Chapter 2:

The chosen one

The Land of Reality

          Six days had passed since my mom's death. I was always in my room. The incident shocked me so much so I couldn't even sleep at night. I heard someone open the door and I saw a tiny human appear in my room. Her round face and big brown eyes reminded me of mom. She came towards me and hugged me. As she did, tears came out of my eyes. She wiped them.       

               "Don't cry,big brother. I'm here!", She said to me. I hugged her back.        

              "I'm sorry, baby. I'm such an irresponsible brother", I said to her. I'm not sure if she even understood why I was apologizing to her. I left her alone. Did she get her meals? Did someone bathe her or not? I don't even know where the heck I was the past week.  I hope my dad took care of her. I got out of my bed and went to my dad's room.               He  told me he had taken care of Deiphi in my absence. I hugged him. I didn't know why I did it but I felt like he needed it. His wife just died and I left him alone. I'm not only an irresponsible brother but also an irresponsible son. Mom told me once that I shouldn't blame myself for everything that happens in our family but I just was the type of guy who blamed myself for everything. It was a habit.        

         Later in the evening I told my dad to rest and that I'd prepare dinner for them. I sent them to the bath. When no one was in the kitchen, while I was making food I was also overthinking about whatever happened with mom. If overthinking was a job, I would definitely get a medal, I thought to myself.       

         As we were having dinner, it started pouring. Today will be a good night, I thought to myself. I loved sleeping when it rained.     

         As I had expected I had a good night's sleep. I went to my dad's room to wake him up. Deiphi was already up and she was waking dad up. Dad was not budging. It seemed like he was frozen.                "Dad, wake up!" I cried, "Don't put up with such an act. Please, dad. Wake. Up". His body was cold. This wasn't right. It shouldn't be happening. I don't want to lose another parent. Deiphi looked at me. She couldn't understand why I was crying.         

          Later that day, we buried him alongside mom. "RIP Mr. Rangdajied Lyngdoh", I read what was written in the cross.        

          I was told by the doctors that he died of a heart attack. What the hell was happening? Is Light Yagami out there somewhere? I was scared. I couldn't comprehend any of this. My dad didn't have any symptoms that were listed on the 'deadly' virus. How did he just die?                     We became orphans within a week. I knew now all the responsibility was on my shoulders. I had to protect my sister at all costs.        

           At the dinner table, Deiphi asked me where mom and dad were. I told her that they went on a long vacation. And that they might never come back. Deiphi was an understanding child. She never cried for petty reasons. Even when mom was not at home. She cried only once or twice. I thought that I was the only understanding one.      

           When it was time to sleep, I read her a story and she fell asleep instantly. I wish I was a child, I thought to myself. Being a child isn't easy either. They can't do anything alone. They constantly need someone to tend for them. Even though they have free time, they don't have enough freedom to do things. And now as an adult, I have got a lot of freedom, sadly, I don't have enough time. I fell asleep while thinking about my childhood.              

           I woke up. I saw words in Red flashed right before my eyes: WELCOME, TO THE LAND OF REALITY. Was I dreaming? I looked around. No one was there. It was all white. I wasn't in a box. There was no end to the horizon almost like the sky.        

              I touched myself, I was naked. I needed clothes, I thought. Right at that moment, clothes dropped off the sky. Was this really happening? I don't understand a thing. Somehow I found composure and dressed myself.          

         "THE CHOSEN ONE HAS ARRIVED", The words flashed again.     

          "Please tell me this is a joke!", I shouted to nothingness. This phenomena was bizarre. I sank down and curled my body. I wanted answers. I pinched myself and I felt the sting. Is this real?       

         Suddenly, the white and wide horizon filled in with colours. I saw people walking about. I was in a totally different place. It looked like a market. I stood up and bumped into people. I walked around to explore and ask people about this place. I got some important information about this place. Some described it as the land of dreams. Some as the cursed land.       

            As I was walking, I saw someone who looked Indian. Naturally I was drawn to her. Why not? I had walked for three hours and I had not seen any brown people. I walked towards her. I was bad at starting conversations but I was desperately in need of company.                     "Um …hello there. I'm Dajied", I tried to act and sound casual. She looked at me and squinted her eyes. She was dusky and had a cute face coupled with the most beautiful pair of brown eyes I had ever seen in my life. I always thought that brown eyes were 'boring'. Hers told a story, waiting to be be read.       

            "I'm A-0812, we're not supposed to say our real names here", She replied. We shook hands. Though her hands were not soft as expected of a woman. I was happy getting the chance to touch a woman after so many months. Her name was weird but I liked it.           

             "Nice to meet you, A-0812!", I sounded desperate. As an introvert by nature I didn't know what to say after saying hello.       

            "Nice to meet you too, Dajied", she smiled. The brightest smile I've ever seen. If this was a dream, I'd want it to never end.                                    


The Land of Reality