Chapter 0:

Author Introduction

Scorching Black Vulture

This is Manson FD7 introducing to you, Scorching Black Vulture. This is my first book that I've written on this website, and there'll be several grammar mistakes in this novel.

However, if you may find any mistakes in my writing, don't forget to comment on any paragraph of mistakes that I've made, so I can fix them and make this story better and more readable.

My primary inspiration for this story is from Nier Automata, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Monster Hunter, God Eater, Punishing Gray Raven, and Honkai Impact 3rd.

Because I love hack and slash RPG games, and hack and slash RPG games are the only RPG that makes me addicted to this game genre. From how engaging the combat was, and how rage-inducing the game was. Even some of these story parts were inspired by the scene from the games that I've mentioned before.

Just a reminder that this story taking in a fictional place that doesn't even exist in real-life. Everything in this story is purely fictional. If there's any similarity to what's existed in real-life, it's merely a coincidence.

I hope you'll enjoy this story and put it in your library if you want to stay up-to-date for a newly released chapter in my story. Well, enjoy the story ;)

Taylor Victoria