Chapter 27:

Let Them Eat

A Moribund Hero

Lucy and Wolf devoured their dinner with a high focus on sating their appetites. On Butcher's delivered menu, they enjoyed stewed chevon in gravy, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables with bread rolls, and plenty of ale.Bookmark here

"I can die happy now." She eased back into her chair, rubbing her full belly.Bookmark here

The mood in the mess hall/kitchen became pensive as they both slipped into their own thoughts.Bookmark here

She frowned with wonder at what Avril wanted with Leon and Rabbit. They were already accepted into the squad, so it wouldn't be about that. Maybe she just wanted a report from them, since they were likely to give an honest one.Bookmark here

Her mind thought about the amulet around Leon's neck. She didn't know exactly what it meant other than it was a way to see her brother in a facility just outside a HiRock's capital called The Oasis, according to Butcher. He had mentioned that the amulet represented the will of a higher authority, which the city's Ministry of Truth would honor to allow a brief visit.Bookmark here

"What's on yah mind?" Wolf asked.Bookmark here

She sighed and voiced her thoughts about her brother Edmund, which made him frown.Bookmark here

About half a year ago, Squad42 was on the verge of being disbanded with penalties due to a situation involving her year-younger brother. As compensation for the damage he had caused, they underwent three-month probation where they had to do triple the mission quotas without promotion. And had their ranks reduced to New Moon, except for Avril, who retained her rank as a reminder of her accountability for everyone's mishaps. All of them had to work without pay.Bookmark here

For weeks, neither of them had more than a few hours of sleep a day. The jobs undertaken were high risk to the point it was almost like the Eleutherian City Patrol (whom the People Army answered to) wanted them to die on the mission. Nevertheless, they had defied the odds to satisfy their probation expectations. The city patrol clerics approved their continuation with the army.Bookmark here

"Despite what he did, I wanna see that he's okay and, well, maybe not psycho anymore." Lucy frowned. "Those damn clerics at the Truth Center won't respond to my messages."Bookmark here

"So, yah gonna bust down the front door to see him?" Wolf raised an eyebrow at the thought of Lucy swaggering into a high-security facility to take down the guards.Bookmark here

Her finger flicked his forehead. "Stupid. Why'd you think I need the token? Now that we have Leon and Rabbit's, we have our tickets to see him legit like. Guess I need to ask them at one point."Bookmark here

Wolf leaned back in his chair with his arms folded. He wasn't keen on the idea. As much as he liked her brother, he still had a hard time coming to terms with Edmund's actions, which saw the rest of his days confined. But Lucy had a point, and being family, she had a right to see him whether it was rubber-stamped by the Ministry of Truth or not.Bookmark here

"As long as yah know what yah doing. But make sure yah think it through clearly." He ended his part of the conversation and returned to his ale.Bookmark here

Lucy rose from her seat, no longer in the mood to eat. She packed away her mess and entered the main hall for the cabins. Leon was passing through at the same time. He looked troubled. Another odd expression to see on his face.Bookmark here

"Everything okay?" she whispered.Bookmark here

He nodded and changed his expression to his usual cordial smile. She figured even a biodefect would get exhausted.Bookmark here

Nothing more was said when they both made their way to their cabins to call it a day.Bookmark here

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