Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 - The First Encounter


Soon, Azure and Sweet were out of the school building and saw the masked devil horned man looking at them, smirking. “Why are you doing this?” the magical boy asked. The man chuckled. “I was trying to get your attention, and I finally did. You also have transformed. How cute.~” That voice…Azure couldn’t lie. That voice gave him tingles. But he had to focus. He thought of James who is also in trouble amongst his school peers.

And this man was the cause of turning them into mindless zombies. “You will stop this now!” The devil horned man chuckled, smirking once more at the magical boy. So smug and smarmy…but at the same time so handsome. He almost wanted to see what his eyes looked like.

But there was no time for getting distracted. The scarlet clad devil had a scarf that he wrapped around Azure, trapping him where he stands. “Are you just going to let me capture you, or are you going to fight me, Simon Kai?~” Simon’s heart almost burst outside of his bodice, did he hear what he thought he just heard? “Did…you just- who even are you? A-and how do you know my name?” he asked in slight fear.

“You can call me ‘Beck’...I know you, Simon. I’m closer to you than you know.” His voice was getting deeper, sending shivers down the newly transformed magical boy’s spine. He was pulled closer to Beck as he struggled to get out. “Let…me…go!” Azure struggled. Soon, his pouch was glowing blue, causing the scarlet man to let go of the scarf and shield his eyes. He was freed and he jumped up in the air landing on the roof. “Whoa…did I do that?”

“Azure, you need to stop him and take care of this!” Sweet said. “How? He only has that scarf.”

“I have more than just my scarf, Azure.” Soon Beck had what looked like a staff with a red heart crystal on top, devil horns, devil wings, and a devil tail wrapping around the staff. Azure was taken aback. “Uh…Sweet, can the wand by any chance turn into a weapon?” he asked nervously. “Actually, you’ll need a weapon. I can help you with that!” the little fairy beamed as he closed his eyes and the same blue light from earlier shined once more.

A blue heart staff with a bow and angel wings appeared right before the magical boy and without hesitation, he grabbed hold of it. “My, it looks pretty.”

“Indeed, but no time to admire it. It’s time for battle,” the fairy warned. Azure nodded and assumed the position. Beck did the same thing and soon they both clashed. Their staffs were hit against each other, swings and attacks were dodged and they stumbled here and there. Beams of blue and red flew everywhere.

But soon they got tired and took a brief breather. “You think you’re slick, Azure. But not so much…” he pants out as he gets up and attacks Azure. The magical boy thought quickly and soon words started to form in his head. He pointed his staff towards the devil horned man.

“Azure Heart Wave!” A huge wave of blue hearts were going towards Beck, capturing him in a blue heart but making his weapon disappear. Soon, all the teachers, faculty, and students were snapped out of whatever daze they were in, confused as to what happened. Azure slowly set Beck down and the devil horned man was free. He growled as his first plan was foiled. But he gave off his now usual smirk.

“You may have won this time, Love Protector Azure. But rest assured, I’ll be back.” He goes away before Azure and Sweet. He reverted into his school uniform but held the wand close to him. That was…so weird. But he actually saved peoples’ lives there, he may have even saved James.

“You did it, Simon!” Sweet beamed. “Yeah…I can’t believe I did it.” They both went into the school building but Sweet hid in Simon’s school bag while no one was looking as he went back into his classroom. “Ah, Mr. Kai. We were wondering where you have been,” the teacher spoke to him. “Oh, uh…was just…getting something. I accidentally dropped it in the hallway,” Simon lied.

The teacher nodded. “Just remember to ask to be excused next time, alright?” Simon nodded in return and the teacher went back to teaching the class. Soon, it was breaktime and Simon wanted to go check on James. There he was talking to someone before they went in their own direction. His ruby eyes caught Simon walking up to him. “Ah, Simon. How are you?”

“I’m good, thank you. Are you alright?” he asked. “I am fine. I know everyone was in a daze earlier, luckily it was temporary,” the scarlet haired Junior. “Yeah, so uh…d-do you have any plans later?” Simon blushed and smiled. James thought he looked so adorable. “Not really, why do you ask?”

“I was wondering i-if uh…you maybe want to go out?” the younger man finally asked the question he had been wanting to for a long time. “Sure, I don’t mind that at all. How about at 5, I’ll pick you up?” Simon felt his heart beat once more. God he felt so excited, but he had to play it cool. This was his first date after all, and with his longtime crush? He can’t mess this up. “Sure thing, thank you.”

“Of course, catch you later,” James said before heading towards his class. When no one was looking, Simon let out a little squeal and Sweet peaked from his school bag. “Ooh, someone has a crush?”

“Sweet! I forgot you were there,” Simon jumped in surprise. “But yes! I can’t wait! This is going to be so exciting.”

“I’m sure it will, though just in case you’ll have to keep a lookout. You never know when that devil horned man will strike again,” the little fairy warned him. “You don’t think he’ll attack twice in one day, right?” the schoolboy asked in confusion. “Not sure, but if I were you, I’d bring the wand. Maybe I should go in your bag, too, just to be on the safe side.”

Simon nodded his head in agreement. He did heed Sweet’s warning but he was also super excited for his date with his crush later! Let’s just hope nothing ruins it.