Chapter 8:

date in rush time

love sick delinquent

nicol saw the real me...i whispered as i stared myself at the mirror at the wash room as i attached a hair clip on my hair making sure i look more presentable today

if everybody found out about how i looked yesterday,then in the other side of this door

''did you hear?''

''katarina actually a total loser'' i imagined as one of my classmate said this to me and they all disgustedly looked at me

my heads spinning with all this though.but i can't stop over thinking

I'm so scared to open the door of my classroom

''katarina''someone called me out and hearing her voice somehow confronted me''claudia''i said as i hug her

''aren't you going to your class?''she asked confusedly hugging me back''you look distracted and worried about something,are you okay?''

i let go of claudia and i saw her face looking at me worriedly''it's really nice to have you round claudia''

''eh you're creeping me out''she responded and giggled''want to grab some milk tea?''i nodded in agreement


we reached the cafeteria claudia brought a tray of milk tea with her and hand me a cup of it

i reached out my hand to take it and without wasting a second i slurped it up until it's all gone

''you always act like that when you're not okay,now tell me what's going on''

i kind of want to quit being a participant in the concours''i said and look down on the table when i felt something cold pressed against my cheeks

it was claudias milk tea''you can have mine''she said and smiled ''you see...nicol recognized me''i whispered and took claudia's milktea away from her and take a sip to it slowly this time

''i went to the practice room yesterday since i forgot the violin you lend to me...i did not expect he would go back to that place and he saw me with my ridiculous self''

'and now i don't want to do anything with nicol or the music concours''i added

''well,out of all the students here in our school,you're one of the seven lucky students hot the chance to this much would be a waste if you back of''i did not respond to claudias statement even tho what she said was like a lighting struck at me

everything she said was true...but its just that i feel the will to give up

''come to think of it,if you win this competition then you can get yahirps attention and be friends with him''she said in a cheerful manner''all you have to do is to watch over nicol to make sure he won't spill the beans''

''you are truly my home claudia''i said and smile''what would i do without you

''why of course”claudia responded with a smile and stood up from her seat''ill better go back to my class now,see you later katarina''

i waved goodbye to claufia and took my notebook out of my back when i saw the ribbon from the bag of macaroons i gave to gabriel which is supposedly to yahiro

i smiled when i suddenly remembered it

how gabriel acted yesterday when.he saw me.... he acted like nothing happened and i was still the katarina he knew

I feel like Gabriel is on my side. Even though we've only known each other for a few days, he's kind to me, especially Yahiro, so I won't waste claudias word of encouragement on me, I'll improve my participation in the music concours just in case this way Yahiro will noticed me

I took the slumbook from my bag that I got from Claudia and looked at the page where everything related to Yahiro was listed.``Then whats is his favorite again?" I whispered to myself

That's right. There's an apple mango tree at the back of the main building too

The important thing is that I have to get it before the nicol wander around

but i need to make sure nicol won't spill the beans of me being a lame...nerd

i stood up from my seat and rush to the music department building looking around hoping to see nicol when i saw the tree i was looking for

i took off my shoes and started climbing

"Just a little ..." I whispered to myself and handed the fruit as I suddenly steeped the fragile branch.

Instead of holding on to the branches I quickly picked up the fruit and closed my eyes preparing myself for the severe fall

Suddenly I felt something soft.

"ga-gabriel? !!" I screamed in panic "Gabriel !! don't die " I cried and cried and hugged him

"Katarina? .."i smiled and wrapped him around my arms again "it's okay and I'm alive" he said while rubbing his eyes

"gabriel?did you sleep here?you might catch a cold here you know"

"i hate noisy places"he said and yawn

he does seems very sleepy

"applemango?? "he glanced at the fruit in my hands''come to think of it ... it is also yahiros favorite"he added

"what ... wait ... a-"

"thank you for saving with me yesterday from nicol Gabriel"i said hoping it will change the topic

''save you from nicol?''he looks confused but just smiled at me and helped me stand up

"come on" he said as he grabbed my hands and pulled me to where he turned to me while still holding my hand

"Its for yahirp right?. I'm sorry. I saw the slumbook from yahiros class on your bag while you were up in the tree" he said not even looking at me anf running and pulling me around

"I know where Yahiro is"gabriel dragged me as his right hand holding mine while his left hand holding my shoes

thats running around wearing only socks

Fortunately, the field where the tree was is close to the general department building, so my foot doesn't hurt too much because the hallway of our building is carpeted.

we stopped when i noticed gabriel stopped and i bunp my forehead on his back

ouch''i rubbed my forehead

he doesn't seem to notice i bump into him.he just turn around with his one knee on the ground

''wait what are you doing''i embarrassedly said when gabriel gently left my leg inch from the ground and slip my shoes

''the other student around us staring at us''i whispered to him

''stay still''he said as lift my other leg

''what does a music student doing here''

''is he his girlfriend''

''aw he is so cute isn't he''

''aw hes so romantic im so jealous''

''he had a cloak so his probably part of the student council?oh my...isnt he simply beautiful and adorable''

''most student council is from music department afterall''

i pulled gabriel out of the crowd

i really hate standing out

he just stared at without saying a single word"Isn't that the fruit you tried to pick earlier the reason why you fell?" he asked innocently I averted my eyes but I didn't let go of his hands

i should have just brought in the grocery store

"thank you, Kyashi" gabriel smile while thanking me

"See you later, byebye" he took applemango as he waved and ran away then someone suddenly called me from behind "I turned around and saw yahiro standing in front of me!

"its you" a familiar voice behind my back

i turned around to see who it was

"Why do you look so weird now?"he said leaning his face closer to mine as if he examines it

"Ah did you change your hairstyle?"he snap his fingers after he realized whats the difference

"yes I just put a hair clip"

"ah you mean this one? "yahiro gently touched my hairclip

i nodded

"it's beautiful" my cheeks flushed red from happiness and embarrassment"

A special friend of mine gave it to me" i proudly said as i remembered this is the hearclip my friend sayuri gave to me

it's been a while since the last time i wore it but yahiro reminds me of her so i couldn't help but to cherish her memory left to me again

"so it's like a treasure to you then"i nodded

"But why are you wearing it now??Is something going on today? Could it be that you have a date?"

"Then, did you find someone you like?"

"why does that have to be a reason?"

"Girls want to dress up when they have a crush on someone right?

''that might be true but that's not the case for me"

"oh could it be... for me? "yahiro peered into my eyes as his approach me"i couldn't help! you were so cute trying to explain yourself in a panic with your face bright red"

"The longer the explanation the bigger the lie "saying that, yahiro grabbed my hand and started walking"hey! where are going"

"Somewhere nice of course"

"Somewhere nice?"

"That's right, I'm taking you to my favorite spot which in certain you'll like it too"

"What do you mean I'll like it too?"

"The enjoyment is in the surprise"

"it would be boring if you knew everything from the start"

"You finally get the chance to ditch, so you have to enjoy it okay?

"I finally got the chance to ditch so I have to enjoy it hut hats some weird logic here..."but you don't have to hold my hands, I'll follow you anyways"

"It doesn't hurt to hold my hands right? Take it as bonus"

"i won't ask for payment like last time''he said''its charge''

"I didn't know how long we walked but we soon came to a beautiful springIt was silent all around us which added to the sanctuary of the place

"See? Isn't it nice?"I didn't know there was a place like this"

"Well the academy is huge after all"

"Isn't it relaxing to sneak out of class and

Isn't it relaxing to sneak out of class and just enjoy being away from everything?"

"I don't want to be the same as others I want to be myself""I know, since I'm in a good mood today I'll teach you anything you want you know""

"I'm sure there's a ton of stuff you want to know, right?"

"Really? you will?"

"Yup ask whatever you want"

"Why does our uniform is completely different from music department students?''

"our uniforms? Let's see.....Students from both sides of the curriculum distanced themselves and began to discriminate. Musical curriculum students considered themselves saint palatines Paramount and thought general education was unneeded. While general education students were sickened by the music ends attitude and began to despise classical music

we looked like stupid chess piece because of this

"how about the student council?"

''Student council? There are six positions in the student council. President vice President, secretary, treasurer auditor and general affairs officer''

i nodded''why is the music concours seems bigdeal of them?''i asked when i remembered how claudia reacted to it

''because anyone who got chosen as participants in saint Palantine academy are given privileges such as preference to saint palantine university scholarships,private practice rooms and many more!''

''Is there anything else you want to ask?

"I guess I want to know more about you yahiro"

"About me?what a nice surprise to know that you're interested in me"

"Not in that way!We were friends so I thought it would be necessary to know more about you. What was your childhood like?

My childhood?well,not a normal one probably because I have a heterochromia. people always stare and makes fun of me but honestly i didn't care .who wants to be a normal anyways

''Ah, is your vision blurry? i asked smiling like an id

uhh noh''he responded shortly

do you have siblings?''

well,i used to have a sister but she's gone least i have someone i can called my brother. he's one year older than me''

At that moment, the final bell rang announcing the last class has ended rung through the campus

Shall we head back?

Yeah I guess so

"Right right Then see you tomorrow" Yahiro waved goodbye and went on ahead

oh crap!i lost sight of nicol have to follow him every corner waiting for him to spill the beans

i have to find nicol