Chapter 10:

0.10. OP Fake Elf

We Got 'Shipped' by the Goddess

“Thank you for today Mister Avner, Bleu.”

“Take care,” I said.

“See you next week.”

I shot a glance at Bleu’s suspicious remark.

In any case, I pulled my car out of the lot of kouhai’s apartment and drove back home.

“Xe’s fond of you,” Bleu said, gazing out towards the city skyline.

“Seeing what happened, I can’t deny it.”
“So, what are you going to do?”

“What do you make it sound like such a serious thing?”

“My experience with love, probably.”
God can love someone too huh? Speaking of which, she said something about being a monarch.

“I’m not going to talk about it. Don’t ask.”
“Hey. Even if I’m your pawn, don’t you think it’s appropriate that I learn some of your past too? Isn’t it suffocating, having to keep all of it to yourself?”
An enigmatic existence known as Bleu. Her indifference stems from what she’s been through as an outer God.

“I was a ruler once.”

“The empire of Nara.. ”

I took a peek at Bleu.
“With so many neighboring kingdoms– Gairul, Avent, Farzlan, Walles– cooperating to drag the empire into the flames. It didn’t matter that the empire was located in a strategic position, there wasn’t enough military might to defend the strongholds. If that wasn’t enough, those high nobles intimately related to civil affairs began to spread cancer from inside the empire. A war broke out, on the inside and outside it was chaos.”

“What happened after that?”
“I gave up ruling.”

“Huh? You can do that?”
“Of course. If I was born purely a royal, then that thought wouldn’t have crossed my mind. But as someone who ventured..” she tapered off.


She shook her head.


“You’ll know everything eventually.”
Silence ruled the car once again.

The mystery deepens.


“What are you doing?”

It was a Monday, I had to go to work.

For some reason Bleu was in the bathroom, adjusting those elf ears using the mirror.

She turned to me, her blue hair danced in the air, the pointy cartilage wiggled.

“Are those actually fake?”
“It depends on the definition you’re looking for. These are created using an advanced soul weaving enchantment through necormacy. Though I say it's fake, it becomes real once I put it on.”

Necromancy.. definitely not something of this world. Should I say as expected of God?
“You can feel for the result yourself,” Bleu directed her ear in my direction.

“As in touch?”
Hesitantly, I reached out.

Warm and soft. It’s not synthetic. When I tried to pull at it gently, I found that it couldn’t come off– as if it were part of her body all along.

Bleu quickly grabbed my hand, her expression stiffened up for some reason.

“Be careful where you touch an elf’s ear. It can cause arousal.”
“H-Huh.. S-Sorry..”
“It’s alright.”
Her cheeks were slightly rosy, despite the calm expression she showed.


She followed me outside the door.

Taking the scrunchy off her mouth, she proceeded to tie her blue hair up into a long ponytail.

“Do I look presentable?”

She asked, holding two bags.

One was her handbag, just above her shoulder. The other is a paper bag with some items inside. Looks like drawing equipment?

“You look the part,” I replied, “So where are you going today?”

“I’m going to the office. You can delegate your tasks to me.”


“Before that..”

“Wait, Bleu. You can’t just barge into the company..”

Bleu knocked on a neighbor’s door.

“Hey.. what are you doing..”
She knocked again, forcefully tugging me by the sleeve of my coat. She was trying to get me in the field of vision for the peephole.

“Do you know who this is?!”
“I do.”

It wasn’t long when a scruffy guy came out with an angel’s crown. Bags under his eyes.

“This is for you,” Bleu said, extending the paper bag over to him while bowing.

“Mister Leo, you’re the artist for <Draganork World>. I enjoyed the story, so take this as a treat.”
Living in the flat next to mine is the author of <Draganork World>, a self-published manga under the pen name Lelo.

“What? Avner, who is this?” he glanced between the two of us.

“Uh.. um..”

“He was the one who introduced me to your work.”

“Ah.. I see.. Oh gosh.. you couldn’t have..” when he checked the contents, he exclaimed.

“It must be hard being a father, so I thought maybe this could help a little.” Bleu said, smiling a little.

“..Thank.. you..”
“Please take care,” Bleu bowed again. I tried copying her, not knowing what exactly was going on.
“I’ll continue to do my best. Thank you so much,” Leo looked like he was going to cry.

In the shadows of the room, I notice a small boy peeking from between Leo’s legs.


Bleu hopped in my car.

I was too deep in my thoughts to realize how Bleu shouldn’t be following me to the office.

“You know him?” I asked.
“I can’t possibly help everyone. But since he’s just a block over, I thought I could at least supply for his almost-broken drawing equipment. He’s suffering through a lot, as a husband whose wife passed away, the burden of taking care of a child, and financially too.”


She’s a stalker.

In a good way though.

Leo and I weren’t hostile to each other despite the difference in our ‘race’. As a fan of his work, I support his stuff online.
When I first moved in and realized how such an amazing artist was my neighbor, I was floored. I struck up conversations with him during those first few weeks.

However, as years went by, we sort of lost touch. I almost never saw him outside, and I didn’t notice that he was suffering.

I feel guilty, almost..

If Bleu wasn’t here, if she didn’t do that.. what would’ve happened to him?

As a fellow neighbor.. I could’ve done something for him but didn’t..

It didn’t matter that he’s an angel and I’m a demon.

I’m human.

I can’t believe I’m so blind.

“It’s not your fault.”