Chapter 31:

0.31. Almost

We Got 'Shipped' by the Goddess

Heaving, I watched as the blood of the two Seraphs painted the ground red.

Orange lightning flickered on the black sword which I held in my arm.
“Not.. enough..”
I’m so hungry I can’t think straight.. hold on.. I need to reset, don’t I?
Where did those vagrants go? Where is Pu’er?

“No. No.. drop my sword first..”
I let Craim Stygian drop to the ground. Liberation, respite, the disappearance of the ailment. The next, a wave of weakness struck me. I barely resisted the urge to pass out.

My hands were bloodied with crimson ichor. I picked up the black gem and held it tightly in my grasp.

Up on my feet, I walked– swaying, dragging myself across the sea of red. Corpses of two Seraphs on both side, and headed over to the direct of the golden star in the sky–

The genocide clamity that is Pu’er.


Why did Pu’er submit to Victoria and not me?

I considered that question as I tittered on the edge of consciousness.

That golden staff in her hands– it appeared the same in the real world as it in this astral space.


Explosion, laser fire, screams of plight.

Uninvolved citizens participated in the form of alabaster statues. Angels and demons clashing against each other, throes of death echoed.

If that golden scepter is what’s controlling The Seraphs, all I need to do is kill Victoria and wield it right?

“But I don’t.. know where she is..”
I don’t know if I can last until I find her or.. if I could seize it before Pu’er kills every single angel in this ‘zone’.


I raised my face to the star, my blurry vision caught sight of a sparkle. Eight paths of light descended.

One of them coming my way grew bigger– and bigger.

A flash of inspiration struck me.
I crushed the gem and drew Craim Stygian.

“You said it yourself.”
The light covered my entire field of vision, screams echoed.

“A Seraph..

I swung my sword, a black snake extended..

“..never takes back on her words”

And devoured the light.


<Pu’er Julis>


That was the instruction given to me by my master.

Holding out Gungnir which was once a gift from Bleu, rays of light poured incessantly. Descend from the sky to the ground– skewering– vaporizing victims that were in my range of perception.

Seraphs don’t discriminate between angels and demons. Master hadn’t mentioned anything regarding the specifics of my target.

Two pairs of wings fluttered, white feathers descended to the ground.


An ephemeral bell reverberated from within me, my consciousness waned, a wave of euphoria enraptured me.


A black spark grew in the peripheral of my vision. I tilted my head to examine the object.

Orcher lightning shrouded the moving thing, drawing closer to my location. Nevertheless, it moved the ground, I was in the air.

There wasn’t possibly any chance that it’d..

A burst of light. Like a cannonball that object shot towards me– that isn’t an object.

That is Avner.

A black whip extended outwards. Instinctual reaction had me draw Gungnir in an arc. Light enveloped the surface, a death ray bursted from the tip, giving birth to a dozen homing rays of light.

Yet somehow he was able to reduce them all to nothing.
His momentum was immense, however..


I applied force to my wings, and quickly flew upwards.

Haha.. just as I thought. Fast though he is, it’s impossible for him to change direction once in the air.

– I’m sorry Avner, I don’t want to hurt you.

I watched gravity weigh him down– he began to fall.

Masters order was to kill. No specified location mentioned. In such cases, I should leave the vicinity of this zone to avoid harming him..

Something latched itself onto my legs.

Blood dripped from the thorns embedded into.

And by some mysterious force I was together, dragged to the ground.

My body drained, the everlasting lifeforce of my being as a Seraph struggling to replace the lost energy being sucked away by this root taking inside of me.

My body was thrown to the ground, an indescribable pain assailed my body. I heaved, the world began to zone out, my body felt limp.

This thing that kept eating away at my energy.. it was making me weak.

There was a twinkle of light.

I raised my head slightly.
I met his golden eyes.
Craim Stygian, the hilt glimmered ever so siniterly, the blade still wrapped around my leg.

He picked up Gungnir that fell nearby, turning it back into a gem. The surrounding demons and angels watched us in shock


I see.. I was naive..

This was to be expected. Isn’t it?

We are enemies.. bitter enemies to the end.

I who had turned on him– leaving him to die by the hand of my two breathens. I didn’t wish to watch him die– so I left.

I, by force of my master, betrayed him. For the sake of those in his position, he was to kill the monster that is me.

Why was it that I ended up in this pit? I could’ve dodge his blade, this thing clinging to my leg..

He stepped forth–

I didn’t want to hurt him; I didn’t wish to see him hurt.

I didn’t want to hurt anyone; I wished for this to end.

– And stopped no more than a meter in front of me.

Even if I survive this, I’m aware I will live a life as a puppet for the rest of my life.

Craim Stygian returned to its original form, the pain in my leg ceased. His sharp gaze was like a knife sinking into my skull. Sounds disappeared from the surroundings, the firework-like explosions, screams, woes..

All of it was going to vanish.

Could Seraph’s cry?

“Sorry Avner..”

I closed my eyes.

This was the end.. I thought.

Instead, what I felt was a tap.

“Pu’er, you said before that Seraphs don’t turn back on their promises right?”

I opened my eyes and stared at him. His eyes returned to the lovely crimson shade I was familiar with.

I nodded.

“I’m going to use one ‘wish’ here. You are to make me your master for the rest of your life.”

“But that.. eh?”
Those words seem to release a lock within me. The world felt brighter, my mind grew clearer. Avner– no, Master’s charm and benevolence gripped my heart.

“Right? I’m your master now right?”

“Master.. you..”

It was only now that I noticed my Master’s state. His body tattered, blood dripped from his mouth, covered his clothes, Master’s consciousness waning.

“Great.. as long as you’re alright..”

I struggled to stand, Master supported me despite his condition.

I’m a failure.

“I’m sorry Master..”

I wrapped myself in his arms.

“Well.. no problems. Wait, hey, seriously, it worked?”

“Yes Master. I now belong to you.”



Why the silence.. d-did I say something wrong?!

“No.. nothing..”

Explosions continued to ring out amidst our reunion. Master and I parted.

“Do you know where Victoria went?”
I shook my head.

“The only order she gave me was to bring death to all. Do you wish for me to bring you her head, Master?”

“.. No. Stay away from her if you can.”
“Understood Master.”
“Do you still have strength?”

Master turned towards the rumbling sky, light poured down from white dots.

“Either we kill all of them or Victoria.”

“I see.. I apologize for not taking notice of her movements.”
“No worries. Let’s look around..”

Master showed an awkward expression. Ah yes, the spectators.

“Everyone! She’s not a threat anymore! What we need to do now is to find that mastermind by the person Victoria! A demon, with bright red hair wearing a sexy dress! I think the fallout will be resolved if we do that!”

“So you mean the demons were the one who did this?!”
“You killed my friends!”
“Shut up! We were victims too!”

“That thing is a Seraph! Hurry up and kill her already!”
“How is that a Seraph?! Looks nothing like it!”
“That’s definitely a Seraph, just look at her wings!”
“What do you mean we’ll be released if we kill the mastermind? The Seraphs don’t care if we’re angels or demons, so why are you so sure we’ll be free just by killing a single demon?”
“What if you’re the real mastermind?!”
Master clicked his tongue.

“Can’t hope to find help here. Pu’er, let’s go somewhere else.”
“Yes Master.”
“Hm? Pu’er, what are you doing?”

I embraced Master from behind.
“It’s not safe here Master.”

I thumped my wings, raising Master and I into the sky. Our feet left the ground.

“I’m holding your body tight master, please leave it to me.”

“That sounds inexplicably wrong!”

“Where should we go Master?”
Master took a few deep breaths, I continued ascending. Those below began to throw projectiles towards us. I dodged carefully, ensuring my Master’s utmost comfort.

“Let’s go there.”

Leaving the vicinity, I followed his direction and reached the ridge of a tall tower.

I released his body, feeling somewhat empty in my arms.

“Where do you think she would’ve gone?”
He asked, scanning the surroundings.

Haphazard lights flashed here and there, throes carried by the silent air audible from even this distance. The Boundary seemed endlessly far.

I noticed a blue streak.

Master and I turned toward that direction.

The white light which was once there had vanished.

That blue light weaved through the buildings.

“Do you think that’s Bleu?”

“I have a feeling it must be.”
The blue light approached a white dot. Sparks blew up in the air. It didn’t take 10 seconds for the white dot to fade. The blue dot began moving again.

“As expected of.. hm, maybe we don’t need to really do anything after all..”
“We remain idle, Master?”

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure Bleu has it all handled..”

I nodded.

Hirs strength was bottomless. Witnessing this sight is proof in itself.

Just who is xe?

“Are you alright Pu’er? Do you feel out of place, or anything like that?”
“Master, I.. I’m fine. I’m sorry that I’ve worried you.”

Good graces! I should be asking Master about his condition instead!

“M-master, how about you? How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine really.”


“Yes really. I’m just tired from using Craim Stygian.”

He took out a gold gem and passed it back to me– Gungnir.

“Here, have it back. Sorry I took it away.”
“No. No. My property is Master’s property. There’s nothing wrong with it being in your hands..”


“.. Master?”

Did I say something inappropriate?

“Pu’er, treat me like you normally do, as Avner, and not as your Master.”

“Is that an order?”
He held his head.

“Don’t be like this in the real world too..”

He muttered.

The blue dot continued to remove the white dots one by one.

The space began crumbling, The Boundary shrunk, becoming visible..

“It’s about time. We need to get ready in the real world. Don’t let Victoria control you,” he said.
I nodded.

“You must be careful too, Master.”

“Didn’t I tell you to call me Avner?!”

I closed my eyes and..