture gave us the Four Angels—Ramiel, Uriel, Seraquel, and Raguel...

...the Four Angels were given to the Four Clans of the Throne, Raguel to the First, Samiel to the Second, Uriel to the Third, and Ramiel to the Fourth. Everything's going smoothly, with the help of the Four Clans the Seven Sector's Walls of Bhuloca was established keeping everyone safe inside...

...but the fourth clan became greedy, they wanted the three other Angels to be theirs. They started a huge rebellion causing a huge inside war in the Capital. Many things happened and the Fourth Clan was annihilated completely in the one knows where the Ramiel go after the Fourth Clan's Leader Death"

"W-What do you mean?"

"Minoru...Do you know who are the Three Clans?"

"You mean..."

Minoru looked at the other three behind him with shocked expression...

"First Clan The Heinrichs...

...Second Clan The Zolners

...and the Third Clan The Laurentius

...all the three clan's identity was hidden for good since what happened fourty-two years ago, only few knows so don't blame Heva, Ashley and Nehl.

" the Powers of Three Other Angels runs through their blood?"

[Nehl]: "We're sorry for hiding this, Minoru"

"B-but my family is not one of the Four Pillar Families of the Throne, Albreicht is just a commoner clan, why am I—"

"You are the Vessel of the long lost Angel: Ramiel! Ramiel is planted inside you!!"

Minoru got shocked so bad that he froze on the spot

"Do you still remember?! After your parents were slaughter away by the demons 8 years ago outside the walls, you were found by a slave trader!"

Shocked, Ashley lift her hands to her mouth covering it. Nehl and Heva's eyes widened.

"You...were traded to the Illegal Researchers. In that five whole years you experienced how to be a guinea pig to those researchers, until the day...Ramiel was planted inside you. You are the only compatible Vessel for Ramiel among the 63 childrens that was experimented...

...the Death Points you see when you take off your Glasses is one of the Blessings of Ramiel—The Devine Vision of Azrael."


[Heva]: Sir Gab!! Stop it already!

Heva came near me and hold my hands covering my ears. She calmed me down...I don't know how but it feels nostalgic.

"Control your Angels and gain experience through the battle, you four...are the humanity's last ACE"

"I'll kill them all, I'll kill them all!!"

Minoru looked at Gab with his Blue Gem-like eyes

"That's the spirit, tomorrow...I'll send you to the battlefields, and prepare everything you could...

We left by the door but suddenly Gab called me once more—

...Minoru! I know your past is painful as hell, but your past doesn't determine you future. That power is a blessing...not a curse."

"You...really talk like an old man sometimes"

"Is that so HAHAHAHA"

We left the office and came back to our dorms to prepare what we need for tomorrow.

◆ ♠︎ ◆

I immediately go back to my room and prepared my case, someone knocked on my door and's Nehl.

"Minoru, can go in?"

"Yeah, sure come in"




"O-ohhh sorry, wait up man!"

Its always my habit to lock up my room's door HAHAHA. I opened the door and let Nehl in,he jumped directly on my mini sofa infront of my bed. 

"You came here cuz' you want to ask something didn't you?"

"I'm lying if say no."

"*sigh* What Gab said are real..."

"You okay talking 'bout this?"

"Mhm, we'll be accompanying each other in the battlefield in the future tho."

"Is it painful?"

"Ofcourse it is, but I'm moving on already... know, 8 years ago me and my family's living peacefully outside the walls"

"Isn't that dangerous, Demons are roaming around outside" 

I looked at the window while talking to him— 

"Yeah it is, but we're living on a hidden area inside the woods, there's rarely demon sightings in there so we're kind of...sure in our way of life...

...then suddenly the peaceful nights came to an end, our house was attacked by demons, we managed to ride our wagon but it didn't last long, we're ambushed on the way. Dad, Mom, and Kaede my sister were heavily wounded, dad ordered me to take the Forest route to the Walls Of Babel and stay hidden.

"Im sorry to hear that"

"I'm the only one who survived the attack and managed ro reach the Babel, but I got captured by the illegal researchers and experimented me for almost 5 years HAHAHAHA, Gab saved me 3 years ago from the researchers and given me a home to stay until I recovered. And here I am HAHAHA...

...I wanted to take revenge for what happened to my family."

"Soon Minoru, soon"

While we're talking we didn't noticed Heva and Ashley we're on the door eavesdropping on our conversation, but I guess...I guess its okay

● ♣︎ ●

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