Chapter 12:

0.12. Neighbor

We Got 'Shipped' by the Goddess

<Avner Franc>


Climbing the stairs to reach my apartment, I noticed a kid who looked to be around 3 years old outside in the hallway.

He was standing in front of my apartment door holding something.

What is he doing there? Don’t tell me it's another God? No way I’m letting him in!

I began to backpedal.. slowly..

I was just about to call Bleu when his head snapped in my direction.

My blood stopped flowing.

First his chubby face, followed by his tiny but wide eyes.

Then he began wobbling over to me, reaching his tiny hands outwards.

Oh no, he’s going to fall at this rate.

I rushed up to him, he fell into my grasp.

“Uncle Avner, uncle Avner..”

What did this guy call me?

“Thank you.”

And planted a kiss on my checks.

My mind shattered into bits.

Okay. Stop right there folks.

This is a 3-year old kid. I’m pretty certain his kiss doesn’t imply that he’s trisexual. I swear this wasn’t meant to be an R-21 scene!

“What is it?”

I turned to him with a flat expression.

He shook his head then walked back to the neighboring apartment.. Leo’s place.

Oh, I see, he’s Leo’s son. What’s his name again? Cain?

Why was he outside though?
Troubled by how he was acting, I followed. It’s not normal for a kid to be out in the hall alone. Did he seriously wait for my return just so he can say his thanks?
“Am I allowed in?” I asked at the door.

Cain looked at me, and then inside before saying.

“Uncle Avner is not a bad guy.”
I wouldn’t really agree so much about that. For one, I’ve been ignoring this kid’s father.

Where exactly is he exactly?
I entered the home with a level of prudence. The place looked pretty bare, just like my apartment but messier with art instruments and baby items strewn all around.
“What were you doing outside?”
“Papa went out.”
“Okay? Didn’t papa say you shouldn’t go out?”

Cain stared at me with his big wide eyes. A flash of guilt came over him and he lowered his head.


“You must be lonely.”

I tousled his hair.
He nodded.

Leo doesn’t seem to be home.

I rang him up.

“Leo, this is Avner.”

[“Ah yes, what is it?”]

He sounds pretty professional on his end.

“I actually found Cain outside the hall, so I was wondering if you were alright?”

[“What?! Is he safe?”]

I turn to look at Cain playing some match 3 game on a tablet on top of the bed.

“He’s safe. Are you okay? Where are you now?”

[“Thank God. I went to visit a publisher who reached out to me a few days ago. I received a contract to help with a manga adaptation to a light novel, so I might have to go on hiatus for my own work.”]

“Oh, you got the contract?”

[“I’ll be under supervision. But with the new equipment I received from you, I think I can handle it. Thank you so much Avner.”]

“Ah.. that wasn’t from me.. that’s from Bleu.”
[“Is that so? Help me thank your girlfriend then. I wouldn’t have been able to proceed with this if not for her.”]

“A-ah.. yep..”

Yo.. Bleu is barely 16.. hm.. not really. She’s a God so age doesn’t apply to her hm..
Then is it right for someone to say God is my girlfriend? It’s not like lighting will come from the heavens to kill anyone because of that, right?

[“Where is my son? At home?”]

“I’m currently at your apartment watching over him, sorry for the intrusion.”

[“No. I should be the one apologizing. I’ll come back quickly, have you eaten?”]

“Not yet but.. after this I’m going to stay at a friend’s place for dinner.”

[“I’m sorry. I’ll come back quickly.”]

“I’ll accompany your son in the meantime. Take care.”

Hanging up the call, I looked at Cain again.

Noticing me, his eyes matched mine.

I then turn to face my phone, texting Pu’er and Bleu that I’ll be late.

Even God has a smartphone. Kekeke–


“This is the place right?”

I looked to and fro my phone and the plate number on the door.

I gave it a couple good knocks.

It didn’t take another minute for Pu’er to open the door.

“Sorry I’m late.”
“I-It’s alright.. come in.”

She looks pale. Did something happen?

I smell mushrooms and onions. What’s Bleu cooking this time around..



“You didn’t tell me xe was a God!”

“Uh-huh? And?”

“And?! It’s God! L-l-like.. how are you not surprised!”
“Xe’s an outer God you know?”

God and outer God, depending on which you say, it hits differently.
Hm.. come to think of it, Bleu only said that her status ‘similar’ to an outer God, and not that she’s actually a God. What did she refer to herself again? World creator?

But ain't that the same thing?

“We’ll just ask hir about it later. Anyways, this is hirs luggage. I still have more items I need to bring in.”
I left the Pu’er staring dumbfounded at the cream-blue bag and went back to the car to grab the remainder of my stuff.

I still can’t believe I’m going to have to camp at her place for the night.


“Thank you for the food– nom.”
Bleu began munching on the rice.

Tonight’s dinner was minced meat with diced up mushrooms seared in some wine sauce, egg roe with thicken gravy made from more mushrooms, and sweet colourful peppers cooked in garlic.

“Is there anything wrong with the food?” Bleu glanced at me and Pu’er.

“No. I just find it weird how we’re actually having a meal together..”

If Bleu was a legit elf, we would look like a complete family of newly weds. No joke.
“As for you Pu’er?” The blue haired girl faking as an elf directed her attention to the white haired Pu Erh tea human.
“I.. feel like.. I’m being a disgrace to all angels.. how could I eat in front of.. kUeh?!”

A piece of mushroom was flung over the table and flew right into Pu’er mouth. My gosh that timing is inhuman!?

“Pu’er Julis. Just because I said I’m in a position similar to a God, I’m not actually a God. I’m the world creator, not a God. Sheesh, do people always behave like that in these places? I thought this is a grounded story.”
“I don’t mean you, Avner. You were a lot better than my expectations.”

Leaving a suspicious girl on the street is something to be commended?

“What are you even..” Pu’er, regaining her breath, managed to croak out those few words. “You killed the Seraph like nothing..”

Bleu killed a Seraph? When?

“This.. this outer God just destroyed a Seraph! In what universe is that possible!”
“A Seraph is no different from a Leviathan class UAB, how is it not possible?”

Pu’er trembled.

Ah.. yep. Bleu’s common sense is absolutely rigged.

“Come on, eat already. Once it turns cold, it won't taste so good.”
Still, warm traits like these really make Bleu a pleasant person to be around.

Oh right. She can read minds.