Chapter 16:

Chapter 9 |PART 1| Broken Soul

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green) *ON HOLD*

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I looked down as Mayu's lifeless body lay in my arms. Her warm blood staining my cold skin.Bookmark here

"Mayu! Mayu!" , I croaked.Bookmark here

I called her name over and over, but I received no response. I looked towards Elphina, who was already standing over me, by the look on her face I could tell that she was shocked and confused.Bookmark here

"Move!" , she urged, as she pushed me to the side, taking the dying girl from out of my arms.Bookmark here

I stood up as Elphina turned around and rushed through the metal door, I followed her down the wooden stairs and into a large room. It was where her main operations took place. Bookmark here

"What the hell is wrong with her Layo,", she suddenly asked.Bookmark here

"I... I don't know?" , I muttered.Bookmark here

A flash of anger crossed her face for a brief second, when she suddenly took a chair and flung it towards the ground, it nearly broke into two pieces.Bookmark here

"Shit!" , she snarled.Bookmark here

She walked back and forth, pacing the room in a vertical motion. It wasn't long before she walked over to one of the main tables and began throwing items off of the surface. Quickly I went to assist her, but more in an organized way. Slowly I placed both my hands on the table and tugged onto the soft table cloth. I pulled it upwards and watched as all our wares began to sink into the centre. I closed the top edges and place the bag off to the side where it wouldn't be broken.Bookmark here

She pushed me off to the side as she placed Mayu down onto the table. Elphina bent forward and place her head on top of Mayu's chest. For a moment she clenched her eyes shut as if she was hoping to hear something. Then she quickly changed her position and placed two fingers on the right side of Mayu throat. Sadness overtook me as I saw Elphina bitting down into her lip with anger.Bookmark here

"There's no pulse... It's almost gone.", she muttered.Bookmark here

For a moment my heart sank.Bookmark here

"There no pulse! But...bu-"Bookmark here

I was interrupted by a loud noise. It seemed to be Elphina banging down onto the table in anger.Bookmark here

"Layo, was there anything that happened to Mayu during you're journey here?" , she asked.Bookmark here

I stared Elphina in the eye, then shifted my gaze towards the ground as I remembered what had happened to Mayu before all of this.Bookmark here

"There was one time, right after I met her, it was on the Alto Phantom, Mayu had collapsed. I'm not sure what caused it though, but she began to panic when I told her what Alto did to her home.", I replied.Bookmark here

I jumped to the side as I saw a glass shatter beside my feet. Knowing where that glass came from, I looked up only to meet Elphina's demonic glare.Bookmark here

"Her home! Are you an Idiot?!" she hissed.Bookmark here

She turned back around to face Mayu's sleeping body. Elphina placed her hands on top of Mayu's head,Bookmark here

"Her body is warm, but..."Bookmark here

she placed her two fingers on the side of Mayu's throat again,Bookmark here

"her hearts is barely beating, what does this mean?" , she mentioned.Bookmark here

"Layo!" , she snarled.Bookmark here

"ye... yes" , I stuttered.Bookmark here

"I need you to help me out. Prepare a barrier!" she ordered.Bookmark here

"What fo-"Bookmark here

"Just do it!" she yelled bluntly.Bookmark here

I didn't want to make Elphina angrier than she already was, and began to prepare the barrier. Bookmark here

Without further haste I recomposed myself and stood up straight. Breathing in and out, I clasped my hands together and closed my eyes focusing on only Elphina, Mayu and myself. I waited in silence as a cold breeze began to move throughout the room in a circular motion. A strange blue light then began to form from above my head, it then quickly covered over my body like an extra coat of skin. When I opened my eyes a light blue ball had covered over both Mayu and Elphina.Bookmark here

"Okay good!" , Elphina quipped.Bookmark here

She placed both hands on top of Mayu's chest and pushed forward into it, then she pulled up into the air as if she was trying to unwind a large web. Beneath her hands suddenly appeared a web-like light. On it, there were glowing dots that sparkled like crystal shards, Elphina examined it thoroughly. On one end of the web, the shards were dim and grey, and at the other end, they were bright and green.Bookmark here

"Wait... is this Soul decomposition?!"Bookmark here

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