Chapter 4:



Helet-Queen of Morshina and Entz’s mother, walked into the room in an elegant manner no Morshan women ever cared to learn. She was a women from the old times – a time when Morshina was still great, a time that was long forgotten. Why then, why was she, of all people against what Entz and his father stood for.

She wore a beautiful violet dress following Salchony designs. It was embroidered with tiny diamond chips that were aligned in a undulating pattern that stretched from her hips to her foot. The dress carefully hid her female features, while still maintaining her beauty. Her hair tied in a bun that was secured with two needles instead of one just for simple ‘style’. Her lips were a slightly lighter purple; she made sure to follow a theme.

She reached for the lights and turned them on, Entz’s eyes were blinded for a few minutes. He couldn’t tell anything apart, but then his eyes accommodated themselves to the brightness.

“I have a few things I want to discuss with you Entz” Helet said in a refined tone.

“As I do mother, but I didn’t expect to discuss in this late hour, maybe---”

“That is why I came, to catch you off guard” Helet replied.

“Well you might catch an attitude when I am my weakest”

“I remember a time when you were scared to even speak with me, now you don’t even flinch when I am around”

“That was a time when honor lived in the hearts of this government, during the time father ruled, a time when I still had respect for you.” He said in a tone that hurt him, he looked away.

“Well like you said that time was in the past, what you should worry about is writing your future” she said back with no offense taken from what he just said.

“A time where I or your people will be in the throne. I promise to never back down from my arguments even if my life depended on it. I promise to rebuild this country from the ground up, to find people even mixed blooded who have honor and a sense of responsibility and equality in them.” Entz said meeting his Mother’s gaze. She smiled.

“You have the eyes of your father; such ferocity and hunger for what is right. But, where had that got him, nowhere just an early death.”

“You disgust me” Entz said in disappointment. “The way you speak of him is beyond baffling to me. How could you? He loved and cared for you, and yet you mock him for standing for what was right.”

“I moved on and saw the flaws in him, something you should have done 5 years ago” she said maintaining her calm; unfazed tone. “We seem to be going off on a tangent, so let’s get back on topic.”

“Ok,” he said.

“Next week is Feynoor, we will have the last ‘preaching’ event of the year. As you know, every citizen be it pure blood or mixed blood will be there, it is compulsory to attend. And, everyone will listen.”

“Your point is?”

“My point is, next year is the heir’s coronation. So what you say next week can and will determine your future in this world.”

“So you are threatening me?”

“Call it whatever you want, but you should be thanking me instead. Chose your words wisely son.” She got up as if that was her closing statement.

“The law prohibits anyone from taking the throne but the heir himself!” He was growing more tense.

“The law states and I quote ‘if the heir isn’t able to report for duty, his guardian should be the one to decide a replacement for him’” she flatly said.

His heart dropped “You intend to have me killed?” Why was he shocked, he knew this day would eventually come, actually he thought he would be back stabbed and not receive a warning beforehand.

“You gave us no choice” she replied her expression neutral.

“Is that what you did to father,” he bellowed.

For the first time in a long time, his mother’s mask broke. She looked at him with a pained expression.

“And what do you mean by us? Huh?” He continued fully aware he already crossed the line.

“This conversation is over” she said her voice louder this time and he knew better than to press harder. After all she was his mother. With that she moved up from the bed and as she reached the door she said “Everything I do son, is for you, believe it or not, but I love you, no mother wishes for her son to be hurt, but this is how things area and you have to face them.”

“Sometimes mother, I wish I could say the same to you” he replied head looking down. With that she shut the door and he wanted nothing else but to sleep.