Chapter 29:

Gods of the Earth

A Moribund Hero

Butcher showed them his tattoo of Gaia's lotus blossom on his shoulder, which was revealed by his UV pen torch. The tattoo was invisible when the light was removed.Bookmark here

"Tell me about your experience," he asked Leon when he readjusted his shirt and lab coat over his arm.Bookmark here

Leon was still blinking with surprise, so Butcher continued to explain that he read a cleric report about their job at La Costa. It didn't mention anything specific, but he could read between the lines based on the injuries and attack types that were listed. Powerful magic had been at play.Bookmark here

"What would you like to know?" Leon politely offered and, as prompted, he recapped his experience with Vedas and the man's mission to place Yama on some Almighty God Throne.Bookmark here

This fact made Butcher's good eye twitch with his troubled frown. He expressed his concerns.Bookmark here

"Yama is Our Mother's natural enemy. Indeed, the Lord of the Dead is all the gods' enemy."Bookmark here

Rabbit and Leon shared a concerned look, but they allowed Butcher to continue his explanation without interruption.Bookmark here

The old doctor eased back into his chair and began the story of four gods' war for almighty godhood.Bookmark here

Before the dawn of man, the Earth was ruled by four gods, who governed certain aspects of the world. The god Apollo ensured the planet could cultivate into a place of order and intellectual advancement. Eleutheria granted Earth's creatures the free will and spirit to roam and bring creativity. Supporting her was their mother, Gaia, who provided the world's abundance and life to all living beings. Then there was Yama, who claimed the dead and diseased for his own power. He secretly worked to undermine the other gods' rule, with the aim of being the overarching deity.Bookmark here

Over time, the world began to break down as each god warred for supremacy over the other. Being the closest to the Earth, Gaia forged a pact with it. She had her priests and sister mothers build the Almighty God Throne, where all the deities' powers could be accumulated. The pact ensured that only one god could rule over the Earth per era as the Almighty Lord. From the pact, the Amulets of Gaia were forged.Bookmark here

"At least, this is what I gathered from various doctrines that were discovered over the years." He sighed. "I suspect the Earth pays a great price for each changeover."Bookmark here

Leon pulled out his amulet and stared at it. "What does this amulet do?"Bookmark here

He explained that the amulets were proof of being their mother's chosen, but for what specific purpose he couldn't say.
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Butcher shook his head. "Unfortunately, I've told you all my knowledge on the matter, which took me years to acquire and understand. I tell you this, so you can continue with a clear line of sight to your goals. There will be other times when your faith will be tested. You need to remain vigilant. "Bookmark here

"I recommend that you keep this knowledge and your devotion to Gaia a secret from everyone else," he added before leaving, giving food for thought to Leon and Rabbit.Bookmark here

Leon frowned. If the army discovered Butcher was a follower of Gaia, would it cause harm to him? To all of them? Might, since the army and HiRock were devoted to Eleutheria. Rabbit agreed to his thinking.  Secrets. Something he never had to keep before until he left for HiRock.Bookmark here

"Brother, don't worry. Together, we can make sure Our Mother's faith in us is well placed."Bookmark here

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