Chapter 15:

Chapter 8 - The Silver City |PART 2|

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green)


Layo stared up at the blue sky in a sleepy trance. He hadn’t known about any of the past events that had happened. It seemed like that for the whole time, he was just minding his own business and wasn't really focusing on anything else. Layo knew this, but he had decided to continue to lay careless on the wooden ground until they got back to the base. He was about to close his sleepy eye when suddenly a small and furry ball of hair had landed on his chest.

"Stupid squirrel!" he yelled.

Layo began to swing his arms around in an attempt to push the little critter off of his chest, but Rav had already dodged his attacks. The little squirrel thought he was destined to get away, but this time he wouldn't be so lucky. Rav could feel the wind blowing past his small ears, "I am triumphant!" he thought.

He continued to soar when suddenly the fresh winds of victory had stopped mid-air, and everything had suddenly turned upside down. Rav lifted his head up to see the sorry excuse for a man holding him up by his tail. Layo stared Rav dead in the eye.

"Dumb squirrel why do you keep bothering me fo-"


"Ow!" he yelled.

Layo suddenly took the squirrel and threw him up into the air, some weird words started to slip from his mouth as he rubbed his nose in pain. It wasn't long before Rav came gliding down onto to Mayu's seat.

"Why you!" Layo yelled.

He jumped forward at Rav as he sat at the edge of the seat, but he wouldn't fall for another trick, this time he was more lenient. He quickly stopped and swung at the squirrel, but Rav swiftly manoeuvred over his hand. The squirrel this time landed in Elphina's lap,

"If the squirrel thought that would stop him, he sure was wrong!" he thought.

Layo began walking up to the front he saw Elphina and Mayu talking, only God knows what it was about. He was preparing to reach out and grab the squirrel when suddenly something caught his eye. Looking up, he saw something incredibly rare,

"Elphina is smiling!" he thought, amazed.

"No way!" he said.

He was so dazzled that he ended dropping back down with his bottom on the floor and his hands behind his back.

Elphina saw Layo suddenly tumble onto the floor,

"Layo, are you alright?" she asked.

"I... I'm fine." He answered.

It was obvious that the shocking scene had disturbed him. He always thought that Elphina was just some grumpy old lady, but he wouldn't it keep distracting him, for he would soon remember what he was really supposed to do... punish Rav.

Layo jumped up and faced Rav with a glare of anger and embarrassment, and the squirrel was looking at him with a look of accomplishment and triumph. Both were ready to bounce off, when suddenly a loud ordering voice called out, making their ears tremble,

"Boys!" Elphina called.

Layo and Rav quickly straightened up, as their attention shot over to the front where Elphina and Mayu were no longer seating.

"Are you guys gonna come out?" she asked.

They turned to see Mayu holding the door open and Elphina standing right behind her. Layo turned his gaze back around to face Rav, and gave him one more glare of anger.

"Next time you little furball!" he gritted through his teeth. He expected the Rav to react, but instead he just turned his head to the side as if he didn't understand a word that he said, and quickly ran over to Mayu's and sat on her shoulder. Layo then followed out and stepped out of the Rover.

As Layo stepped out of the Rover, Mayu quickly closed the latch on the door and dusted off her hand from the dirt and the rust. Elphina had already began to walk off towards a strange building. Mayu was about to follow along when suddenly she heard somebody calling her name,

"Hey Mayu," Layo called.

Mayu turned around to face Layo,

"What is it?" she asked softly.

For a moment Layo hesitated,

"Mayu I... I'm sorry about what I said about your home... I didn't tell you about your village, and I'm sorry!" He stuttered.

Mayu had already turned her gaze towards the ground, showing that she was still angry,

"Why are you bringing this up now?" she asked angrily.

"Mayu... One thing I'm sure of is that your village is gone, and there's nothing you can do to get it back!" he answered.

Mayu's was starting to struggle holding back her tears.

"But one thing I know is that your mom is still alive!" he yelled.

Mayu was surprised. His last comment had made look straight at him dead in the eye. Mayu wanted to question him but for some reason she didn't bother asking him how he knew that her mom was alive.


"You two! It's time to get inside!" Elphina suddenly called.

Mayu quickly gave Layo a small smile and then quickly followed Elphina into the building.

Looking inside Mayu could see that it wasn't too fancy or big like all the others, it was just kind of... normal.

"This place kind of reminds me of home," Mayu said.

"Well, that's good, cause Mayu... this will be your new home!" Elphina answered bluntly.

Mayu was shocked.

"My new home? But this is your home! I don't belong here, are you sur-"

"Mayu!" Elphina Interrupted.

"We will do whatever it takes to find your family! Our place isn't much... but until then, you can stay with us." She answered.

Mayu's tears couldn't be held back anymore.

"Plus we have business with Alto, so don't think we're just doing this becau-"

"Thank you!" Mayu said. She was suddenly giving Elphina a tight hug around her waist.

"No... problem." Elphina answered with a chummy tone. At that moment Elphina had turned red with blush.

Mayu quickly let go of Elphina and turned towards Layo. He already knew what was coming. Slowly Mayu walked up towards him with a bright smile on her face.

"Layo thank you so-" she fell to her knees.

Mayu started coughing vigorously, and covered her mouth when suddenly blood started pouring out of her mouth. She reached out her hand towards Layo and fell back into Elphina's Arms.

"Layo, I-" she tried to mutter out, but her throat filling up with her own blood stopped her. Mayu's body started to shake vigorously, her eyes fluttered closed, and her hands shook loosely onto the ground. Her vision suddenly became white. The sounds became hazy. She could barely hear Layo's muzzled voice. Her tears fell once again as she fell into the darkness.

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