Chapter 7:



Entz was dangling in an old room that was lit by a single bulb. For the last few hours he has been tortured in this prison cell of his. His arms stretched upward as they were tied to cuffs that hang from the roof. He couldn’t lay down, lest he wanted to rip both his hands out. Multiple water buckets were emptied on him, he was shirtless; he felt a cold breeze swift on him as he shivered. His body hair rose trying its best to form an insulating layer, dampening the heat by a smidgen.

His hair was soaked. His body ached from all the beatings. He was sure a few of his ribs broke in the process. But, at least they knew. At least some day in the future there would be a rebellion in his name, he hoped some would believe what he said. He wanted to tell them about the space program, but couldn’t, as he was intercepted earlier than what he’d anticipated.

The room was filled with filth. The floor was smudged in blood, some stains were fresh – having came from his bloodied forehead, others were relatively old. He groaned as he positioned himself into a more comfortable stand. Shortly after, he heard keys unlocking the main door to his ‘room’.

The nineteen year old smiled in defiance as Tor entered the cell with a few of the main members of the Frol house. Tor was 39 of age – twenty years his senior, but Entz easily towered over him.

“Do you realize what you have done boy” Said Tor in an arrogant tone. He wore a long white coat that was accented with a few streaks of black that gave the outfit a bit of contrast, his chest was symboled with the main house’s emblem. His hair; a lighter shade brown, glistened under the main light of the room. Entz was exhausted, but something about their presence gave him energy; one that was filled him with anger and disgust towards their people.

“What you did today boy was unforgivable and is punished by death. Should you have done it on any other day than Feynoor, it would have been a private and quite execution, one that preserved respect for you, but you chose Feynoor the day when everyone was gathered to try and embarrass us. Well, that is how you will die, in the same place as you presented your heartfelt speech. And everyone will witness Entz bentecko son of the the great Khol bentecko die for treason towards the country his father cared for. You will be known as a tyrant and a spoilt little brat. Your mother will be transferred to our house, where she will be then married to me.” He wickedly smirked at Entz only to receive a spit his face.

“You think your little propaganda will have any effect, just you wait when the future mixed blood rebellion step on your dead corpse and rebuild the country and once again honor will prevail against you disgusting bastards. Do you honestly think I didn’t know this would happen. That captain from my father’s old days lives amongst the mixed bloods. You want to ignore it but it’s true, one day he will lead Morshina back to where it belonged. You know why? Because good things come to those who wait and those mixed bloods waited for a damn long time.” Entz finished his mini speech proud. Tor took up out a tissue from his pockets and wiped his face. One of the other members, a slightly older one, handed Tor a whip. Tor took it and began lashing Entz, but he didn’t scream. It seemed agonizing, but for some reason Entz only felt it distant and barely noticeable itch. Tor tried multiple times, but Entz just stared right into his eyes.

“How I wish to be in a ring with you, you scum” Entz said in calm, yet powerful tone. “I would tare you limb, by limb. Give you the treatment you so deserve.”

A few minutes passed and Tor seemed exhausted and gave up and prepared to leave. His group shuffled outside the cell.

As Tor reached to leave he looked back and said “Sleep well son, it will be your last before a long never ending slumber tomorrow” he locked the door and Entz heard his footsteps grow lighter shortly after.


The crowd seemed as big as it was a few the day before, but, before his death, he was paraded amongst them. Many of the mixed blooded he passed wore ragged clothes, their hair disheveled. Many of the men had overgrown beards and the women seemed to haven not had a bath for months. Some were also Pure bloods, what a sad comparison it was. The definition of rich side by side by the poorest of the poor. Many of the pure bloods he passed wore of the latest fashion. And, they seemed content to see their heir in such humiliation, while most of the mixed bloods showed some pity, others didn’t care, and a small minority shared the same opinion as the pure bloods.

Many murmured “traitor” others “another man of honor dead”. It pained him to see his people suffer. Why wasn’t there balance? Why must there be a big gap between the two classes, why isn’t caring for one another.

This is not right, even when was going to die, Entz cared. Because if he didn’t who else would? He saw a little child, her hair was in a state only god could fix. He smiled at her and she smiled back, but a guard pushed her away and she fell on the ground, the man steered his floating contraption to the stage where he would be executed.

One the stage he saw Yon and his personal guard of 5. Earlier Yon told him that they were the ones who were going to execute him to redeem themselves. Entz agreed to it as he didn’t want the ones who cared for him to die fighting for him. None of the looked up to meet his face as he was untied from the pole he was hanged on. But, Entz told them in a commanding voice “Its alright men, this is nothing to be embarrassed for. At least I die in your hands, not by someone from their shit hole of a House.”

They seemed to relax, but none of them except for Yon looked up. He eyes were raining tears, Entz smiled at this friend and held him by the shoulders “it’s alright. I will be in a better place” he brushed off Yon’s tears and comforted the man, before his men were ordered to put him down and set him facing the crowd.


“Korn, Trent, Jackson are you ready” the men nodded.

“Well, I hope this doesn’t end in vain”


Tor stood on the podium meeting the crowd of hundreds of thousands. All gathered for one purpose to watch the true heir to the throne executed wether they liked it or not. This is how Tor and his faction were going to start the new year.

“People of Morshina” he spoke into the microphone that delivered his speech to the people listening. “We gather on this disappointing day to witness a tyrant and a man who could have lead us to hell, get executed. I feel hurt, for I have been a friend to general Khol himself, before he sadly passed away, and it pains me be the one who passes judgment upon his son”

“What you heard yesterday were pure fallacies and I am beyond confused unto how he came with such conclusions. As for the segregation, my campaign allows every Morshan citizen join the army and in the army everyone is treated equally. As for our social standards I believe it would be really difficultly to make a change anytime soon, but I promise that after our country wins back territories they once conquered, order will be restored” people began mumbling after the real tyrant ended his speech.

“Now that this is over, let us begin!” Entz’s men, Yon included, raised their spears and aimed for his chest. “Any last words tyrant” spoke Tor loudly.

“I know there are many of you whom still have honor left. I ask you to fight against the oppressors and restore freedom and equality to our people.” Bellowed Entz and many of the mixed bloods he could see teared up at least I had a small effect on them, thought Entz, he closed his eyes, and there she was smiling at him, don’t lose hope she said. He opens his eyes and there!

Figures in blue shot through the sky before landing on the stage. A man in the center leading them, its him! Entz exclaimed Teph, my father’s right hand man. Teph pushed away Entz’s executors with downcasted punches, they flew behind the stage and Tor was with them. “No time to explain your majesty, we must get you to safety” Teph said as he grabbed Entz by the shoulder and heaved unto his back before shooting into the sky’s as they escaped reinforcements