Chapter 1:

Prologue: The Era of Magic

Magic From Zero

The gentle beeps rang throughout the room from the dimly lit phone by the table. The ringing phone had woken the boy from his sleep. Sitting up and tapping on it to make it stop, he sat by the bed, rubbing his eyes while letting out a slight yawn before climbing out and headed for the door. Standing by the mirror in the washroom, he looked tiredly into it, the unkempt hair that was accompanied by his half-open eyes stared back at him through his reflection. Leaning down, he twisted the faucet and cupped his hands beneath the gushing stream of water before splashing it across his face.Bookmark here

Taking out the usual sports jersey from his closet, he donned it on and proceeded out the main door. Bookmark here

Silver Leider, his day begins with a jog around the neighborhood. The usual course he took would span from 20 kilometers to 24. Upon completing his usual course, he would take to the backyard of his house and proceed with muscle training. Push-ups, Sit-ups, Benching and of such would be done in excessive amounts that were to be regarded as if one should call it, abnormal. The usual amount done by the majority would average around the 40 marks, but Silver would casually do a set amount of 200, no more and no less. Bookmark here

With his body full of sweat from the tedious workout, he took the towel he had set aside and began wiping from his face. As he stared up into the sky, the glorious morning rays had begun showing itself from beyond the buildings. Bookmark here

Upon taking a quick shower, Silver got dressed in what would commonly be referred to as a School Uniform. He headed downstairs from his room on the second floor and into the kitchen. Placing the pan onto the stove, he simply clicked a button and a small red circle had begun to glow beneath the pan. Within moments, the pan was heating up. Bookmark here

Eggs, check, bacon, check and topping it off with the usual toast. The boy had neatly arranged the array of food onto plates and dished out 5 on the table. As he started to wash the utensils, a familiar voice had rung from the stairs.Bookmark here

“*Yawn*…Morning…”Bookmark here

A girl with long blonde hair and was still dressed in her nightwear had come down to the kitchen, attracted by the aromatic smell of the prepared breakfast. Bookmark here

“Morning Sis. Go ahead and wash up and help me to wake the others up, would you?”Bookmark here

“…Sure…”Bookmark here

Looking at the half-asleep figure slowly trotting into the bathroom, Silver had known that the job entrusted to the girl would not have been done. Bookmark here

Feeling that he had done all there is needed to be in the kitchen. He made his way up to the bedrooms on the second floor.Bookmark here

First was the door to the inner left, a sign was precariously hung unto the doorframe.Bookmark here

“Lefis’s room”Bookmark here

Knocking lightly on the door, he opened it slowly and found a curled-up ball of sheets on the bed. Upon the door opening fully, the squeak of the frame had made the ball twitch ever so slightly. Bookmark here

“Get up Lefis, it’s morning already, you are going to be late for the last day of school.”Bookmark here

“…Uhmm!”Bookmark here

Upon the slight answer to the morning call, the ball had not moved. Silver approached the sheets with his hands out, as if he was trying to imitate a claw, and flung the sheets off the bed, revealing a lightly dressed girl with a platinum hair that barely reached her waist.Bookmark here

“Get up already Lefis, any more and you will be late.”Bookmark here

After giving the still-asleep girl one last call, Silver placed the sheets to his body and folded it in half a total of 4 times, placed it by the bedside before heading back downstairs.Bookmark here

“Mhmm. Morning Sil.”Bookmark here

“Thanks for breakfast as always.”Bookmark here

As he opened the sliding doors to the kitchen, he was greeted with two similar faces that have been with him for the past 15 years of his life. The Platinum blonde that had greeted him while with a warm tone while munching on the toast Silver prepared and the attractive blonde who was setting down his fork and thanking him are the two heads of the family. Bookmark here

Michel and Miren Leider.Bookmark here

After glancing them a look, Silver took his own seat and picked up the cup of coffee that he set on the table beforehand. He brought the aromatic cup towards his mouth and departed his lips before taking a slight slip.Bookmark here

“As always, I have no idea how you can take it black though.”Bookmark here

The remark that came from behind him belonged to the now freshly awake blonde, Leiya Leider. With a hand clutching the towel on her head while having the other rubbing her eyes, she slowly took a seat at the table, having sought her breakfast after a morning shower.Bookmark here

“Don’t you need to change for school Sis?”Bookmark here

“Hehe, our high school’s graduation ceremony starts a little late, so the first years can take their time going.”Bookmark here

Having been told that the first years had no need for a rush, she took her time slowly eating her breakfast. Bookmark here

“At least dry your hair first before eating.”Bookmark here

“Alright, Alright. Sheesh.”Bookmark here

Having been told by Silver to dry her hair, she did what would normally be the exact opposite, by putting her towel aside.Bookmark here

“…Wind…”Bookmark here

The word that departs from her lips were muttered silently as if it was a whisper. Upon saying the four-letter word. A small green circle had appeared out of thin air, as if it was magic, on the palm of her hand.Bookmark here

The green circle began lighting up clockwise with tiny runes on it, upon the completion of the circle, a small breeze came out from within the circle and began blowing a breeze towards her hair, much like what she had said, “Wind”.Bookmark here

“There, all done!”Bookmark here

“Do you really have to use magic for that?”Bookmark here

“Isn’t it fine? Hehe.”Bookmark here

What had transpired was precisely magic.Bookmark here

Magic.Bookmark here

In this era of magic, one’s worth is determined by how powerful their magic is. And the Magic power of an individual is determined by two factors.Bookmark here

One of them would be Magic Affinity
The affinity of an individual is determined at birth, it would usually be inherited from the parents or a combination of both. Very rarely, an individual would be able to get an element that neither is a combination nor belongs to their parents.Bookmark here

Affinity towards magic would include almost every element one could think of, starting from the basic four elements of wind, fire, water, and earth, to the different kinds such as iron, ice, and shadow. There are also elements that do not require one to have an affinity to use, such elements are called Unique elements.Bookmark here

Majority of people would be born with a single affinity to an element and rarely with two. Bookmark here

One of such a rare case would be the blonde who has just used magic. Michel Leider, a genius at using wind elemental magic and a similar genius, Miren Leider who uses Ice elemental magic, the product of their love, Leiya Leider was born with two elements, Ice and Wind and has been regarded as a prodigy wherever she went. On a similar page, her little sister who had also been born with twin elemental affinities was, although not as famous, highly regarded by people as a genius.Bookmark here

“Hey, Sil!!!!”Bookmark here

A loud scream could be heard from upstairs that was accompanied by a barrage of stomps so loud it had reached the dining room the four of them were in. Not long after, the final member of the family who had overslept slammed the door open and stared Silver in the face. Bookmark here

“Why...Why didn’t you wake me up?!”Bookmark here

“I tried.”Bookmark here

Without even batting an eye, Silver continued to fully enjoy his coffee while checking his phone, as if he was not bothered by the loud commotion. Such a scene was a common occurrence in the Leider household, yet another peaceful day.Bookmark here

“We are going off!”Bookmark here

With a bright smile on her face, Lefis had run towards the door with her bag on one arm while getting her shoes from the shelves by the door with the other. Struggling to wear her shoes, she stumbled a little as she headed out the door before making a small jump to regain her balance and putting in the last of her feet into the shoe.Bookmark here

“We are sorry again that we can’t attend your graduation today Sil.”Bookmark here

“That shitty bastard, calling us for work on such an important day…I will make sure he gets it later.”Bookmark here

Michel bid the two farewells as they left while Miren had grumbled to herself, much contradicting her beautiful appearance. Bookmark here

As the two walked side by side towards the Magic Operated Train station, Silver began to style down his hair, covering his eyes with his long bangs.Bookmark here

“Hey…Do you really have to always put your hair down? You look much better with it up the usual way in the house!”Bookmark here

“I like to keep a low profile and not attract attention. You should know that well.”Bookmark here

“…Yea.”Bookmark here

After the small conservation the two had, the mood had gotten gloomier and it remained that way before reaching the station.Bookmark here

“Well, you can go ahead, and I will follow later.”Bookmark here

“Alright…You know you could just…”Bookmark here

“It’s alright Lefis, I will see you later.”Bookmark here

As those words left his lips, Silver put on his usual earphones and walked the opposite direction of where Lefis wentBookmark here

After departing from the station, the streets were bustling full of life, aggressive vendors selling their wares, promoters that are handing out their flyers, families that are visiting shops as well as the flocks of students heading towards the school. The Oseleth Magic Middle School was located uphill from the shopping street and there was a larger crowd today than usual due to the graduation ceremony. Silver tilted his head towards the school’s direction, placed his left palm slightly above his eyebrows to block the blazing sunlight before blending into the crowd and headed towards the school directly.Bookmark here

“Graduation Ceremony: Third Years please gather at the auditorium”Bookmark here

Looking at the signs posted in front of the school gates, Silver closed his eyes and headed to the auditorium, oblivious to the various murmurs around him.Bookmark here

“…Hey…Isn’t that?..”Bookmark here

“No way…You mean even he can graduate?”Bookmark here

“But isn’t he…”Bookmark here

As if this was a common occurrence for him, Silver had his earphones still in and walked at a slightly faster pace towards the auditorium. He checked his phone for his allocated seat number before settling himself down. He placed his hand into his bag beside him, reaching in for a notebook that he had brought and begun scribbling on it.Bookmark here

“Well, look who is here, the total ‘disgrace’ of our school”Bookmark here

A red hair boy who had a smirk across his face came close to Silver’s seat while a group of devious looking guys donning similar smirks was behind him.Bookmark here

“You shouldn’t be here loser…a mere ‘Magic Zero’ wanting to graduate? Don’t make us laugh!”Bookmark here

The boy and his group had begun laughing at Silver who was still trying to ignore his surroundings.Bookmark here

Magic powers are determined by two factors and the second one being Mana capacity.Bookmark here

The capacity of one’s mana will determine how strong an individual’s magic would be and what kind of spells they can use, making it a crucial factor for magic.Bookmark here

However, as there are geniuses in the world, there will also exist the opposite.Bookmark here

“Magic Zero”Bookmark here

It refers to a being that possesses neither of the factors of affinities nor mana capacity, making them not able to use any magic. In the era of Magic, being a magic zero would also mean the difference between a Human and a God.Bookmark here

Magic Zeroes had only existed generations ago and had never been seen since the beginning of ancient times. However, a single Magic Zero had been born in this magic dominated society.Bookmark here

Silver Leider, born to two genius mages, Michel and Miren Leider. Upon his inspection of magic during the age of 3, it was found that he had no affinities to any element and had the lowest mana capacity one had seen for generations, there being a despairing difference between him and his family. Bookmark here

Although Silver was technically able to use Unique Magic if he had the mana capacity to, currently, he possessed an unusually low mana capacity, he was as good as a Magic Zero and was regarded as one.Bookmark here

Having grown up in this society while constantly being compared to his siblings, he had chosen to ignore his surroundings and prefer to keep a low profile, in order to not draw attention to himself, and till this day, despite being able to raise his mana capacity, it was still as low as a 2-year-old’s average capacity. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

After graduation, Students would move on towards High School where magic is more dominant as a subject. And the lone Magic Zeroes in this era is now having to face the harsh reality.Bookmark here

A.A. James
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