Chapter 2:

The Towns Circle

The Legend of One Piece: A Journey Across The Divided Seas

As Eloia arrives at the center of the island, Towns Circle. She is drawn to the statue of a man with a claw mark across his face, accompanied by a missing arm and a sword by his side.  

She walks towards the fountain to take a closer look at the statue staring down at her.

"In honor of Shanks, this island formerly known as Goa Island, will be renamed after him." Eloia sighs as she sits down at the fountain.

 Something about that boy would not stop bothering her, she kept thinking back to the Shark Tooth across his neck. Trying to shake off the thoughts of him, her thoughts start to shift towards a ghost of her past.

She cups water from the fountain in her hands and splashes her face with water. She stares at her muddled reflection and sees her mothers face.

"Eloia.." She remembered her mothers gentle voice and the nudge she'd give Eloia to wake up.

Her mother always wore a necklace full of beads accompanied by a shark tooth that dangled in the center. In the village where she came from, it was a sign of a strong warrior, it represented honor, vitality and respect.

Eloia's thoughts are interrupted as she senses something approaching her from the side. 

She instinctively tosses her head back and the sharp end of a needle manages to trickle past the end of her chin. 

Dozens more fly towards her as she manages to Instinctively dodge them. She scans around the area looking for the attacker.

A voice approaches her from behind.

"Big punch!"

She turns around and sees a fist increasing bigger in size and speed moving towards her. It lands a hit on her, striking her through the statue. She lays on the ground, clenching onto the sharp pain throbbing in her rib cage. The fountain has been completely destroyed.

Eloia looks up in realization at another attack coming to strike her. This time, she's able to see the person clearly coming from above her. 

In her amazement their whole body was continuously increasing in size to the point of a giant. They slam their body on top of Eloia, giving her no time to escape. The ground beneath them caves in and Eloia is no longer in view. The town circle's center is completely destroyed.

"Brother Michael, I think you may have done too much." A silhouette in the distance approaches in laughter. She twirls a pin around her finger.

"I've got the annoying roach, I think boss will be happy, my sister Catherine!" He exclaims.

He then pauses, something has startled him.

"Is everything alright, Brother..?"

Catherine approaches closer to see a painful look on his face. His body then starts to hover over the ground only to see Eloia lifting him up by both hands. She tosses him to the side and his huge body lands into a building completely erupting it. Defeated in the wreckage he returns back to his normal size.

Eloia pats herself off and shrugs off the shock of the attack.

Great, now i'm all wet. Eloia takes off her jacket and tosses it to the side revealing her tattooed arms.

"How.. did you!.." The lady looks at her alarmed.

Eloia cracks her neck up and waits for Catherines next move. A serious expression is seen upon her face.

Catherine lifts her arm and looks at the watch on her wrist, her facial expression shifts into a sly smile.

"It should be anytime now.."

Eloia begins to feel nauseous. She starts stumbling as everything around her begins to darken and finally, her body loses strength and she passes out onto the floor. Dozens of men in suits approach to collect her.

"I only needed one of these to graze her skin, her fate was sealed soon after. Well, at least now Boss will be happy." She gives a cheerful smile.

"Take her to Captain Jack, he will know what to do with her. The rest of you come collect my twin brother, he's heavily injured." She says.

Cloud finally arrives at the town circle.

Well, no mistake, she was here. He instantly notices her jacket lying on the ground and sits his hands at the top of his hips examining the mess that surrounded him. His attention shifts towards the battered statue.

Shanks, huh? He smiles. The base of the statue was still intact while the fountain that surrounded it was completely destroyed. Something in the base of the statue catches his eye as he moves closer and sits down to examine it.

"Not all treasure is silver and gold.." he reads the words engraved at the very bottom of the bust. Curious, Cloud begins to knock around on the footing of the statue as suddenly a hollow sound echoes from one side. He makes a fist and punches through shattering the bust completely. A smile glows on his face as he stares at the straw hat that sits in front of him.