Chapter 14:

7th Sector『Part 3』

Heaven's Codex

—Main Tower: Babel City | 1st Seraph Office

"Sir!!! Sir!!!"

The man knocked heavily to the Office Door while chasing his breath.

"Come in!" Gab speaked.

Gab get up from his seat and sat on the office couch infront of the table, the man came in the office, he's holding a piece of paper and hand it over to Gab.


Gab read the what's written in the peace of paper, his eyes widened for what he've seen.

"First, this is me Seventh, we're now through to the 7th Sector's gates, we've saw a unexpected scene inside. A very huge Mana Conducting Tree have grown inside absorbing all the victims' mana. We're still investigating what the tree's up to but whatever it is...that tree should be decapitated down. I'm requesting a reinforcement, First." Gab speaking what's writen in the paper.

"Sir! What's your orders!!!"

Gab walked infront of the his table and compassed his hands.

"Tell the whole army, I, Gabriel Carter the First Seraph, will be sending reinforcements to the 7th Sector!!"

—Zion City: 7th Sector | Eerie Forest 


Upon detecting the Mana of the two angels, Leviathan, immediately changed target to the forest leaving his current foe Ezra and Sally.

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING YOU MONSTER!!" Ezra and Sally shouted.

Meanwhile, Minoru, Nehl, Heva, and Ashley are still going through the struggles of the eerie forest. Roots are keep growing and growing, with the help of Heva's Blood Scythe and Nehl's Powerful Fire Infested arrows the job of killing the roots became more easier.

"SOMETHING'S COMING!!! GET DOWN!!!" Ashley shouted.

Ashley detected a huge mana rushing to them and that huge mana is the demon Leviathan. Leviathan landed and slides to the ground creating a smoke. The four glanced forward and saw a man standing on the dusts, Nehl and Heva get to Ashley and Mark's front readying their weapons. Ashley touched Nehl and Ashley's shoulder and transferred her senses.

Ashley, among the four of them has the sharpest senses gifted by her Angel...Raguel. Upon touching Nehl and Heva's shoulders Ashley's senses were felt by the two, they felt the overwhelming gap of mana.

"You can feel it?" Ashley wispered to the two.

"Yeah...I-Its strong, very strong" the two answered.

Don't know what's going on, Minoru touched Ashley's hands and felt the horrifying mana from the man infront.

"W-Who is that guy,"

Sally and Ezra arrived to the spot where Minoru and the other three's standing.

"You four! Flee from here! This battle already went too far!" Sally speaked


Heva's about to talk but the man infront suddenly laughed out loud.


All of them pulled their weapons out pointing to the person infront.

"Let me introduce myself."

The person vowed his head, upon doing so, the dusts from earlier swayed away.

"I am...

...Leviathan,  don't forget that, who would expect that the Angels are here, very interesting indeed."

"URIEL!!! COME FORTH!!!" Nehl shouted.

From Nehl's hands a transparent glass-like green bow appeared with a flaming green string. He pulled the string and aimed it infront, a green arrow glowing appeared from nowhere. 

"We have no reasons to make you live then!!"

Levithan looked at me and let out a creepy smile.

"Your eyes...I wonder if they're delicious."

Upon hearing those words Nehl fired his swifty arrow, Ezra and Sally locked on combat too. I remain frozen from the spot, that immense amount of Mana, there's no way I can fight back with my bare sword and magic imbuing. I can't even use my Angel's blessing properly...I'm so useless.

"Minoru you stupid!" Ashley speaked.

With her astonishing voice i glanced on her.

"Look at me!! I can't even use my Angel so well like those two yet I'm still doing my best!"

"You don't understand! Your blessing from your angel is the powerful Senses of Raguel, you're a huge help! But what's mine??? I only have the power to destroy with the Eyes of Azrael gifted by my Angel, but still I...I can't!!!

Ashley grabbed my clothes hard and bumped her head into me, blood spurt from our fourheads. She pointed her fingers to the huge tree while holding my collars tight.


("She's right...Tch! Why am I like this!")

I stand up and hold Ashley's hands off me with a smile.

"Yeah, your right. That thing's my job."

Nehl repeatedly fired his fast arrows, the arrows multiplied mid air but Leviathan dodged all of them. Heva along with Ezra and Sally traded weapon blows with Leviathan.

Meanwhile in Ashley and Minoru's direction, a tree branched extended to them.

"Ashley!!! Dodge!!!"

I pushed Ashley away from the spot.

I pulled my sword attempting to block the root, but suddenly it stopped—. Leviathan received an arrow from Nehl piercing his knees. He pulled it out and healed up his wound. I saw it all with my eyes. 

Upon his wound recovery, the root started to move again but I decapitated it in half.

" see that?!"

"I-It stopped then resumed?!"

"I have a plan, please bear with me!"

Information Board: 


A very huge ash black tree located in the former Capital City of 7th Sector—Zion City. With its very huge tree trunks and roots, it spreaded through out the city taking it over making it a root forest infected city. All the victims from the Zion City are hanged in the Main Tree consuming every last drop of their Mana.

Height: 1056m

Width: 234m Diameters

Color: Ash-Black 

Texture/Look: Dead Tree with no Leaves