Chapter 34:

0.34. [Extra] More To Come Huh..

We Got 'Shipped' by the Goddess

<Avner Franc>

“Pu’er.. can you stop calling me that?”

Watch your words! Don’t you know TPO (time, place, occasion)? We’re literally in the office building!

“No sir do. You are my Master and everyone should know about it.”

Haha.. is this some kind of SM play? Yes? Shut up! I’m definitely not the one who did it!

“I’ll strangle your neck if you call me that in front of your colleagues..”

We were just about to reach the door when Pu’er forcefully pressed me against the wall and revealed her white neck to me.

“Master, you said you wanted to strangle my neck did you?”

She looked at me with an eye closed.
“I don’t mean it literally!”
“Then should I assume that it’s Master’s sadistic tendencies at play? I would be glad to satisfy Master however I may.”
“No! No! Get off!”
I quickly pushed her away..

An orcher haired elf was standing there.

Oh duckling..

“L-Lianne! It’s not what you think!”
“Avner is an M.. un, I learnt something new today..”
Holy moly?! I didn’t know Lianne had this side to hir?!

“I believe Avner is more of an S though?”

“Really? He looked really excited being dominated by you.”
W-Wow.. what kind of conversation is this? S-scary.

I slipped past the duo and entered the office.

The paper decorations were still hanging on the ceiling, confetti can be seen in the rubbish bin.

Today, Pu’er and I came to the office a little later than usual because we wanted to accompany Bleu to the last moment. Never thought there’d be a time when we’d be concerned about someone to this degree.

Speaking of which, Pu’er still lives in my apartment doesn’t she? Isn’t it about time that she moves back? Bleu gave the green light a few days ago but Pu’er keeps emphasizing that it’s her duty to protect me. And since it doesn’t go against Bleu’s ‘objective’, Bleu doesn’t care.

I’m glad that Pu’er brought her own mattress so we don’t need to sleep on the same bed but..

On that note, Bleu has recovered. But because of it, Cain’s visits have been coming– not the most pleasant thing to hear.

I checked my schedule for today and found that most of my work from yesterday had already been cleared. I took to my mail and sorted through the tasks, filling my schedule with secondary work which is important yet not important– I’ll just delegate all this to a third party admin.

The office runs using mixed modes of work systems. There are just some tasks Pu’er needs to delegate to us office workers using hard copy materials, while the remainder can be done by sending out emails.

“Better get to work.”


It was lunch break. I took to the pantry, popped open the jar of cookies and began munching on them.

I’d typically walk downstairs to eat at the cafeteria nearby. Just that today, I felt lazy to do so.

I wish there was fresh milk in the fridge.

“Avner, aren’t you going to go down?”

“Nah. I don’t feel like eating.”
I wonder what Bleu is cooking now? In consideration of Cain– probably something carrot and broccoli.

I notice myself shivering at the thought.
“Come on– you can’t survive on cookies!” Lianne grabbed my arm with both hands and tugged.

“Yes. I. Can.”

“You can’t.”

“What’s this? A lover’s quarrel?”

“..Steven.” Lianne shot a glare at him.

“How scary! What? Doesn’t it look like it to you too?”
Steven laughed at Lianne’s reaction and went to make a hot drink, not before washing his cup empty of coffee.
“Come on, you’re not going to stay with that guy are you?”

“I can hear you.”
Lianne, disregarding Steven’s obvious comment. Xe stared at me with puffy cheeks. Hirs bright emerald eyes practically begged me to follow. Why is xe so insistent?

“Just go already, Avner. Don’t keep a coaxing elf waiting, it’s pitiful you know?” Steven knocked his shoe into mine.
“Just like he said! Let’s go.”

I still need to put the cookie jar back!


The end of the day’s work. I drove Pu’er back home.. something like that.

“Where are we going?”
Noticing how we’re taking a different road, she voiced.

“Your apartment.”
“What? Why Master?”

“Isn’t it about time you return home? I’ll bring your stuff over, after this. No worries.”


“Why are you so cold today Master?”

“Hm.. maybe I’m just afraid of actually attacking you at night.”
“That won’t happen Master. Not when Bleu is around.. in fact, it would be uncomfortable for me to leave you with that girl. Aren’t you afraid of attacking her instead?”


“I’m right, isn’t it Master?”

“You make a point.”

“Do you not want to stay with me, Master?”
“I do, just.. it’s not the time isn’t it?”

“Does it even matter? I’ve heard that couples stay over each other’s place even before marriage. Some live together for years as fiances before the actual ceremony.”

Hold on..

That’s right.

As a recluse, I’m an absolute dolt when it comes to love. Things like going on a date, proposing, honeymoons, marriage–

Is it too early to get a wedding ring for Pu’er?

How does it work normally? Staying in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship for a year before proposing, right? I don’t think people propose less than 2 months into the relationship.


“N-nothing. I’m thinking just how ill-informed I am when it comes to love.”
“I see.. I feel the same way.”

That’s why Pu’er and I click huh? Well, it’s not like we don’t have our differences. She prefers one type of soap to another, the toilet seat covers to be down all the time and later bedtimes. Little things that have become an unconscious habit to myself somehow causes conflict in our routines.

“I guess we’ll see how things go.”

Another one is how I no longer turn on the radio in the car. For one reason or another, Pu’er hates those public lines and instead, links her music playlist to her car whenever she drives. Just that my car doesn't have such a feature so it’s crazy silent– it’s unnerving.

I continued to drive.

“Where are we going exactly?”

“Alright, alright. I’ll tell you, we’re going to a lake park.”
“To spend some time with just the two of us right?”

“Or do you want me to turn around and go back home to meet Cain.”
“Not the brat! Drive!”
Knew it.

Actually, it was Bleu’s idea. Mom is supporting my relationship by giving me love advice.

I stopped the car when we got to the parking lot. Pu’er and I held hands as we made our way down the pavers.

The lake glistened in the evening colours of red and gold, leaves swayed, the temperature was quite humid.

Pu’er and I chatted about whatever topics that came to mind.

“Master, have you taken the life of an angel before?”
“An angel? I’m sure I have.”

“When was that?”

“A long time ago. I don’t really recall. Back then I was helping out one of the fleets that contracted me. It turned into a harsh battle.”

“How did it feel?”

How did it feel huh?

As previously mentioned. When those in the ‘alternative’ die in a fallout, be it the angels and demons, they lose all memories.

However.. there is a long standing theory going around that you actually don’t just lose all memories pertaining to your life in the ‘alternative’. Rather, the theory goes that you literally die. And the body in real life goes on as a hyper-realistic puppet– without a soul.

“I felt pretty bad the first few days. Got over it after that. It’s not like we actually know if they die in the truest sense, or just lose their memories. I’m just assuming it’s the latter even though the former may be very true as well.”
Pu’er nods.

“Still feeling guilty about those angels and demons?”

I’ve already told her that it wasn’t her fault that Victoria ‘ordered’ her to perpetuate genocide many times. The only thing I could do really is to just listen to her whenever she recalls that moment.

“I feel like I should’ve died back then too.”

I nodded.

“But you spared me.”
“Obviously I would spare you..”

I stopped, she stopped. I looked into her eyes, her silver hair blazing in the sunset sun.

“I don’t know what I’d do if you were gone.”

She looked away shyly.

“Thank you Master.”