Chapter 32:

0.32. Died

We Got 'Shipped' by the Goddess

My body returned to reality.

I released Avner’s restraint, he pulled me to the back and shielded me from my surroundings.


Two of the Seraphs in the human body dropped to the floor passed out.


“No.. just..”
“All the Seraphs..”

Gasps of dismay echoed.

Victoria fell on her knees.

“Your Grace!”

Darwin quickly reached out to her.

“Let’s get out of here.”
“Yes Master.”

Tightening his hand around mine..

I felt a force shackle me from behind.

“Don’t.. move..”

Mas– Victoria was retraining me with that gold scepter..

“Master, I can’t move..”

Master quickly swept me off my feet, I yelped. He began running.

“Get them!!”
A crazed shout from behind.

Master ran with me in a cradle. My body was limp, leaning against his warm chest.

Master was forced to a stop. In front of him were vagrants that were part of the group.
Had they already planned this? We were surrounded.

“Master, let me go..”
“Pu’er but..”
Victoria stood forth. The group closed in.

“Step any closer and I’ll kill all of you.”


I announced. Those in the vicinity froze up.

As a Seraph, I have the ability to forcefully induce a group fallout. So if they try anything on Master, I’ll kill them in the astral space.

“Haha.. you think you have the leeway?”

Another wave of pressure dominated me. My vision blurred as Master suddenly turned his body around with a vigorous force.


The pressure alleviated.

I was released from Master’s hold and fell to the ground.

“Come obey me.”
The demon, Victoria, announced with a shrewd smile. She raised the gold scepter– there was blood on the spiky part..

My breathing fell into disorder.

Master’s blood.

He was stabbed in the back.
“Ah.. gah..”

Yet Master grabbed his chest, groaning and the connection between us began to wane.

“Pu’er run.. I..”
He winced on the ground, perspiration of sweat covered his boy. Struggling to keep his eyes open, I was horrified by what I saw.

Flickering between red and gold–


I snapped at the demon.

“If you dare induce a fallout here, you know what will happen right?”

My heart sank at her words..

If I induce a fallout it would only accelerate the progression..

As a demon, the effect of this Seraphication.. was unknown. It might just lead to death..

“S-save him..”
Master’s life is of utmost importance. I can’t let him die!

“Hm? I can’t hear you?”
“Save him! Save him please!”

“Oh my. After all those lives you’ve ended?” she said with a sharp glint in her eyes.
My fingers trembled.
“No. No. This is the price you pay for disobeying me. I never wanted to hurt your lover, but it seems this is the only way to repent. It was because of you that everything went to– !”

The scepter was swung down, a crushing headache assailed. I grabbed my head, an impact ran through my body. I writhed.

It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!
“All the effort we put into this plan yet you two’ve just ruined it! Since I’m going to be executed, I might as well kill the two of you too!”

The sounds of air tearing; Shatter of glass, a flash of light.

The throbbing went away, tears filled my eyes.

“Likewise, I put in a lot of effort to ship these two you know?”
This voice..

“I’m not letting you hurt my couple.”

She appeared from inside an impossible spatial crack and intercepted the golden scepter..

It crumbled into dust.


“Scam before I turn everyone into dust too.”

My ears began to buzz as a powerful current swept my mind into disorder. For a moment I thought I had been transported to the depths of the netherworld when all of a sudden, a surge of spring welled up from within me, soothing my nerves and fear..

I was being healed.



“Run! RUN!!!”
Blood curdling screams resounded in the night as the demons and angels scattered just like that.

Bleu slowly turned my way.
“Are you alright?” brows were knitted, the genuine concern on hirs face took me aback.

“I-I’m alrigh.. Ah! Master!”
“Calm down. I’ve suppressed the reaction.”
I rushed to his side, to find that he had fallen unconscious. A hole had been torn into his clothes, there was blood, but the wound had been healed.

“I’m sorry I came late.”

Bleu walked up to us and got on hirs knees.

Xe placed a finger to Master’s forehead.

“Not good huh..”
“W-what should we do?”

Master can’t die. He can’t die. Not here, not ever.. there’s no way..

“Let’s bring him home first. I’ll remove the Seraphication plaguing his body there.”
“I’m suppressing the ‘fire’. He’ll be alright Pu’er. Trust me.”

Bleu cradled him in hirs arms.

I followed them from behind, still wary. Master’s loose expression didn’t do anything to reassure my fears.

“We’re lucky he managed to activate the crystal portal before he passed out.”
“Crystal portal?”

“That diamond card. If he didn’t, maybe you two would’ve died.”


I.. I’m sorry Master..