Chapter 25:

0.25. All Clear!!

We Got 'Shipped' by the Goddess

Hold on. What’s going on?

Bleu got up and walked over to the basket where she took out Pu’er’s key. Then proceeding to the kitchen area she said.

“We’ll be escaping to your car after this. We’ll be living at your place for a couple days, if my estimation proves correct.”

I noticed that Pu’er looked hazy, her eyes had turned gold. There’s something wrong.
Ding. Dong. Ding. Dong.

Pu’er stood up and moved towards the door, I stopped her.

She turned to me in a daze. Oh gosh, she’s turning into a baby again.



“They’re your enemies.”
“My kins are calling out to me.”

She tried to move against my hold. I had to restrain her from behind.

Bleu who had just finished her ‘whatever business’ in the kitchen, holding some things(?) stood in front of Pu’er. She placed a finger to her forehead.

“Pu’er. Follow obediently. Don’t listen to anyone else besides Avner and I, understand?”
“Nn,” she nodded.

Pu’er relaxed. Using this chance, I hurriedly reached for my bag to grab my keys.

“Avner, keep Pu’er close and don’t let her enter a fallout. And say ah.”

“Ah.. umff?!
Bleu shoved a candy in my mouth.

“It grants you the ability to see mines temporarily. Don’t trip on them.”

You didn’t need to be so forceful!

I swallowed it in one go without savoring the taste.

All of a sudden, she turned off all the lights. I heard the rustling clothes and things(?) being dropped on the floor. What is she doing?

“Got it?”

“Hold Pu’er close to you and don’t come out until I give the signal. I mean it literally.”
You're insane!
Since this was an emergency, I didn’t have the time to care. I grabbed Pu’er hands and hid in the darker shadows.

Bleu opened the door.

I took a peek outside. A group of individuals with angel crowns above them.

“Oh my.. are you here to be my sugar daddy?”

Bleu asked in a honey-sweet voice.

“Sugar.. daddy?”
“No? You’re not my sugar daddy? You look poor. I won’t give my body to someone like you.”


“Get out!”

“I-I think we got the wrong number. Sorry for disturbing.. !”
Bleu slammed the door shut before the person in the lead could continue.


Gawd daym.

Another minute passed.

Bleu opened the door, checking both sides. GIving the clear, she said.

“Okay, let’s go.”

I dragged Pu’er with me.
I had to blink a few times to adjust my eyes to the light. The hall was now empty except for a mine down the corridor.

I turned to Bleu.. holy moly?! Hair disheveled, clothes unbuttoned to a point exposing her inner wear..

Bleu couldn’t care less about the way I looked at her and signaled me to the emergency stairs. I nodded, gulping. I could feel my face burning up.

We rushed down the stairs, Bleu leading.

We reached the underground floor, one level below the parking lot.

“Well go up from here. They won’t suspect anything. Where did you park your car?”
“I parked it one floor above near the exit.”

“Pu’er’s car?”

“Somewhere deeper in.”
“We’ll move from the outside in.. no. We don’t know if they have other Seraph’s stations around..”

Bleu mused to herself. I couldn’t understand half of what she’s saying. All I know is that she’d better fix her clothes if not I’ll seriously get a nose bleed.

“Follow me.”
We took the emergency back up one floor. Bleu told Pu’er and I to wait while she went out to check.

A moment later she returned and gave us the green light.

“There is a Seraph stationed over there, don’t get close. They probably had some expectation that we would try to escape using the main entrance. Avner, where’s the car?”
“That direction.”

Pulling big baby Pu’er along, we reached the rendezvous point. Bleu took the driver seat, Pu’er and I were told to lay low at the back seat– as in, lie down.

“Just hug her. ”

“Y-You seriously have no conscience don’t you!”
“Just admit you like her. Smear yourself all over her, that’ll help increase your chances of her becoming your submissive.”

Not even Aphrodite would say something so crass!

Before I could reject, Pu’er who was half lying pulled me into her embrace. Our face came inches apart from each other, nose touching, I could feel her breath on my lips. Her body heat transmitted to me– she still felt feverish.

Her hazy golden eyes put me in a trance.

“Keep at that position. I’ll be leaving port.”

The engine of the car started, Bleu began driving.

Meanwhile I was in the back seat, Pu’er pressing her body against me as I desperately tried to suppress my desire to give her a light peck.


She called my name.

“Yes?” I replied in a daze.

“Where are we?”

Where are we? In the backseat of a car of course.

“W-What are you doing?!”

Pu’er pushed me, I tumbled down the leg compartment of the narrow back seat. Ouch!

“Pu’er, just to make clear, you were the one who acted,” Bleu saves the day.

I slowly got up.

“It’s not like I’m going to eat you up alright?”

Now she’s all tsundere mode. Kyaa!

I suppose the explanation for this is that we’ve left the effective range of the Seraphs. Thus why Pu’er returned to her normal self.
Trying to hide my thumping heart, I asked a question.

“Bleu, won’t the Seraphs realize that Pu’er has left the vicinity?”

“Then.. what do we do now?”

It’s really messed up if you think about it. To think this unknown organization even sent people to Pu’er’s home.

It’s like we’re being targeted by the mafia.

“No clue. I’m still considering the plans. Pu’er, I seriously think that you should ask permission from your boss to give you a leave for an entire week. I’m certain they know enough about you that they’ll try to aim for you when you’re working to strike.”
“I.. understand. I’ll call my boss… oh.. I left my phone..”
“It’s here.”

Bleu passed it back.
“Thank you..”

“I’ve turned off location settings just in case.”
Pu’er dialed our boss’ number and began to talk about her situation. It was laid bare for us to hear, saying that there’s an emergency happening at her home so she asked if she could take a leave.

There was some conflict I think, nevertheless, she managed to get permission..

Except that she’ll have to work from home at least for a bit.

“I’ll lend you my laptop,” I said.

“I can sneak back into your apartment to grab yours. Don’t worry about it,” Bleu said.

“Is that so.. thank you.”
“And Avner. I think you need to lend her more than just your laptop.”



Bleu was right. Pu’er brought almost nothing with her.

Moreover, my apartment wasn’t big like Pu’er. It’s a shabby place with the living room and bedroom combined into one.

I get that Bleu is going to sleep in the sleeping bag again but for Pu’er..
“I’d rather sleep on the floor.”

I gulped.

Said Pu’er who was wearing my oversized shirt, her revealing white thigh naughtily peeking out from underneath because she was wearing shorts that barely fit her.

Bleu bless my eyes. It’s bleeding.

“I-I don’t like this either okay.. but we have to compromise on something..”

Bleu’s clothes were too small for her, and the only thing that fit was the shorts while most of my clothes were too big. It’s a killer combination.

Said Goddess was heading back to Pu’er apartment to grab clothes and other supplies– in her words: her trusty ladle (I seriously don’t get the reference, someone help).

“I-I know..”

I said, looking away.
Because the Goddess is away, it’s just the two of us now in this apartment.


“So this is where you live huh?”


I’m glad I didn’t have too many things around. Bleu cleaned the place last time so it didn’t look too bad.

Hm.. I wonder if she found the stash of my old magazines under the bed. Hopefully not?

She turned to the photo stand I had on my table. It was a picture of me and my family during a holiday trip to Sanada.

“I didn’t know you had such a big family.”

“Sibling of five, I’m the 2nd youngest.”

“You looked so young back then.”
Isn’t this the part where I’m supposed to be embarrassed about my crush looking at pictures of my younger self? Ah, whatever.

I walked up and stood beside her.

“This is my brother, my sister, my older two etler are twins.”
“Oh wow. No wonder they look so alike.”

We continued to chat about me until the spotlight was directed to her. That was when I learnt that..
“I came from a family of 2 parents. They.. due to financial problems, divorced when I was still in middle school. And just two years my mom found another guy.. I wasn’t so happy with it so I went to live on my own.”
“I see..”
“Fortunately my mom was able to get along with him. Everyone has their difficulties. That’s.. part of life..”
“I’m sorry.”


“Avner. Do you like Bleu?”
“What’s up with that question?”

“I mean it literally.”

“Even if I liked hir, it’s not like I would be able to win hir heart. Xe already has someone xe likes.”
“How about me? Do you like me?”
She stared at me with her sky blue eyes, the intensity to her gaze..

I was silent.

She looked down to the ground.

Our bare feet nearly touching. My larger feet contrasting her smaller one.



“Avner. I don’t know how to explain this feeling but I..” her words taper off, she struggled to continue.

So I’ll take the first step.
“Pu’er. I like you.”

I clenched my fists, feeling my heart slam against my lungs. The silence grew, the sinking feeling began to settle in..

Why did I even say that?

For my sake? Her sake?

Didn’t I say I want to marry my past lover?

Her feet drew closer.

I felt the touch of her slender hands on my cheeks.

I raised my head to meet her eyes.. tears formed at the edges.

“Is it wrong to love a demon..”

She asked in a lisp.
“I don’t know.. I’ve fallen for an angel though?”

She leaned against my chest.

I wrapped my hands around her and stroked her silky smooth hair. The crushing feeling in my heart alighted, replaced by a warm fuzzy afterglow.

“Does this mean I’m your master now?” I teased.

“I.. I don’t know..”

Even so, in the tender warmth of her embrace, I can’t help but notice a bitter chill.