Chapter 22:

casted shadow

love sick delinquent

i glanced at the empty classroom in front of me''how nice''i whispered when someone timidly opened the door

''Have you seen yahiro''i looked up to.see who it was.....''a porcelain doll!!''

'' Umm sorry,but the guys here in general department are till out practicing for the sports festival''i responded

'' Oh I see... I wonder what I should do ''she said as she stole glances at me''You remind me of a doll!"

Like a a a doll ''those words echoed in my head

'' don't think i meant to say that loud ''i said in panic waving my arms around

''Nope,I'm the one who said it''she said cheerfully and smiled at me''by the way katarina,i'll start accompany you with your practice later afternoon thank you once more''she said smiling as she rub away from me

'' was that shannon?''i thought to myself as i looked at her running away from me until she's far enough to my eyes can see

what just happened


The thing is I was complemented which happened very often''i said to claudia excitedly was we are on our way to the cafeteria

it was almost empty as everyone is busy preparing for the upcoming event

''She's willing to talk to me as though we know each other She's so nice For some reason..she reminds me if yahiro ... so sweet and really nice.i cant believe that the ideal girl I wish to become is standing right infront of me.... Really,the more I look at her ,she reminds me of a doll''i cheerfully said to claudia as i took a piece of donuts

''Maybe I'll use her as my role model... ''i thought to myself

''Curly Something curly''i murdered'' I do like girly things.... ''

' Well,its not because someone said I looked like a doll! It made me happy but I'm not getting too carried away or anything ''I lied and turned away''Shannon is so cute... I was a little envious around her''

''Then u wanted to be cute like her too?''claudia responded as she took a sip from her juice''Well then ,why don't you try dying your hair instead of changing the length''she suggested

“'Yah that sounds good”

''Wouldn't she look a little lifeless?She looks like those delinquents from an old indian movie''a familiar voice said in a mocking tone”i like bollywood by the way”

i turned around to see who it was''reiji?''i called her out as she already standing behind is with a big smile on her face

'''how long have you been there?''i asked

she paused and think of an answer''i guess few minutes ago''she responded'' Hey I think you look fine the way you are now ''she said in a serious gentle voice

woah that's new...for the first time reiji said something nice to me

''You think so?''i asked

'' You should keep that look for the rest of your life ''she said patting my head with a wide grin


uhmm?''she looks.really cheerful ...whats goin on

''you look different today''i said in a low voice while scanning her from head to toe looking for what might cause her being nice today but i can't point it

i noticed reiji is wearing music department male uniform...and she's not.wearing her glasses today''you look very handsome today''those words came out on my lips with its own accord

i covered my mouth in embarrassment''I ..thought you look great with that new uniform of yours reiji''i said rephrasing what i said to make sure she wont get the wrong idea

reiji looked at me with a smug smile on her face'' i'm handsome and beautiful at the same time yeah i know''reiji said proudly and did the rich girl laugh which echoed throughout the cafeteria the turn around and silently walk away waving”dont fall in love with me yet okay?”

What just happened?”Claudia said facepalm”you seem really close with the vice president”

'' eh!!its just that I couldn't help but think that Even though I know I'll never be nearly as pretty as her I wanted to do the best I could I have''i said as i forced a smile

You never cared much about your appearance so what's with the sudden-”claudia said but i cut her

“i always wanted to talk to him..i just couldn't make myself to do it.i don't want to doubt him but...i have so many questions left without answers and i want to hear then from him”i covered my mouth before i could speak more

Did something happened Katharina?''claudia asked me with a.worried look on her face''you look like you're in a daze and you always talked a lot whenever you're hiding something''she added as she pushed her extra saucer with a piece of cake to me''there i'll hear you out if somethings going on alright "

''What would you do if you found out that one of your friends is a criminal? ''i said in a low voice as i reached my fork and eat it

''woah that's a pretty...oum taxing question"are you alright katarina?''

''well,that's not the situation im in just reading a story like that..and started to think about what id do In that situation''

''Well that depend on how that friend came to know that criminal"she responded as she leaned her arms on the table and rest her chin with her hands''If I were in that kind of situation i'll hear them out''claudia said with a smiled''I wouldn't just get mad oir interrogating them''

What in the world was I trying to ask to Yahiro anyways

Just knowing a criminal does not mean that Yahiro involve to any crime

her words were so warm and i couldbt help but to feel fortunate always enlightened's so nice having a friend like her.

now i have to talk to yahiro...where did you go?i wandered around the hallway ''what is it shannon?'' i heard yahiros voice from around the corner and the i peeked to find out what it was when I saw yahiro talking to a girl

They were gazing each other and their face were drawing closer and then their faces see me although i wanted to leave,my feet were planted firmly to the ground Now that I think about it,this may be the first time I heard thin calling a girl by her first name He can call her name so naturally

Oh is that yahiro?With shannon

Don't you think she's cute

Don't you think they're really good together

They must be really close they're so perfect for each other ive never seen yahiro smile like that i wished hed smile that way for me i wish that one day... you will also look at me the way i look at you yahiro wait what am i thinking where did the thought even come from? thinking about it again made my heart race. What's wrong with me?

i turned back to my senses and turned around in an attemp to scramble away wait"yahiro grabbed my arm before i could run when i tried to turn around and run off he grabbed my arm and tugged strongly Going to practice again today?

My heart aches terribly just by looking at his face. What is it?

Why chest hurts...really Hurts

Ka-kata''was he trying to say something

Yahiro!'''shannon called his name''lets go home together okay''she added which yahiro responded with a smile.seeing that,she run off as yahiro watched shannon run off with no emotion at all

id never seen him that expression on him before cold didn't quite describe it,but rather...the sight of it sent a freezing chill down to my spine he turned himself and let out a sigh i couldn't help but to graped with his expression

this isn't the yahiro i used to......know yahiro something seems off

Are you okay ?

''of course why'd you aked?''he asked confused as he looked at me with innocent face

''well,your expression kinda scary''

scary huh?if that's how i look to you then you're probably right"yahiro chuckled as if we weren't talking about him're so innocent,you probably won't understand everyone has a different face,like night and day.thats all

the last thing he said as he silently walj away from me