Chapter 9:

Chuunibyou Have Their Own Charms (2)

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Oh God, that ikemen route colonized my p*ssy last night. I can still feel it, Hikari thought. She arrived at Bartfort University Applied Physics Laboratory and went into her workplace. She heard Damian typing and saw a robotic arm beside Damian.

Yoo, joshu (means 'assistant' in Japanese), where is your lab coat?” Damian said.

Here we go, his chuuni is awoken again. Hikari sighed. “Damian, why do we need a lab coat for coding?” Hikari asked.

“Shut up, and just wear it, Ms. Hikari. Also, call me the Mad Scientist Damian!”

Hikari took her lab coat from a stand hanger and wore it. She dragged her rolling office chair toward Damian’s chair, and then she sat and looked at Damian’s PC monitor. “So, what are we going to do today, Damian?” Hikari asked.

Damian stopped typing and didn’t give Hikari any response.

Hikari let the silence for a while and then said, “So, what are we going to do today, o, Mad Scientist Damian!!”

“Do you remember about Love Life! Ultimate Cyborg Project?” Damian replied.

“Yeah,” Hikari replied. Though I still wonder if Dent Wolfman is going to make an idol group with that project name.

“We have our third client. It’s Tricia Gabriel, Gabriel Foodstuff Trading’s successor, the only daughter of the chairman. You know the company that transforms nuts into package goods, right? Yeah, that company’s successor.”

“Hmm, is she going to be the Super Businessperson?”

“Correct. Although ‘the Super Actor’ suits her more because who the f*ck smiles all the time? Anyway, she has GLD symptoms, so she decides to be a cyborg because she can have more control over her emotions that way and suppress her gore lust. Although we know that it’s useless when she is too tired.”

“Ah, so she is like Number Two, Dr. Easton Smith, the Super Doctor,” Hikari said and moved to her PC with her chair. “Send me my task, then.”

GLD, Gore Lust Disease. One year ago, there was a weirdo who m*sturbated so hard in a radioactively contaminated site while he was watching gore hentai. After he did the deed and went back to the crowd, he showed GLD symptoms and killed a pedestrian. That was the first case of GLD, and then the outbreak happened. After three months, no one understood what was the cause of GLD. Someone even had the symptoms without m*sturbating so hard or being infected. So people gave up and just called GLD a curse. What a ridiculous era to live in, Hikari thought, as she turned on her PC.

At 16:30, Damian and Hikari finished their tasks for that day. Damian then took a spray can and threw it at Hikari. He said, “Tricia is going to visit us tomorrow for an inquiry. Joshu, bring that emotional spray for protection. Spray her eyes if she shows GLD symptoms. That spray contains an emotional drug to heighten the pain of GLD so you can run away. It was developed by Dr. Easton. Don’t worry, it won’t blind her.”

Hikari slipped the spray into her pocket and said, “Alright, Damian. And please stop your chuuni act. Just call me Hikari.”

“Hey, chuunibyou have their own charms, you know.”

“Yeah, yeah, see you, o, Mad Scientist Damian!!” Hikari threw her lab coat to the stand hanger and went home.

After Hikari took a bath and dinner, she lay on her bed. Hmm, should I call him? I miss him already, she thought and put her chest on a folded pillow. She opened her LIME mobile messenger application and checked her Chats. Damian Ford. Yeah, he is chuuni and sometimes disgusting, but he is handsome, and a handsome man is the best!

Hikari typed a message and sent it to Damian: “O, Mad Scientist Damian. What are you doing right now?”

Anxiety is my middle name. What if I bother him, what if I said something bad, or when is he going to reply. It’s unpleasant, but it’s natural when you wish for a good relationship. So, whatever happens, happens. Hikari then played an otome game on her smartphone. Playing an otome game was illegal conduct in Verdandi, but it became legal if she didn't get caught.

Her smartphone vibrated, and she received a reply from Damian: “Why aren’t there many silver-haired girls in p*rnhwa? The camera angles are also bad, and the actions are not long.”

See? Disgusting. Hikari chuckled. She then typed: “Damian, stop playing with yourself and go to sleep, okay?”

“Why? I’m not sleepy, and I have nothing to do. Blame Dent for banning anime!”

“But you are using VPN, right? You are just horny.”

Joshu, don’t forget to delete this chat history. I’m out.”

Hikari was silent for a moment, and then she sighed. Now I’m horny because of this man. Ah, let’s do it.

On the next day, Hikari went to the lab, but she was late because of her intense night. Then she saw a woman in front of the humanoid receptionist.

“Can I help you, Ms.?” Hikari asked.

The woman turned around and looked at Hikari with a smile. She wore a white one-piece dress and a black long coat that was tied to the dress with a white ribbon on her waist. There was a black lace necktie with a round ruby on it, and she also wore black stockings and white gloves. There was also a black floppy hat on her head. So her clothes were so complicated and a pain in the ass to describe!

She was in her 20s, and she held down a closed black umbrella with her both hands. “It’s Tricia Gabriel, desu wa,” she said. Right, Ojou-sama had appeared! “Watakushi has an appointment with the Head of Cyborg Project, Mr. Damian Ford-o.”

Tricia had orange hair and blue eyes, which were not common. Black hair and black eyes were common in Verdandi, so she was indeed not a commoner! She also had two hair curls over her shoulders.

Hikari was shocked because she noticed that Tricia’s left eye had turned red, so Tricia showed GLD symptoms. No… why now, why here? We are too far from the transplant center. Should I run away? No, at least I have to tell Damian, Hikari thought. She then said, “Please wait in the guest room, Ms. Tricia. Please follow me.”

While Hikari was guiding Tricia, she sent a message to Damian: “Tricia, GLD. Guest room. Run!” Hikari opened the guest room door and was going to run away, but Tricia held Hikari's position with the black umbrella behind Hikari.

Shomin (means 'common people' in Japanese), go inside,” Tricia said with a low-pitched voice, which was different from her usual pitch. “This umbrella can shoot bullets, you know,” she then said with her usual pitch.

Hikari raised her hands and walked to the guest room. “Alright, Ms. Tricia.”

Tricia followed Hikari and closed the guest room door. “Be grateful. I’m not craving for your brain but your kidney. You won’t necessarily die, desu wa.”

Are you sure about that, My Lady?! Hikari thought, and she quickly turned around and pushed away Tricia’s umbrella.


Tricia shot with her umbrella, but she missed Hikari. Hikari then took her spray and sprayed Tricia’s eyes.

“AAARGH!” Tricia screamed and got down on her knees. She released her umbrella and put her hands on her eyes.

Hikari got out of the guest room. She saw Damian and ran to him. She then held Damian’s arms with her hands. “Damian, let’s get out of here!” Hikari said, and she tried to drag Damian.

“Damian?” Hikari asked because Damian resisted moving.

Joshu, she is coming here for help, and she had notified us. What do you think if her father finds out that his treasured daughter dies instead because of our negligence and incompetence? Furious. Vengeance,” Damian replied.


“You should go. I’m the Mad Scientist Damian! It’s my role to save the lab members.”

Why do you keep your chuuni act in this situation? Hikari chuckled and looked down, I know that you are a righteous person albeit disgusting. I know that you are a compassionate person albeit a miserable single. But is sacrificing yourself the right thing to do? Do you really deserve it?

Hikari bit her bottom lip. She then looked at Damian and said, “‘Chuunibyou have their own charms’, wasn’t it?”


“AUUUUU! MY NUTS!” Damian exclaimed because Hikari kicked his nuts!

Hikari ran to the guest room and turned around. “Damian, she is just after my kidney. If it’s possible, please save me afterward. I don’t mind being a cyborg if that’s the only way to save me,” she said. She then closed and locked the guest room door.

“Ms. Tricia, here is my kidney.”

Tricia took a knife from her coat and said, “With pleasure, desu wa.


Stupid woman, Damian thought and opened his eyes. He sighed and regretted that he couldn’t save Hikari that time. He also regretted that he put Hikari in a similar situation this time, and once again, he couldn’t save her. Shit, shit, shit! Do I really need to rebel if this is what I get?! People die, I fail, and… she dies.

Damian then could hear a woman who said, “You did well this time, Number Ten”. The woman slid on the dune beside Damian.

Anastasia? Damian thought.

Anastasia curled up her lips and pushed her hair away with her right hand. “Although you died several times, in this timeline you did well with my interruptions,” she said.

“I died, several times?” Damian said in bewilderment.

Anastasia said, “System Check.” She then said with a robotic voice, “Version 2.0.0, codename: Zero, the Super Time Traveler.”
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