Chapter 12:

7th Sector『Part 1』

Heaven's Codex

We managed to push back the enemies forward, tonight we'll be reclaiming the 7th Sector no matter what. Pushing them back with all our might we managed to reach the Inner Gate of the 7th Sector's Wall, the Back Lines fired several more shots to clear the way and finally we're through. We suffered some casualties along the way, but their death will not be in vaine.

[Sally]: "We're now inside the ground zero! Be careful!"

We saw Heva and Ashley nearing us.

[Ashley]: "Something really feels off with their movements, is it possible that we're lured in here?"

[Heva]: "Yeah, Ashley's right, Demons don't fight like this, they attack with full bloodlust, pure muscles no brains, but these guys immediately retreated."

A soldier fallen into his butt while looking up, he pointed his fingers upwards with a very frightened expression in his face.

"W-W-What is that thing!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!"

The fog started to dissapear, We looked upwards and saw an intensely huge tree, so huge that it even touches the clouds above. Our eyes widened for what we have seen, that's what they're planning all along..

People who died from the attack four days ago...were hanged on the tree's branches as if they're decoration to the huge tree. A voice from the back echoed upon us, with a grateful voice, a man speaked.

"Ooohohooohhhh, truly Magnificent wasn't it?"

A man with a black noble cloak as if he's a duke or something showed himself.

[Sally]: "He's not a human!"

Upon hearing what Sally said, we draw our blades,

"Ohhhh this is perfect...

...the last sacrifices are ready!"

"S-sacrifices?? Does that mean..."

"Yes humans, I am



We attacked on different directions, he dissappear on the spot and showed up behind one of our soldiers. He throw a strong kick to the soldier causing the soldier's body to be ripped a part. 

"Oh my, that's bad."


Soldiers attacked in different direction but failed. Leviathan just killed them all in a surprising speed.

[Ezra]: "This is my fight! Don't Interfere!"

Ezra charged to Leviathan with his Katana embued with Violet Thunder, Leviathan let his guard down and received a wound on his right arm.

"Hmmm, so you're quite cunning, are you perhaps...a Seraph?!"

"How did you know?"


Leviathan charged with his sharp claws and traded blows with Ezra's katana. Distracted, Sally made apperance behind Leviathan giving a Enhancement Magic powered kick. With his speed, Leviathan dodged the attacks.

[Ezra]: "You shouldn't be here, Sally!"

[Sally]: "This is my duty as a Seraph you know?"

"Filthy humans! You all are just stupid sacrifice to the Tree of Erebus!!!!"


In the other side Heva, Minoru, Ashley and Nehl Teamed up to clear the other waves of Demons ahead.

[Minoru]: "These Demons!!! They never run out"

[Ashley]: "That absorbs the mana from the victims, draining them so much!"

[Minoru]: "Why would it absorb that much mana?!"

[Nehl]: "Its a huge growing mana conductor, its up to something!!"

Heva ran forward and shouted

[Heva]: "Lets go near it and see!!"

Ezra was sent flying by Leviathan's kick to the four's direction.

[Heva]: "Mr. Ezra!!! Let me heal you!"

[Ezra]: "No, I don't have much time! That absorb's human's mana to nurture itself, its up to something...

...I'm couting on you four!