Chapter 1:

Volume 1, Chapter 1: A Train Ride To Hell

Aka Sora

"This world is dangerous... it can chew you up and spit you out dead at a moments notice, but...... it is also beautiful" Yamato Aiko thought as he watched from the train window as  the trees and the endless sea of lush green grass shot past, Over the top of the trees the sun was beginning to set giving the forest a slightly eerier feeling. 

"Not long now" Yamato rotated his head tracking the source of the voice back to his best friend who was sitting across from him shuffling a deck of playing cards. Hideki Kage has been his friend for as long as he could remember, even when they were kids they were always getting into trouble but matter what they would always be their to get each other out of it. 

"Think we should wake up sleeping beauty" Hideki said with a grin, gesturing to the girl to his left who was sleeping peacefully with her head resting against the wall, her chest elevating slightly with the motion of her breathing. 

"Yeah we might as well we are nearly there" Yamato responded to his friend returning his grin with one of his own.

"Aya" Hideki said softly, "Ayaka its time to wake up" he repeated this time softly poking his finger against her cheek, Aya stirred for a moment and tightened her eyes shut almost in direct defiance.

"HEY AYAKA WAKE UP! Yamato shouted striking the table right next to where she had been sleeping.  
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Ayaka Aiko shot up with a loud scream, causing the two boys to erupt into a fit of laughter.
"What is your problem bro" Ayaka said with a scowl
"And you can shut up too" She said turning her attention to the laughing Hideki and punching him in the arm. 
"Sorry sis but if we had too i mean if we had done nothing you'd have probably stayed a sleep and well then you would be going on your own solo adventure" Yamato responded with the same cheeky grin still plastered on his face. Ayaka shot her brother a stare that Hideki translated as a 'Test my patience once more and you won't live to regret it' stare. Hideki knew Ayaka well, at face value she looks like a normal girl who is kind and sweet and even cute but she also hides another side to her, a side that is strong, determined and if pushed too far utterly without mercy. 
"Its good that your up anyway sis because i have some gravely important news to tell you, regarding our latest mission" Hideki and Ayaka traded quick looks with each other before slowly leaning in close to listen to Yamato. 
"What is it? Ayaka asked 
"Before we get to our destination there is something you should know....... Ayaka" Yamato paused for a moment and turned to face his sister.
"What is it?" She responded with just a hint of nervousness in her voice. 
Taking a deep breath Yamato paused for just a bit longer before finally opening his mouth "Your hairs a mess and you have drool all over your chin" 
Ayaka gasped loudly before wiping at her chin with her arm and using her free arm to run a hand through her hair. 
"Your the worst!" She said loudly before maneuvering quickly around Hideki and running down the train hallway and into the nearest bathroom.
"You know you may want to stop teasing her, one of these days she is going to end up killing you and then me" Hideki said with a smile.
"Ah well like with everything we will cross that bridge when we come to it Hideki" Yamato said also with a smile. 

BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! the sound ripped through the train like a fearsome wave resonating into everyone's core. 
"What was that?" Yamato said jumping up from his seat and running into the hallway which was now packed with a sea of panicking people all asking similar questions to him.
"I dunno but i think it came from the roof" Hideki said with slight panic in his voice as he adverted his gaze to the roof of the train.
"All right ill go and check it out, you stay here with the passengers and keep them calm" 
"Ok sounds like a plan but if something goes wrong call out ok and me Ayaka will be there in no time" Hideki said sticking his thumb up towards Yamato
"Thanks" Yamato said with a smile whilst also returning Hideki's gesture.
Yamato ran back to his seat and from under to table pulled out a large trunk, after unlocking it he pulled out a long black coat and an ancient samurai sword wrapped in tight bandages, These items were given to him by his Mother not his real Mother, he and Ayaka lost both of their parents while they were young to this day they still don't know what happened, one day there parents like them with a family friend and they just walked out the door and never walked back in. The family friend in question was Mio Mizuki a kind lady who practically raised Himself and Ayaka all by herself, Yamato knew he owed Mio an endless debt and dedicated part of the mission he was on too her. Infact it was before he left for this mission that Mio gave him the sword and made him swear to always keep it near him but to never removed the bandages.
Yamato shook his head to shake off the memories, got to focus on the task at hand, Yamato moved through the crowd doing his best not to push people to hard as he did. after fighting through the crowd he found himself standing under a hatch which would allow people to access the train roof. 

With a deep breath Yamato jumped up and with a giant CRASH smashed his way through the glass hatch and landed perfectly onto the roof. 
"Oh great" as Yamato peared up from his knelled stance he saw it, the source of the ominous banging, it was a sight he was all too familiar with. A bunch of creature with  Bladed  scales all up the arms, a face void of any features but twisted and contorted oddly with large horns on its head, a slender body rigid and jerky as it moved around.

"Lesser Demons" he said under his breath, i so do not have the time for this he thought, raising his sword slightly he removed the heavy bandaged sword from its hilt, Lowing his posture he placed one hand firmly on the holster of the blade and the other hand tightly on the handle of the blade.

"Furasshu" he said in a hushed tone..

Suddenly and without any warning moving faster then the eye could see Yamato cut his way through the horde of demons, even with the blades sharp edge concealed by the bandages the sheer strength, speed and skill wielded by its owner made the weapon still as deadly as ever, in a second flat the 6 demons that had tried to hijack the train literally fell into small pieces at his feet.

Yamato sheathed his sword and let out a long sigh of relief "And here is me thinking this was going to be something actually life threatening" he said to himself almost laughing. "Well better go tell Hideki and my little sister that the coast is all cle......." Yamato was left speechless at the sight he saw before him, at the end of the tracks he saw a large silhouette cloaked in shadows, it was far larger than any lesser demon almost the size of a tank. "Oh no its a bruiser demon"


Aka Sora

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