Chapter 13:

7th Sector『Part 2』

Heaven's Codex

Ezra lift his hand to my shoulders while standing up and speaked.

"That huge tree, it absorbs tons of mana on its victims, it's sure up to something. Minoru, you have the Eyes Of Azrael, weren't you?"

"Y-yes, Ezra"

"You...are the only one who can truly decapitate and kill that tree, you can see the points of death, we'll help you after we defeat Leviathan...

...take care!"

Ezra sprinted again to Leviathan's direction and started giving blows to Leviathan once again with Sally. We ran on top of the hill infront of us and saw the whole seen, that tree...its not only a tree, it's an entire forest full of dead trees. Confused, Nehl speaked.

"What the hell? How can this ridiculous thing grow in just four days?"

We can't go near the tree without walking in to that huge foggy dead tree forest so we did. We entered the foggy forest, seeing how horrifying this is...tree has dead people hanged in them, its just so cruel. The dead bodies has been dead for approximately three or four days now so the air smells like rotten flesh, Heva, speaked.

"Oh my god, this scene is just...cruel"

Ashley stopped sprinting.

"I heard something..."

A sharp tree root started to arose from the ground, if Heva didn't dragged me away it could've been too late for me. The root didn't stop as if its so thirty for mana, I pulled my sword out and imbued my blue fire magic from my angel, I taken off my glasses and screamed.


I started to see the black connecting points in its body, I slashed it with all my might and successfully decapitated it. I wore my glasses once again and draw back my sword to its scabbard, I fell on my knees feels like my mana's about to run out soon. Ashley speaked—

"Can you stand up?!"

"Yeah yeah, no worries."

"Lets go right to the tree's trunks and figure out how to decapitate that monstrous tree."

"That's not a tree...

...its a monster"

"We have no choice, lets rely on our Angels."

Roots started to rise from the grounds again trying to kill us. Heva sprinted on my direction and pulled out her magecraft.



Heva bitten her hand causing a wound to open up, blood shed from her hands. She open up her palm to the root's direction and sayed an encantation.



Her blood materialized into a blood red transparent looking Sickle, it kind of imitates the grim reaper's weapon. She hold it and spin it around just like a performer with a baton, she easily decapitated the roots infront of us, saving me on the spot.

"Minoru! Are you hurt?"

"That's my line, w-what is that weapon?"

"This? This is the Sickle of Samiel, The Angel of Judgements, The Punisher's Scythe."

Nehl speaked behind me.

"Angel's have this unique ability, these 'special weapons' only forged for the rightful owner, these devine weapons are one of the most powerful things on a Master's sleeve."

"Currently only Nehl and Heva has the ability to pull it out barely, although they're not in they're final form its useful in battle, but consumes tons of mana to the user if not mastered." Ashley speaked.

"A weapon?"

"There's no much time!!! Lets go, Heva!!! Minoru!!! Recover some mana on the way!!"


Leviathan, after many attacks the two seraphs let out, he's still standing strong. Upon Minoru and his comrades entered the forest Leviathan felt it. He whispered in a laughing voice.

"What can this kids do? Now..."

Leviathan looked Ezra and Sally's direction 

"You entertained me for quite some time now...

...but I'm getting bored now.."

Leviathan let out a very frightening aura spooking Ezra and Sally.

"What a terrifying aura you have." Ezra speaked.


...I'll take you two seriously now!!!"

Leviathan taken off his cape allowing him to move even faster than ever, he dashed to Sally's direction on an incredible speed. Leviathan threw a punch to her, she lifted her sword and blocked the punch causing the sword to break a part. Ezra got an opportunity to hit him but Leviathan dodged, he focused on striking Sally first.

Sally casted her spell.


With her incredible technique she managed to deflect Leviathan's flying kick. The White Lotus enhanced all her aspects from defense to offense.

"We'll kick your ass away from here! No matter what!!"

"Hmm, le—"

Leviathan suddenly stopped, he felt a unfamiliar mana coming out from the woods of dead tree's, it's from an Angel, The Ramiel and Samiel's mana was detected by him causing him to be more interested.

"Interesting, Interesting, Interesting, INTERESTINGGGGGGG!!!!!!"