Chapter 48:


Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

I have been recently seeing people reading my earlier novels and I just wanted to say one thing to those people....


My writing style has improved and I got out of tons of bad habits due to many wonderful people giving feedback and tips regarding my own style.

It was thanks to those people that I was able to develope as a novelist. I wouldn't be the writer I am today without those harsh but very needed words!

I was told some harsh and not easy to swallow things but it was those things that helped me break terrible writing habits. I also welcome any critical feedback as this helps me see things I didn't see before!

If I ask to give you feedback, I'm not doing it to be mean or anything. I'm doing it because it was how I was able to learn and improve to become a better writer.

It also shows that I am reading and following your work which I don't do often since I really only find passion in writing my own stories (sorry for being selfish but I'll try to read your works if I can, just remind me :) )

I will ALWAYS ask before giving feedback just because I know some people don't like criticism and that's okay! I know I don't like it sometimes but I also know it's the only way I'm ever going to improve and become the best writer I can be!

So to all those who come to give feedback to me, I want to say thank you! Thank you for helping me improve on my dream to write!

Don't be afraid to give your two cents if it's only to help me and point out things I don't see! If something looks wrong, don't feel afraid to tell me! 

I just want to become the very best writer I can and I want to bring the most enjoyable stories I can to avid readers such as yourselves!

Please keep following my novels and watch me take the top! :D