Chapter 15:

0.15. Spare Me..

We Got 'Shipped' by the Goddess

There’s something called attributes.

It applies whenever we enter a fallout.

Attributes are what allow us to do these crazy fighting stunts in the astral space. For example, while I may be able to do a handstand here, doing so in real life would warrant me a trip to the hospital.

I’d consider my attribute value greater than the average Joe. Though I’m not sure what exactly it is that dictates someone’s attribute value, I know that it’s possible to raise it slowly with training.

There’s no fixed numerical measurement for attribute value, nor is there a tool to do so– unlike what you can find in some stories. Well, the concept of attribute value is merely a theory to explain a ‘phenomena’, so maybe the reason why we’re unable to measure it is because it doesn’t exist.



Our swords clashed again.

The regime goes like this.

Pu’er and I would go to the office together from Monday to Saturday. After work we’ll come back home, have dinner and initiate a fallout. For Saturday and Sundays.. those are the worst.

We’ll train ourselves like Bleu’s punching bag until we drop.

It’s been a week since we began, and I must admit, it’s quite efficient.

Just.. it feels like an entire month has passed because we’d literally stay within the confines of the fallout for more than 48 hours.

And since time stops in the real world, that means I’m growing older than the age of my actual body! I’m going to become an old man in mind before my body becomes one of that of an old man.

Truly an exploit only capable by the Goddess. I don’t even know how long I’ve been living in this black and white world.

Bleu has this hex to recover both our mana and erosion value. So we can train practically– forever.

And she purposely controls this astral environment in a way that we can only train to stave the gnawing boredom eating away at our cerebral grey matter till we go senile.. uwuwuw..

Just look at Pu’er over there, diligently spinning Gungnir like some grandmaster. She’s been doing that for 5 hours straight now (I think)!

This is purgatory!


Bleu stepped on my stomach.



I just laid dead on the floor like a sunfish on the beach, begging for respite.

“Got it. You can rest. I’ll spar with Pu’er.”
“Mom. Don’t you think you’re driving us insane here?”
“I wouldn’t say I’m not. But bear with it a little longer. You’ll need this to protect Pu’er in case of emergencies.”
“Mom, I’m tired.”

I pretended to cry.


“Mom, I’m hungry.”
“Mom, I need to use the washroom..”
Bleu turned and walked away. I stretched out my hands with the megre strength I and left and.. flopped to the floor.


Real tears began to flow from my eyes. So is this what it feels like to be a kid?





Pu’er and I stared blankly at the warm plate of grilled salmon, eggs, jumbo sausage and garlic bread in front of us. A deluxe breakfast made by none other than the Goddess of War.

Bleu, with a sigh, grabbed force the utensils into our hands.

“Eat already..”
The two of us nodded.

Carefully, I cut a bit of the sausage and brought it into my mouth.

This is heavenly.. I haven't eaten for about two full days now. Since we don’t get hungry, thirsty, or need to use the washroom during the duration of the fallout, I almost forgot how amazing and troublesome needing to take care of your own body was.

I turned to Pu’er who downed the food like some robot.

“Mom. Pu’er isn’t looking too well.”

“No it’s.. it’s alright. This is the price I need to pay for my sins..” so says Pu’er.

I feel like Bleu had used different methods to drag out our motivation to train. For me, I really, really want that ‘wish’ to use on Bleu. Unlike an unspecified angel, ahem, I’m 100 percent certain that this Goddess will keep her promise.

For Pu’er, Bleu guilted her by saying: this is the result of your actions, now this is what you need to do to survive.

“Mom. When do you think I’ll be able to beat you?”

I shoved the wonderful fluffy eggs into my mouth and asked.

“I’m not sure. Everyone has their own growth rate.”

Isn’t that just saying I’m still too weak for her to even come up with an estimate? That’s horrifying..

I tried the salmon–

“Mom. Your cooking is amazing!”


Finishing the rest with gusto, Pu’er and I then got ready for work yet again.




The both of us got on the elevator.
“Why do you call hir mom?”
“Isn’t it aei?”


Pu’er narrowed her eyes at me.

I began to sweat buckets.

How long has it been since I called Bleu mom?

I mean.. she’s like a mother. Warm, calm, strict, caring, horrifyingly scary– those well endowed maternal traits.. just that Bleu is disguised as an elf so instead of mom, it should be aei..
“Well.. xe just feels like my mom..”
“You’re from a family of two?”
“Yeah. Father and mother. I don’t have an aether.”
“No wonder..”

“It’s been one crazy week. I can’t wait for all of this to be over..”
“Me too..”

Ding. The elevator came to a stop.

We finally reached the floor of our office.

Once again, the both of us split up into our respective departments.

After an hour of silent work on the most vital priority for today, I took out my phone to check the group chat.

What I found instead was my first boss’ message.

[“Avner, can you spare some time later?”]


“Stay safe.”

“I know that.”
“Be careful.”

“Thank you mom.”
I heard Pu’er click her tongue at the door, Bleu didn’t say another word, I made my way to the parking lot.

In the beginning, we took our own respective cars to work. But after some consideration, Pu’er and I decided to carpool for the convenience of it.

That said.. I feel like some people have caught on to what the two of us are doing..

It’s very easy to misunderstand the implications behind a guy driving a girl home. I’ve even had to reject kouhai’s invitation for dinner to hide the fact that we were living together. Fortunately hirs sister had been pretty active these past few days so there was no worry about hirs transportation.

Boss wanted to have dinner with me, so I had to drop off Pu’er with Bleu before I went. Feeling a premonition, I steeled my heart for this upcoming meeting with my old pal.