Chapter 6:

Plum Blossoms Sword Technique!

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Lexi then took one sharp pen from her coat and aimed at Damian.

Is she left-handed? Anyway, that pen won’t pierce my bullet-resistant window, Damian thought.


Lexi’s pen made a crack in Damian’s window.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Damian thought. He then taunted, “Hey, brat! Where is your mama? Riding a bike is dangerous!”

“SHUT, UP! YOU TERRORIST!” Lexi shouted and took another sharp pen.

"I'M NOT!" Damian shouted. It’s not only you who has ridiculous strength!

“Ace, after I jump from this car, turn around this car and wait for me”, Damian said.

Ace sat on the left side of the front seat, and Bunny sat on the back seat, so Ace could reach the steering wheel more quickly than Bunny. Bunny was short so it was also impossible for him to reach the pedals.

Damian then pushed his car handle so hard that his car door began to detach.


Damian’s car door was detached, and with his car door, he reached Lexi’s body.

“WHA-” Lexi shouted and turned right her motorcycle, but she was too late because Damian had reached her body.

Damian pushed Lexi to the highway’s fence, and Lexi couldn’t push back Damian so her motorcycle leaned to the right and her right arm was grazed by the fence.

“AAAAARGH!” Lexi shouted as the right side of her clothes was torn by the fence. She pulled the lever to brake, but she couldn’t hold it long because her right arm’s skin was also grazed by the fence. It was too painful.

“DIE, you b*tch!” Damian shouted.

Blood spurted from Lexi’s right arm, and the highway fence ground Lexi’s skin so her bone was also grazed. “ARGH, ARGH, AARGH!!”


Lexi lost control of the motorcycle, and the motorcycle hit the pavement and bounced. She also lost her right arm and bounced from the ground.

Damian’s car door also hit the ground, and Damian was flung away.


Damian hit the ground, and his right arm was fractured. “Argh!”

“LEXI!” Gabe was approaching from the opposite direction. He used modified inline skates and moved fast to Lexi.

Let’s go back to the car, Damian thought. He stood up and walked to his car while he was gasping and holding his right arm. It’s good that my arms are strengthened by steel. It damn hurts, though.

“Lexi! Are you okay?!” Gabe arrived at Lexi’s position and observed Lexi’s breathing. “Sorry, Gabe is late! Gabe was helping a grandma first!”

Lexi was sitting with her legs in a W-shaped position. “WA! WA! WAAA!” she cried loudly while she pressed her right arm firmly to stop her bleeding.

Gabe then took off his shirt and put his shirt on Lexi to prevent the loss of Lexi’s body heat. He clenched his fists and looked at Damian. “Gabe hates a cruel person!” Gabe shouted.

“That’s why don’t accuse me, kids!” Damian replied. He came to his car while Ace stood up and waited for Damian on the right side of the car.

Bunny moved to the front seat because he always wanted the front seat.

“Let’s go, everyone,” Damian said and bent his body to go inside the car.


Ace’s head was separated from its body due to a fence that was thrown by Gabe.

Holy sh*t, I almost got hit and died! Damian thought.

“Don’t run! Take responsibility!” Gabe shouted and ran toward Damian’s car. He then jumped and landed in front of the car.

Responsibility for what?! Damian thought.

“GABE, hold his position!” Lexi shouted. Her bleeding stopped, and she stood her motorcycle up. Lexi then climbed and stood on her motorcycle.

She took a big pen from her coat and pressed a button on the pen. Then a blade was unfolding from her pen, the blade had been folded many times so the length would fit a pen.

Damian pressed down his accelerator pedal, but Gabe lifted the front of his car so Damian’s car couldn’t move. “Damn it! Move, you muscle!” Damian complained. I cannot leave the car here. Otherwise, they will find General Zach’s blood and debunk my fabricated story!

Lexi lifted her sword uprightly. “The heart is fluttering, while the trauma is trembling,” she said, “I, stand, tall.” Her voice was loud as a loudspeaker’s sound because she used her robotic part to make it happen.

Her motorcycle boxes were opened, and several drones appeared from them. What the hell, who controls the drones? Damian thought when he saw what happened through his rear-view mirror. I guess she controls the drones with her processor. She is a cyborg after all.

Each drone carried a woven rope bag, and there were plum blossoms inside the bag. The drones went above Lexi's sword and encircled the sword.

“The heart is combining, while the trauma is climbing,” Lexi said, “I, stand, tall!”

I have a bad feeling about this. But why does she emphasize the “tall”? Damian thought. Is it because she is short?!

“Mount Hua will rise, and Southern Sect will perish!” Lexi exclaimed, “I, STAND, TALL!”

Who the f*ck are Mount Hua and Southern Sect?! I'm Damian!

“BEHOLD! My Super Syntax, the Super Plum Blossoms Sword Technique: BLOSSOMING FLOWERS SLASHU!”


The drones moved forward and dropped the bag so the plum blossoms were scattered in the air. Then Lexi threw her sword toward Damian’s car, and the sword was rotating fast through the scattered plum blossoms.

Isn’t she supposed to hold and swing her sword? Then WHY DOES SHE THROW IT?

Gabe released Damian’s car and rolled to the right. Left! Damian thought, and he turned his steering wheel to the left.


The sword didn’t reach Damian’s car, and it hit the ground, but the sword’s rotation caused rotating turbulence that moved so fast toward the car. The turbulence also made rotating plum blossoms and then created the beautiful sight of falling plum blossoms.


The turbulence threw Damian’s car into midair, and because of that, Damian and Bunny were thrown out of the car. The turbulence also left a wide cut-mark on the highway’s pavement.


Damian’s car exploded.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I didn’t carry something explosive, so it wouldn’t explode! Damian thought. Is this Super Syntax? Something like the Noble Sh*t in that anime series?! But at least I won’t leave any of General Zach’s DNA this way.

Damian rolled, and then he took Lexi’s sword. Lexi also took another big pen from her coat and pressed the button on the pen. She had so many pens!

Damian and Lexi then ran faster and faster, and they ran closer and closer to each other. Damian swung his sword backward and aimed at Lexi’s shoulder, while Lexi also swung her sword backward, but she aimed at Damian’s neck.

Damian opened his mouth and curled his bottom lip to the left so he could have a serious and heroic face. Lexi also opened her mouth so wide to show that she was deadly serious.

“AAAAAARGH!” Damian shouted to boost his morale, and he swung down toward Lexi. He swung down because Lexi was short.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Lexi also shouted and swung her sword up.




They both then jumped toward each other.


The two swords clashed, and they created turbulence around them. The turbulence moved away, and it became bigger turbulence: WHOOSH!


The turbulence made a crack in the pavement below Damian and Lexi’s feet.


The pavement collapsed. Damian and Lexi started to fall. It was so epic!

Moreover, Damian and Lexi shouted their sword technique!

“PLUM BLOSSOMS 7 CUTS!” Lexi shouted.

“FRICKING CUTS!” Damian shouted.

They pulled back their sword and swung the swords forward again and again.

Clang! Clang!

They attacked and blocked each other so fast that they created invisible swordplay! While somehow the pavement had not fully collapsed so they were still in midair.

“Lexi!” Gabe shouted and jumped to Lexi’s side. He then grabbed Lexi’s collar and jumped to the pavement that didn’t crack.

“NO! LET ME KILL HIM!” Lexi complained.

“No! Lexi needs treatment!” Gabe replied.

Bunny jumped to Damian’s shoulder. “Master, let’s just run away!” Bunny said.

“Right,” Damian said.

“GAAABE!” Gabe shouted, jumped, and smashed down the pavement with his fists. He tried to push Damian away from Lexi, indirectly, because he was a gentleman.


The highway collapsed. Damian jumped and landed on a passing truck and shouted, “Sir! Stop the truck! The highway collapses!”

The truck was sliding and slowing. After it stopped, the driver came out to witness the collapse.

“Let me borrow your truck, Sir!” Damian said and went to the truck. He just stole the truck.

“Hey!” the driver shouted, but Damian had taken over the truck and run away.

I need to contact Balzac. It’s risky if I go home because that police brat knows my face, so she can track me. I need to hide in the landfill, Damian thought.

After some minutes, Damian arrived in an alley near the city’s wall.


Balzac was rolling from the outside and made a hole in the wall, while Damian took a hidden bomb inside a trash can.


The truck was exploded by Damian so it wouldn’t leave any DNA evidence. Balzac was destroyed by the collision with the wall so Damian and Bunny left him, and they went to the landfill. Bunny walked backward to erase their footmarks.

I'm so tired. I don't have enough sleep, and I'm also injured, damn it, Damian thought. It's time to hide and rest.

However, Damian didn’t check if anyone was waiting for him in the landfill, and that was a mistake.
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