Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Welcome to Starcade Academy


Starcade Academy one of the many prestigous Academies located all over Japan, Their purpose? to train only the most prestigous of students except the school does not judge the validity of its students via grades or social status, instead they are assessed on their ability to use their powers. Oh did i forget to mention? This all girls school is no ordinary school it trains those blessed with super powers, the origin of said powers are unkown but the even was simply known as the incursion event an event that blessed most of Japan's young females with super powers. And then there is me, My name is Arata Matsuoka and i have also been blessed with a special power allthough i am still not sure what exactly that is, as most people go through a process of discovering their powers. What makes my case unique you ask? I am male the ONLY male in all of Japan who was blessed with a super power. Why me? I have no idea i am nothing special i know that much, in fact i am what most people would call below average, but this is the hand that life has delt me and i have to do my best during my time here at Starcade Acadrmy i just have to take things one day at a time...Bookmark here

Arata hesistantly knocked on the door, a large white sign was nailed to the door the sign read "Headmistress's Office" a few moments of silent went by before a reply was heard. Bookmark here

"Come on in" A strong yet sooth voice called out from the other side of the door. Bookmark here

Arata slowly pushed the door open and walked inside. Inside the room was an office not unlike one you would find at a normal highschool, books and documents littered every shelf that surrounded the room and near the center of the room sat a large desk with an equal amount of clutter littered on top. Behind the desk sat a teacher and not just any teacher the headmisstress of Starcade Academy. Bookmark here

"You must be Arata Matsuoka" The teacher spoke with the same strong yet soothing tone. Bookmark here

"Y-yes i am Arata, its nice to meet you ma'am" Arata said politely Bookmark here

The headmistress have a slight chuckle and smiled. Bookmark here

"What a polite young man you are, but you needant trouble yourself with such formalities. You may call me Nanami Hamabe. As i understand it you are quite the anomoly here, for as long as the world has been made aware of these powers we have been blessed with all of the recipitants have been female except for you" Nanami said whilst bringing her hand to rest on her chin. Bookmark here

"Yes, thats what i was told allthough i have no idea why i was the only male to recieve powers" Arata responded earnistly. Bookmark here

"I see, well regardless of the how's or the why's the fact remains you were chosen for a purpose and we here at the Starcade Academy are dedicated to training those with special abilities to be the best people they can be for the good of the world" Bookmark here

"Thank you, i will do my best not to dissapoint" Arata said whilst bowing. Bookmark here

Nanami gave a slight chuckle. "i have no doubts, i am sure you will do just fine" Bookmark here

Nanami folded her arms. Bookmark here

"Now there is a another much smaller matter i would like to discuss with you" Nanami said with a slightly stern tone of voice. Bookmark here

A nervous look crept onto Arata's face. Bookmark here

"It's to do with your acommadation" Nanami said. Bookmark here

"My acommdation" Arata responded with a confused expression. Bookmark here

"Yes, normally we group students up into dorm rooms consisting of about 3-4 students per dorm, however with you being the only male student we could not place you in a dorm with other male students so we made a compromise and we have placed you in a dorm with a fellow female classmate who was living on her own....unitl now" Nanami said Bookmark here

"Wait who is this student" Arata asked curiosly. Bookmark here

"You will have plenty of time to get to know her once you meet her, and as long as you are on your best behavior i am sure you will have no issues whats so ever" Nanami said with a slight smile on her face. Bookmark here

"Ummm of course ma'am i will be on my best behavior i promise" Arata responded frantically. Bookmark here

Nanami chuckled. Bookmark here

"Good, now you had better head over to your dorm and unpack, you have a busy year ahead of you" Nanami said. Bookmark here

Arata nodded in response and turned his back to head to the door. Bookmark here

"Oh and one more thing Arata" Nanami called out. Bookmark here

Arata turned his head to look at her. Bookmark here

"Welcome to Starcade Academy" Nanami said with a smile on her face. Bookmark here

Arata stood in silence for a few moments before turning his back once again and walking out of the door. Bookmark here

"This year is going to be very interesting indeed" Nanami said to herself. Bookmark here

Great, way to look like a nervous wreck in there Arata, i hope i still managed to make a good impression. The headmistress seems nice though, so that is a plus i just hope the student i am going to be sharing a room with is just as nice. I have barely any experience even speaking to girls let alone sharing a dorm with one for a whole year! AHHHHHH what do i do? how do i play this? what if she does not like me, what if she thinks im weird! No just calm down Arata everything is going to be fine just be respectable and polite and everything will be fine. Bookmark here

"Hmmm so according to what i was told, i will be staying in dorm room number 7" Arata said whilst scanning the numbers on the doors that lined the door room hallway. Bookmark here

4 not that one Bookmark here

5 not that one Bookmark here

6 not that one Bookmark here

ahhh so it must be this one door room number 7. Bookmark here

Arata opened the door and walked in. Bookmark here

Nothing could take back the sight i saw in that dorm room, it was a sight that was never meant for mortal eyes for they might truly be blinded by beauty, the words to properly describe the sight i saw have not been invented yet but if i had to describe it using words that did exist. Long Red hair, a body that seemed impossibly slender, skin that looked so pale and smooth. Not to mention that shocked expression on her face. Bookmark here


*SMACK* Bookmark here

"Who do you think you are bargining in her without even knocking, you filthy pervert!" Bookmark here

After being knocked to the ground from what he could have sworn was a truck hitting him, Arata looked up at the half naked girl before him. She was blushing her face as red as a strawberry.Bookmark here

"I AM SO SORRY" Arata said immdeitely bowing his head in apologyBookmark here

"I should have knocked or at least announced my presence please forgive me" Arata said his head still bowed low to the ground. Bookmark here

"NEVER MIND YOUR HALF ASSED APOLOGY, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE" The girl shouted aggressivly her face still bright red. Bookmark here

"I-I am Arata Matsuoka i am your classmate and....your roommate" Arata said nervously. Bookmark here

A brief silence fell across the dormroom Bookmark here

"WHAT" Bookmark here

"Miss Hamabe, how can you expect me to live with this sicko pervert for the next year" Bookmark here

Nanami tilted her head to look at Arata who was standing at the back of the room. Bookmark here

"What did i tell you about best behavior" Nanami said sternly. Bookmark here

"It was an accident i swear" Arata said trying to defend himself. Bookmark here

"Like hell it was an accident he was trying to sneak a peak at me on purpose and i demand punishment for this act of treason" The girl retorted. Bookmark here

"Oh and what punishment would you like to see bestowed upon him" Nanami asked. Bookmark here

The girl shot a stern look at Arata Bookmark here

"I want to face him 1 v 1 in a sparring match" The girl said. Bookmark here

"A sparring match" Bookmark here

Nanami paused for a moment. Bookmark here

"Hmmm, its not the normal way we would start of the school year but i suppose it will be an interesting test and a chance for the other students to see what this school is all about. Very well i grant your request, Arata tomorrow you and Pyra will meet in the practice arena and duel it out in a sparring match" Nanmi stated. Bookmark here

"So that is her name....Pyra" Arata thought to himself. Bookmark here

Pyra walked to the door of the headmistress office preparing to leave but not before she turned her towards Arata. Bookmark here

"You had better not chicken out tomorrow, i want your best" Pyra said with a stern look. Bookmark here

Arata nodded in response. Bookmark here

Pyra exited out the office and slammed the door behind her. Bookmark here

"I sure hope you are ready to meet the challange" Nanami said cooly.Bookmark here

Sure enough tomorrow arrived. The students all gathered in the school practice arena, where combat lessons and practice matches are held. Arata and Pyra each took their respective places within the arena as the headmisstress Nanami made the announcment. Bookmark here

"The sparring match between Arata Matsuoka and Pyra Konozuki will begin, The rules of the bout are simple the first participant to score a ring out or incapaciate their opponent is the winner..... so without futhet udo let this match begin!" Bookmark here

Arata stood across from Pyra who had a determined look in her eyes. Bookmark here

"Well i was not planning on fighting on my first day, but i have no intention of backing down from this fight" Arata said confidently. Bookmark here

"Just get ready to lose Arata" Pyra retorted. Bookmark here

Both Arata and Pyra ran towards each otherBookmark here


A.A. James
Jio Kurenai


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