Chapter 1:

The beginning

The vines of Tekai

Haruo Takashima was sitting there under the shade of the tree in their backyard. He could smell the soup from the kitchen window, he could hear the laughter of kids coming from the house. But yet his mind was blank. A middle aged women with orange hair and a youthful face  called from the back door " Haruo come on its lunch time the supper will get cold" Haruo than snapped out of his trance " coming Catherine".

 As soon as he went through the back door of the small two-story cottage, 3 little kids ran down from the stairs and into the kitchen. They all then took their designated seats at the table. Those three kids were the children of Catherine and her husband Itsuki, two boys named Keniki and Torou and one girl named Sakura. Haruo was taken in by them when we was just five years old.

 Haruo also takes his seat at the table. Then there were three loud knocks coming from the door. Catherine than walked to the door and checked who was knocking at the door through the window.  Catherine than unlocked the door and then a man with brown hair and an athletic build walked it, it was itsuki.  

The triplets  ran into their fathers embrace. " have you guys been good boys and girl for mommy" the triplets replied in unison" yes dad". the rowdy family than sat back at the table. After supper ended the kids went outside. Itsuki then spoke up " hey Haruo why don't you train with me outside for a little bit". Haruo nodded in agreement. 

The two went outside. Itsuki passed a wooden sword to Haruo. the two then started training. Itsuki counterattacked every attack Haruo delivered, while Haruo amped up the power he used with each blow. itsuki then ended the fight with a final stab to the chest. " your lucky were using a wooden sword or you would be dead". on the floor was a black haired boy with grey eyes clenching  his stomach.

" well then im lucky that were using a wooden sword". "Haruo I told you before just because you can amp up your attack doesn't mean that you can win" oh no he's probably gonna read some speech on me. "you have to learn to attack with precision or you will lose every fight that you have against a good swordsmen". " yeah i know ", "if you know then apply it". In the midst of Itsuki's speech Haruo saw a blue light coming from the forest behind the cottage. " um Itsuki your gonna have to excuse me for a minute”. " then hurry up".

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The vines of Tekai

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