Chapter 10:

Room With a View Part 1: Girls’ Night Out

Daigaku Kyuuai no Kuronikuru – College Courtship Chronicle

Chapter 10 – Room With a View Part 1: Girls’ Night Out

It’s the weekend, bitches! Do you know what that means…? That’s right, the students of Saint Rosencrantz’s College for the Intellectually Gifted have two whole days to themselves, to do whatever the Hell they want! This was the first weekend that Maximilian Lovegood had spent with his new dormmate, and he figured that now would be the perfect time for him to bombard Kuru Kuroni with a heartfelt love-confession. However, there was just one small hitch in that plan…

“Bye, Maximilian-sama~! I’m gonna go hang out with some friends, lol!” She’s not interested in hanging out with him, LMAO.

“Friends?” Maxie asked. “You only moved to this country, like, a week ago! How many friends could you possibly have?”

“A few,” the girl smiled. “Everyone wants to be my friend because I’m pretty.”

Yeah, you’re pretty. Pretty annoying, that is. If anyone is befriending you, Kuru, then I can assure you that it’s out of pity… Is this the first time that I’ve ever directed one of my snarky comments towards Kuru? Feels weird to use someone other than Maxie as my proverbial punching-bag.

“That’s… great,” Maxie sighed. “But I kinda had plans for the weekend.”

“Oh?” Kuru asked. “What sort of plans, lol?”

“W-well,” Maxie began, turning away to hide his stupid flustered face. “I kinda wanted to… hang out with you.”

“Oh, alright,” Kuru smiled, sticking her tongue out. “I guess I don’t mind.”

Maxie breathed a sigh of relief. He had been waiting impatiently all week, but now he finally had Kuru all to himself with no ringing bell to interrupt his confession. What could possibly go wrong?

“Hey, Maximilian-sama. Can I borrow your cellphone for a sec?”

“Huh? What do you need my phone for?” Maxie asked, reaching into his pocket. “Are you going to delete my [Flyer Gremlin Zeroes] data again?”

“No, lol,” Kuru giggled, taking the phone from Maxie’s hand. “I’m just gonna call Lily and Dublyn to reschedule our sleepover.”

Wait, what did she just say? ‘Lily and Dublyn’? Like… Lily Orchid and Dublyn Beaumont? And did Kuru just mention a sleepover? Could it be, Maxie wondered, could Kuru Kuroni be friends with Lily and Dublyn? And she’s planning to have a sleepover with them?! She’ll be hanging out with two of the sexiest girls on campus, and they’ll be in their pajamas… Or, better yet, their underwear…

“*Ahem*,” Maxie coughed, trying desperately to maintain his composure. “You’re not talking about Orchid and Beaumont, are you?”

“Hm?” Kuru cocked her head. “Yeah, why?”

Hell freakin’ yes! This was Maxie’s chance to hang out with some hot, scantily-clad babes! But was he really going to sacrifice his alone-time with Kuru for a chance to hang out with some girls who don’t even know that he exists?!

“Change of plans,” Maxie said, snatching his phone back from Kuru. “You can go hang out with your friends, it’s no biggie. In fact, I’ll tag along with you.”

Yeeeeep, he sure was. That’s our Maxie, thinking with his dick instead of his brain. If his brain has an IQ of 253, then his phallus must have an IQ of at least 300.


The two roommates stood outside a wooden door; the number 510 engraved on its surface.

“This is Lily’s dorm?”

“Mhm,” Kuru nodded. “This is where we agreed we’d hang out.”

“Well then, what are we waiting for?! Almost-naked babes, here I come!”

Maximilian confidently kicked the door open, strutting inside like an absolute badass, with Kuru following close behind him. Admittedly, he did look kinda cool… at least until he tripped over his own two feet and fell to the floor like an idiot.

“Oh, my! Are you alright?” a concerned voice asked, its owner walking towards Maxie and offering him a hand.

Maxie looked up at the girl, his cheeks turning bright red at the sight in front of him.

“Pa-pa-panties,” he stammered, his eyes fixating on the green lace underpants that were currently hovering above his face.


Without thinking, the girl delivered a swift roundhouse kick, lifting Maxie off the ground and slamming him into the nearby wall.

“S-sorry! I panicked!” (No need to apologize, girlfriend. I’ve been waiting to see someone pummel Maxie since the very first chapter.)

Maxie slowly opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. Pinning him to the wall was a slender female leg – Its owner was Dublyn Beaumont, the sexy Irish-American girl with the large-- Y’know what? No, I’m not even going to finish that sentence. Use your imagination, I ain’t getting paid enough to do this crap.

“I-I can still see your panties,” Maxie blushed.

Dublyn hurriedly pulled down the hem of her skirt, stepping back and letting Maxie fall to the floor once more.

“Lol, Maximilian-sama, you’re such a pervert,” Kuru giggled.

“As if,” Maxie snapped. “That shit wasn’t my fault!”

“Tch, tch, tch,” a voice tutted, interrupting Maxie and Kuru before they could get into another argument. Maxie pulled himself off the floor and looked towards the source of the sound. His gaze was greeted by two students – A boy and a girl. He recognized the girl as Lily Orchid, although he wasn’t sure who the student in the male uniform was.

“Are these friends of yours?” the man asked Lily. He spoke with a slight Slavic accent, although something about it sounded… off. Perhaps he was a foreigner who spent some time abroad in Russia and picked up a slight accent? Or maybe he was a Russian whose accent had started to change as he spent more time living in the States? Whatever, those details probably won’t ever be important. Definitely not.

Lily shrugged. “I know the girl, but I’ve never seen Mister Peeping-Tom before.” She spoke with a tinge of disdain in her voice. Maxie assumed she was just a little prude who was mad that he caught an accidental glimpse of Dublyn’s underpants. Or perhaps she was just jealous that she wasn’t the one who got a peek at the goods.

“Whatever,” the Russian(?) sighed. “I’m gonna crash in a friend’s room tonight. I don’t want to get in the way of your girls’ night…”

As the man walked away, he leaned in close to Maxie, dropping his voice to a whisper. “If you lay even a single finger on my precious Lily, you’re dead. Got it, pal?”


The sound of the door closing echoed throughout Lily’s dorm room. Maxie, Kuru, Dublyn and Lily stood in silence as they waited for the echo to fade away.

“Gosh, what was that guy’s problem?” Maxie huffed.

“Who cares?” Kuru shrugged, slipping out of her single-strapped dress. “It’s party time, lol!”

(To be continued in Part 2…)

Kuromaru (クロまる)