Chapter 9:


Heaven's Codex

March 27, 345 (03:26pm)

Nehl and I talked about things for almost an hour, we laughed, we got sad for a bit, but Im grateful I get to talk with a friend I've never had when I was little...

"HAHAHAHAHA that was hilarious man, Uh-Ohhhh look at time its already pass 3pm, we'll be going now."

"We'? Where?"

"I was called by Mom and Dad to go back to the Capital and spend the night there since we'll be leaving tomorrow, and...I'll be attending my sister's funeral."

"Condolence, I'm sure...your sister's proud of you."

"Yeah I hope so...ah btw Ashley and Heva will be doing the same either, they're called by their Families as well. Won't you be lonely for tonight?"

"Nah, its okay, I'm used to it HAHAHA"

Nehl looked at me with a saddened look in his eyes—

"See you tomorrow, 3am at the Station, Take Care man"


I continued on packing my case and put it beside the bed for tomorrow. I felt the need to say bye for Heva and Ashley even tho its just for tonight, so I ran downstairs and encountered Heva standing in front of Ashley's Door

"Oh Heva, I heard from Nehl that ya'll be coming back to the Capital?"

"Yeah we are, we're suddenly called by our clans to spend the night there, I think this is a form of farewell for our families, since tomorrow you know...we'll be Exorcists completely HAHAHA!"

"HAHAHA yeah, good for you"

We became silent for a minute until she asked me—

" be alright, wouldn't you feel lonely here in the Dorms?"

"What do you mean? HAHAHA, I'll be alright...

...besides its you family, they're proud their daughter will finally became an exorcist."

"Yeah that makes me kind of happy, Minoru—"

Ashley suddenly pulled the door causing Heva to fall...

[Ashley]: "Pffff...I thought I already warned you not to lean on my door Heva HAHAHA"

"Ashleyyyyy!! You!!"


The two of them got strucked on me laughing to the scene, the two smiled. Ashley spoked to me—

"We'll be leaving for now, Albreicht! Don't try to intrude on our rooms especially mine! You hear me?"

"Y-yes maam"

"Its a Joke, a joke!"


"Gaaaah, never mind. We'll be leaving now Minoru, Take Care!"

Ashley and Heva walked to the direction of the Main door and waved at me. I saw them entering their Family Cars and left, I...somewhat felt a little lonely, this defeaning a little sad.

What if my Family's still alive? Will they...celebrate that I'm an Exorcist now?

I sat at the corridor tinted with orange light from the sunset...alone.

—After That Night

March 28, 345 (3am — Babel Sectoral Train Station)

I'm alone at the train station waiting for them in a cold dawn, I'm now wearing my Exorcist Uniform, its a coat type uniform that extends to my knees mixed well with the red necktie. After a while some cars started to arrive at the spot. I saw the three of them with other unfamilliar faces. They seem like close to each other, Ahhh I see...they are their parents. 

[Nehl's Dad and Mom]:"Nehl! We'll be waiting for your return, don't over work you self, you hear us?"

"Don't worry I'll be safe and sound"

[Heva's Parents]: "Don't push yourself too hard!"

"Yeah Mom, Dad"

[Ashley's Parents]: "Do your best, don't dissapoint us!!"

"Me? Dissapoint you? In your dreams HAHAHA"

Their parents put on the Medalions in their child's Necktie. That medalion is a sign of being an Exorcist, as a tradition the person's relatives must be the one who will clip it to the person's uniform. In my case, I guess I'll be the only one doing it.

I searched my pockets for the Medalion, but I found none. I let out a big sigh..

"If only they're still here"

I kind of felt jealous to them, I'm wondering how it feels to be  honored by your parents like that. I bitten my lips holding back my tears. 

..."Lift your head, Minoru"

I heard Gab's Voice. I lift my head up and saw him standing in the other side of the train station's deck.



He jumped to the other side and talked to me—

"Are you lookin' for this?"

He flashed the Medalion in front of me—

"Why are you here for?"

I looked down and turned away from his face. But he suddenly pulled my shoulders forcing me to turn his way.

"You're like a little brother to me you know?"

He took my necktie and clipped the Medalion on it—

"Minoru...Congratulations on being a Exorcist!"

I keep on bitting my lips but I can't hold back my tears anymore, I cried out loud in front of him, I could no longer hold my emotions, Gab hugged me tight

"Congratulations, Minoru...

...please take good care"

The train arrived in the station, we boarded the bullet train and after a little while...we left Babel without turning back. The Battles in the future may be hard... 

...but we're sure we will do our best.