Chapter 11:

0.11. OP Fake Elf

We Got 'Shipped' by the Goddess


“Who is this?!”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Bleu, I’m Avner’s assistant.”

Bleu introduced herself to everyone in my office. She’ll have to continue doing it again when my later colleagues arrive.

Steven slugged his arm over my shoulder and pulled me to the side.

“Who’s that? Xe’s a beauty.”

“She– Xe’s a helping hand. Hirs wage is not on the company’s tab.”
That’s the excuse Bleu told me to use anyways.

“That’s not what I’m talking about–”

“Be careful of how you act in front of hir. Don’t want you to be caught with those dirty thoughts in your head.”
“You just jinxed me!”

I’m serious. This fake elf can read minds.

I pried his arm away from my shoulder and made my way to my cubicle.

There are actually plenty of spots in the office where one could work. Bleu went over to one of the long counters nearby and prepared her laptop.
“Mister Avner, why are you bringing hir here today?” kouhai asked.

“She’s going to help out.”

I need to get used to using the right pronouns.
I booted up my laptop and computer.

“Avner, you’re free to delegate any task you have to me. I have experience working in positions like this,” Bleu came over to my seat and said. Her hair brushed my shoulders.

“Even if you’re experienced, you still need to get used to the workflow.”

“Yes. I understand.”
“Alright. Give me your email address.”
I sent some of the to-be-delegated tasked over to Bleu. I was somewhat surprised that she actually has an online identity. I wasn’t sure what would happen if the government found out that there's an unusual individual in their population database.. though, I’m sure she has a way to tackle it as God.

“Actually, why do you need to dress up using those ears?”

I found how she was able to wiggle them around at will quite entrancing. It helps convey emotions to her flat expression.

“You’ll know soon.”


It was then that my second boss entered the office.

Noticing the change in atmosphere, she first went into her office to get things set up before coming to greet everyone. She stopped in front of Bleu with a rather suspicious smile.

“Excuse me, you are?”
“My name is Bleu, I’m Avner’s assistant. Nice to meet you Miss Pu’er,” Bleu bowed politely.

“Sorry. Avner, by the discretion of the office, you do understand that you’re not allowed to bring in any guests, right?” Pu’er turned to me.
“Overlook it please. I’m using a wish.”
She nodded with a frown.

Almost everyone’s gaze followed her as she walked back to her private office.

Bleu then approached me and whispered.

“Things would’ve been worse If I was a girl. That’s why.”

To think that she thought of it to this extent.. wait, that’s not convincing in the slightest! What is she trying to do?!


[“Avner, come to my office.”]

“Aye, aye..”

I stood up reluctantly and dragged myself to the glass door.

Pu’er sat cross legged, accentuating the appeal of thighs in black leggings. This my fist boss would’ve absolutely killed for!

“What is it?”


I took a seat.

“Who is that? Xe’s definitely not just your assistant.”
“It’s hard to explain the details. Just think of hir as an ally.”

Bleu told me to keep her identity a secret– even though she makes herself very obvious to everyone else that she's an anomaly. It kind of defeats the point but I should just comply with it.

“So you hired hir as insurance?”

“You can think of it as such.”

“Is xe strong?”

I don’t know actually? But a God should be strong right?

“Should be?”

“Should be? What is that supposed to mean?”

“I’m sure xe’s strong. That’s all I can say.”

Pu’er nodded.

“Just yesterday I was told that they wanted me to go to the church before this week ends..”
“That’s complicated.”
“I actually told them I wouldn’t be going, what I received was a threat message saying they’ll drag me there using every means.”
Her safety is being compromised.

“Do you live alone?”
“Think about it. They could hire someone to kidnap you.”


“So you live alone.”
“What should I do then? I hadn’t thought something so small would turn so serious.”

Her knuckles were white from clenching down.

“What do you propose..”

Knock. Knock.

Both of us turned towards the door.

“Excuse me.”
She excused herself in.

“I understand your wish to be protected, but stop beating around the bush and please be honest and tell him what you have in mind? Unlike me, he can’t read another person’s thoughts.”


“Just tell him. I’ve spent the night with him, so I know this demon won’t bite.”

Pu’er complexion went from white to red, purple and blue.

“Wait! Wait! Bleu, what are you saying here?!”
Bleu shot a glance at me.

“Charting the most direct route to solving the issue.”

“Avner… what does xe mean by that?”

Pu’er reached over and grappled on my shoulder! Boss! It hurts!

“Bleu! You explain!”

This darned God putting me into a mess. If only she didn’t say that things wouldn’t have escalated! This isn’t the most direct route to resolving the issue! It’s the most direct route to my death!
“Avner. Just let her stay at your place.”
That’s even crazier!

“Otherwise, since your apartment is bigger, Pu’er, you can invite Avner to stay at your place until it happens.”

Until ‘what’ happens exactly?!
Holy moly. My boss and I are being bossed around by this God!

“Should we do a coin flip to decide?”
“No. No! I hadn’t said anything–”

Pu’er complaint was ignored, Bleu had already tossed the coin she brought out from somewhere, into the air and caught it on the top of her palm.

“Heads means you stay at Avner’s place, tail is vice versa, go.”

“Okay. It’s decided. Avner, I’ll accompany her back home after this. You just need to bring my luggage over, everything I need is inside.”


“Settled? Get back to work. I’m not hearing any objections unless you want to die.”
Bleu turned around and left.

“W-Who even is that elf..” Pu’er said, shuddering..

“Uh.. xe’s..”

I can’t say that Bleu is a God can I now?


<Pu’er Julis>

I met an incredible person today.

Xe’s not only a beauty, but an incredibly domineering person. Just who is this elf that Avner hired?

Not to mention how xe has a crown bordering angel and demon– I’ve never seen before. Not to mention– her miasma levels were really abnormal.

There are two gauges that make up one’s miasma measurement. One is the conscious gauge, which denotes the conscious level of negativity in a person’ mind, the other gauge is subconscious, which denotes the negativity in the subconscious mind.

The miasma in hirs subconscious gauge is almost empty while the miasma level in the conscious gauge barely reaches the first quarter. Xe’s absolutely ‘clean’. I’ve never seen such a pure person..

And this person is sitting right next to me.

“Bleu.. what did you mean by spending the night with him earlier?” I asked.

“Hm? It’s exactly as I said it. Since I don’t have a place to stay, I’m staying at his place.”
“I refuse to sleep with him. I have my own sleeping bag.”
I parked my car in the parking lot and checked my phone. Avner had just texted me saying that he’ll take a while to prepare everything for the temporary move. I’ve sent him the address, now it’s up to him.

We got out of the car and began to walk towards my apartment. The sun had already set, my stomach was rumbling. I was hungry for dinner.

“I’ll cook, no worries.”

“I don’t think I have anything in the fridge..”

“I’ll see before deciding. Else we’ll just order pizza… what do you think? Pizza to celebrate the beginning of your stay together for the next month or so.”

“Why don’t you seem surprised..”

For all the bravado xe showed earlier, xe sure has a blunt side to hir. Next month or so? Will it last so long?

I frowned at this blue haired elf.

Xe’s definitely not even 18 yet has the mental capacity of an adult. Just who is xe’s?

“Don’t you have to attend school?”
Xe shook hirs head.

“I may look 16, but I’m a lot older than you think.”
What does that even mean?
“How did you and Avner meet? Why are you helping me?”

“Avner left me on the street so I had to take things in my hands by breaking into his flat. That’s how we met. As for why I’m helping you, you’re needed to support my vessel in the future.”

Xe’s blunt. Nevertheless, I don’t hate how xe’s being direct. Makes things easy.

“What is your vessel?”
“The current Avner is the 233rd, I’ve made the Avner of the 234th my vessel. I need the Pu’er of the 189th and 190th life to help him fulfill my objective.”

What nonsense is xe even saying? A prophecy?
“You can think of it as something like that. If I hadn’t made it clear enough, I’m Bleu, the world creator, and I need your help.”

I opened my mouth just to close them again.

Bleu the world creator.

How I’m I supposed to take that piece of information? How am I supposed to believe that?

In what reality does a world creator come into one's life to ask for..
I flinched.

“Bleu this is..”

“Pu’er Julis, do you know what experiment you’re being subjected to?”
Hirs question made my mind pause.


Entering a forced fallout, the scenery fell into a world of white and blue; feathers danced across the plains.


The chime of a bell.

I looked up.

I shuddered.

‘It’ was facing me.

Unfurling its three pairs of wings, it’s eyelashes fluttered, halo glow to its wings, chalk coloured paper talisman and rope painted with red wound around its body–

‘It’ opened its eyes– hundreds of eyes all over ‘its’ body, making my skin crawl.

The biggest one of them all, a fierce golden glow akin to the raging sun– the center of the world–

Bleu stood in front of me.

An eerie black sword in hirs hands. Golden lighting danced around the black surface.


Xe said, pointing the dark blade at the divine entity–

“They want to turn you into that thing.”