Chapter 7:

cats out of the bag

love sick delinquent

i walked to go outside the classroom when i saw claudia leaning its back on the wall as if waiting for me while holding a black base infront of her''good morning claudia''i greeted her and awkwardly smile

whats going on with her

''this is my offering to you''she said sounding weird because of formality

''another present?''i confusedly asked as i looked at the rectangle case as she passed it to me

''woah thanks claudia''i reached out the case excitedly and smiled

''now go the practice room 403 in music department building''she sigh and reached out my hand''hurry''she said as he drag me out of the hallway

as soon as we reached the building shes talking about .she finally let go of my hand and gently push me to the door

''good luck katarina''she cheerfully said patting my shoulder repeatedly and fled away

i twist the knob open and peek

sir glenn was sitting in front of the table with other people around

''make a simple introduction of yourself" he spoke up and i sigh in relief

thank goody i'm not late yet

thank you claudia you're my hero T_T

"I am from the 3nd year class 3-B Reijimin li -cello" said the girl with a long gray hair tied in tuxedo braid that reaches out her waist with warm gray eyes and large circular glasses, giving her a scholarly her skirt sure was ling. she glanced at me for a moment and i timidly y look away

"Euphimia fildora 1-A.Harp" said the beautiful girl with a voluptuous figure, very long black hair tied in a long ponytail with a white ribbon keeping it in place

I saw a familiar face in the crowd. As soon as we made eye contact, he stood up from his seat and walked to my direction"Could you be the regular student participant kyashi?? woah what a coincidence!i'm so lucky,i haven't formally introduced to you my name yet. I'm Gabriel roseblade! from 3rd year class 2-A .i play trumpet" he grabbed my hands and shake it up and down

" There now gabriel,blabbering on her for so long like that will trouble her"said the tall fragile looking boy with shoulder length hair alternately dyed in black and blond tied in two neatly woven pigtail braids beside me

"Same class as gabriel,I'm cecillon reize I specialized in the flute"said the man who step in between wow he looks beautiful and very delicate''prince boy''i happily called him out

he just responded me with a sweet smile

"3-B, Nicole Carlton. violin ''someone said in a an expressionless face,as blank as brick

"Ah katarina Campbell.violin" did claudia knew about this?i completely wasn't inform everything about this

despite the oddness of claudias actions.i just sigh and secretly thank her for this

"That's all six of you''

i did not expect this meeting to be turned out like this''i said to myself when i noticed everyone glaring and doing awkward fake smile to each other .well,expect that cold expressionless boy i meet few days ago and found out his name was nicol

"The concourse is divided into three selection And the finalist are then determined based on this ranking

"Doeand you can choose whatever music you wish but it has to be based on the theme"

"In shorts that mean we have to perform three times?"

"yes ,your interpretation of the respective pieces are important"

"'Alright then,dismissed "sir glen said crossing his arms

i have so many thing to asked but i decided to walk away from the classroom and went straight at the basketball court

"Katarina?"i heard yahiro called me out and i turned around to see him leaning his arms on the rail''so you're one of the participants?wow i didn't expect that from a regular student to be selected

i was surprised and my heart filled with joy that yahiro recognize me among the crowd..and and he remembered my name

''yahiro?i didn't expect to see you here''i hid my excitement with a smile

''oh yeah its nice we always run to each other like it was fate” he responded in his usual voice

It sure is “i laugh awkwardly”so you're on sports?

i'm playing-what do not change the topic''he said

"It's my first time being in a concours ...and I don't know where to start..." i stuttered

he just looked at me and then signal me to stand beside him

ayieee i can finally get to him

i walk close beside him and look down at the basketball court and without even thinking,i put my arms on the rail and dip my face on my sleeves"i don't know anything about this actually,but i do know the basic since claudia thought me so''

''meeting the other participants i felt like i wasn't belong their not to mention they are very intimidating ''i said in whisper''i should just give ip and withdraw

"When an opportunity presents itself,you have to seize it.if something appears in front of you and you want it,you have to take it no matter what!the world turns quickly and once an opportunity passed by it will never come back that's why you can't just let it passed by"he said cheerfully

"Yahiro......"just by saying those words...was enough to give me the push i need to proceed

"There must be a reason why you are chosen''

i smiled at him

''Don't be so hard on yourself, okay. if you need anyone to talk to feel free to talk to me" i nodded

yahiro waved back at the guy in the court waving at him''i better get going he added as he stood up and smiled waving away from me

Aw Such a good person

Come to think of it...i feel like somethings missing

''Oh no , I forgot claudia's violin. I just borrowed it from her. it will be a bad news if i lost it

i think i left it in the practice room were where sir glen made the announcement

i rushed to the room and noticed it was very quiet

''hell yeah''i laugh demonically and smugly smiled realizing that everyone is gone and i'm all alone so the room is all mine

''at last ''i said removing the lense in my eyes''they are killing me and i can barely stand any.more''

i knew these contacts were not right and man this skirt is so short.

''talk about embarrassing girls these day are shameless''i loosen up my skirt and revealed its long extension.i satisFedly smiled as i tied my hair in messy bun and took my thick glasses from my pocket and put it on facing myself on the mirror

my image back few years ago flashed before my eyes

That's right... back then,i was awkward,too serious and unfashionable i never fit in

I was always alone.

after mom said she will transfer me to a new school.i act as if i don't want to but deep down instead,i felt a little hope

i know i can't go on like this so i'm going to be the best version of myself

i swear to god i can't let my classmates see how much a loser i am if they do i can kiss my highschool life goodbye now

i guess we all have a side of ourselves that we don't want others to see..i guess thays how people need to live

oh yeah i promised gabriel we would do something fun today...but i guess he wouldn't mind me being late now that i can finally relax ''okay i'll take a little break''i said to myself when suddenly the image of that grumpy porcelain boy flashes on my mind... ''It was really beautiful and to create such sounds would be fun...I heard a certain tune.. That sound...I probably can't play it Well, I should try''I said to myself and took the violin out from the case and tried to draw the bow back and forth...

it sounds awful

"What is a student from the regular department doing here? this room has been reserved by me for the entire day" i heard a familiar grumpy tone behind my back

i whole body froze and my legs were shaking as i slowly turned around to face''nicol'' That name escaped my lips of its own accord

"Can you please leave? i don't want to waste my precious practicing time"

Woah I'd better not get in his nerves "Ah there's something I forgot ,should be this thing"i took the violin case on the table and wrapped it tightly around my arms and slowly step put to reach the door

"You look awfully familiar, you are from the regular department right.. Are you a participant?"he said when i was about to reach the door knob

without any choice i stopped on my track and slowly turned around to face him

don't tell me he recognizes me?

''im sorry im not good in remembering names.especially the important one and you're pretty you're the type of person i will forgot as soon as i step out of school 30 seconds after you telling me your name''he said"And you play the violin too?''he added as he glanced.on the case.

No I play the violin just like you do''i admitted

"I thought the students from the regular department are selected as participants would be of a night standard but what I just heart not even worth being performed on stage"

"Sounds like a dying animal''he added"This will be a bother to other participants, I hope that you can step down from a participant as soon as possible"

"Wait...I have already.."

"I don't have anymore time to waste with you..please leave and don't disrupt my practice'

" i will sure leave''i said ''as if i like to stay here being with you in a same room suffocates me''i added as i marched down to the door

''yo kyashi!''we both turn around to see who was just barge in the room

as soon as as he see me he grab both of my hands and without any word he walk closer to me and wrapped his arms around me

I was really surprised when I hugged you! Huh? "Cuz your so small and soft"


"And you were so cute too! I mean, you are but was really surprised when I hugged you!''he added and smiling brightly

''Huh?''i asked in confusion

"Cuz your so small and soft"he responded while he looked at me innocently


"And you were so cute too! I mean, you're always cute but-"

"I don't know how to explain it but the way you reacted when I hugged you was incredibly adorable"

"Hey, can I hug you again?"

"Seriously? I blushed so hard that I felt like my face was on fire"

"Fine by me. But Why?"

"why? I've never felt anything like that before I wanna know more'' I realized something as he looked at me with his bright shining smile he has the.same expression when he talks about mushroom does.he want to hug me for research

''Ah Katarina...what's wrong you look different''he asked and scan me from head to toe

oh no!did he noticed.i looked physically different to day

i didn't say anything and waited for his response

''nevermind you can't hug me ''

wah why not?''

''okay you can't just randomly ask a girl for a hug''

oh really?i didn't know that but didn't you just tell me it was fine?


Why did you say that then?

because...''i looked around to see nicol but he is nowhere to be seen

i looked around in panic

what if nicol going to spread what he saw?me being a loser?the ill be in so much trouble

''what's wrong kyasshi?tell me''gabriel asked who has no idea what's going on

Why did I get into this situation!. i have to protect my identity my any means at all cost