Chapter 27:

0.27. Target Found

We Got 'Shipped' by the Goddess

“How do you even do this?”
“You hold it like this. Put force on your index finger, relax your wrist and slide, don’t press.”
“Like.. this?”
“Yes. That’s it. Careful not to cut yourself.”
Bleu was teaching Pu’er how to use a knife in the kitchen. They looked quite good as a pair.


“Pu’er, that’s no way to hold a knife.”

Noticing my presence, Pu’er pointed the knife my way. Her face to the tip of her ears were all red.
“The mark is still there..”
“Chill.. chill.. “

I held out my trembling hands in defence. Bleu tenderly lowered the hand which she held the knife.

“Avner, I think you should apply some medicine. I have it in my luggage, a small bottle with the mint coloured liquid. Two drops and rub it gently.”


I was woken up first thing in the morning by Pu’er’s nasty slap and scream. Even after I’ve taken my bath, the red handprint still remains.

I’m grateful Bleu has some magic medicine to fix my face, otherwise it’d be a dead giveaway to all my colleagues later.

I applied some of the liquid to my face. It felt minty cool, just like the colour. I didn’t dare use too much because this medicine looked crazy expensive. And I’m sure it wasn’t something you’d normally find in this world either.

I turned my attention to the shabby table. Bleu apparently brought over Pu’er entire PC, it was hooked up to the powersource underneath. Around the monitor were a bunch of paper strewn over– it was an absolute mess.

I heaved a sigh. I guess everyone has a bad habit or two.


After enjoying breakfast made by two beauties, I headed to work.

I was early today.

Turning on the lights, I dropped onto my armrest chair and booted up my computers.

I looked at my calendar, double checked my priorities and browsed through the papers on my desk.

Pu’er will be coming back next week. Which means she’ll make it for the anniversary celebration.

“Oh, you’re early. Morning.”
Lianne and I greeted each other with a smile.

“Pu’er’s not here today as well?”

“She’ll come back next week. I don’t know what emergencies she’s going through this time.”
“Hm.. right. You smell like the usual you. I guess nothing too suspicious there.”
Ah yeah well.. I think you’re the suspicious one! Who in the world uses smell to investigate who I’m staying with?!

“Oh hello.”

“Good morning..”

“Boss isn’t here again today it seems.”

Other office members began pouring in, greeting me as they passed.

Without Pu’er around, the productivity of the place has gone through quite a dip because.. you know, when the cat’s away the mice come out to play.

There’s a lot of gossiping happening around. I’m also being snickered a lot for that rumor of staying at Pu’er place.
“Morning everyone!”
“Oh! Boss! Morning!”
“Eh? Why are you here.”
“What? Can’t come to visit a friend?”
My first boss dropped in today to check on us for some reason.
“So.. what’s going on?” he leaned in and asked me in a whisper.

“Complicated issues with close relatives. That’s all I know.”

“I see..”
“Don’t worry. She’ll be able to return next week Monday.”

“Right. Then take care of her well,” he winked.

I rolled my eyes.

After that he faced the rest of the workroom.

“Everyone please listen up, in preparation of next week’s anniversary celebration, I would like someone to lead the decoration of the office. Simple trinkets would do. Any volunteers?”

Everyone looked at each other and a silent discussion took place. It wasn’t long when someone raised her hand– Davina.
“Alright, you’re in charge Davina. Thank you for volunteering.”

This boss is a good boss.


“You don’t need me to send you home today?”

“Nope. I have a dinner date with my sis tonight. Unless.. you want to come too?”
“Sorry. Bleu had already prepared dinner so..”
“I’m so jealous.. anyways, I’ll see you around.”

“Right, see you tomorrow.”
Lianne and I waved each other goodbye, I took the stairs down to the parking area.

I didn’t park at my usual spot because I’ve noticed some really suspicious people walking around these past few days. I’ve been changing where I leave so they won’t be able to determine a pattern to my routines.

Well.. seems like all that is wasted effort.

There’s a demon leaning against one of the concrete pillars adjacent to my car.

Her glossy dark red hair stood out under the dull, buzzing fluorescent lights. The red dress she’s wearing is a clear warning sign that she’s up to no good.

Should I call Bleu?


Nah. I’m supposed to be a man.

Let’s raise our vigilance.

I tucked my hand in my pocket and proceeded, wary that there may be a mine planted somewhere or a Seraph in the vicinity.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case as I approached her without meeting anything unexpected.

“Good evening sir. You must be tired after finishing all that work?”
Her crimson eyes fluttered open, flashing a charming red lipstick-smile.
“What are you here for?” I asked nonchalantly.
“How about a meal?”
“No suspicious girl gets a free ride in my car. So no thanks. I’ve learnt my lesson.”
She chuckled.

“Right. Right. I suppose you’re not one to fret about the details. Nice to meet you. My name is Victoria Reane, may I know your name?”
“Avner Franc. Nice to meet you.”

“Avner huh? Care to guess why I’m meeting you today?”
“Hm.. playing truant I see. I take it that you’re Pu’er Julis’ master?”

“Who’s that?”
“You must have hit your head clearly.”

She took a step and faced me. I realized that this lass is actually quite short.
“Have you participated in war?”
“War? I’ve gone through it once.”
A war happens when a bunch of angels and demons fall into the same subspace at the same time.

It’s a rare occurrence as most of the time, a subspace only opens to accommodate a small battle between opposing 2 fleets or individual duels.

A war can happen when a person calls their fleet into the subspace, and that fleet decides to call another fleet, which induces a chain reaction where more and more fleets join a single arena.

The second method is to drop a Seraph or Rakshasa in the middle of some location and force all nearby demons or angels into a fallout. This is the more common way of inducing a war.

“Then you must have experienced the horror of standing before higher existence?”
“You mean a Seraph. Yes. I know.”

“Then you must also realize the danger you’re in don’t you?”

Well.. you see. I have doctor Bleu keeping 24 hour surveillance on said Seraph so no. I don’t see the danger in that.

“What danger?”
“Are you going to start a war or something?”
“You must be the most taciturn person I’ve met. Quite amusing.”

She walked past me. It created a dramatic effect somehow.

“Yes. I’ll be starting a war.”

Oh great. I don’t want a part in it.

“As a demon, isn’t it to your benefit if we reclaim new land?”
I don’t think it matters that much. We’re standing in angel territory, yet the one threatening me is a demon.

“You may not be aware, but unless she receives the proper care and education, she might turn on you some day. If you like her so much, I can help make sure she grows up healthy. Enough so she can stay by your side till the end of time. What do you think?”

If doctor Bleu didn’t exist then maybe I would’ve considered.

“I.. we can take care of her just fine. Just stay away from us.”
“Fufu.. so that’s the choice you decided on huh..”
“Rejoice then. I shall see how far your resolve will go once.. the flames of war engulf the entire nation.”

Never thought I’d get to see an adult suffering from eight grade syndrome snubbing me away– grow up already!

I got into my car and revved up the engine. Pulling out of the parking zone, I drove past the swaggering demon who looked like she just won some lottery.

This is why I prefer to work alone instead of inside fleets. Some people get so entangled with their life in the ‘alternative’ that they forget they have a life in real life too.