Chapter 1:

The ghost town

Dark and Shadow

It was so cold. When I woke up everything was so blurry and my body felt so heavy. The room I was in was unfamiliar and dark.  It was a bit gloomy and filthy. There was a lot of dust and it was manifested with rats. I thought 'how could people live in this shit?'

      Then  suddenly I heard a loud noise coming from the door. So I thought to check it. The only thing I regretted  that I didn't have any weapon on that time. When I opened the door there were two people standing and quarreling with each other .There was a single  lamp in the hall. There were no things other than the lamp.

  One of them came towards me and told me he is Noah. He had blonde hair and had a Krode country's emblem on his shirt's poket and he pointed towards  a black haired guy dressed in dark robes told his name is Keit . Keit told that they found me in the outskirts of the town fainted. 

It was afternoon I had some food from packets that were inside the kitchen . I asked Keit to show around the town. He silently went to an another room and showed up with some sweaters and he said "It will be cold outside,wear this we don't want to carry you all the way up here again cause you weight so much".  Suddenly Noah came near me and said "why do you weight so much man?? What do you eat ? Do you know my shoulders pain so much even now for carrying you!! In an irritated tone.

We went out it was freezing . After walking for some time we saw so many houses suddenly Noah ran and broke into one at the starting .I asked Kiet why he did that ,isn't it a crime. Kiet replied that no one lives here they were forcefully evacuated after the war broke out, if they didn't  they were killed. Then he told " this town used to be called Nevera it was very lively before war but now it's known as ghost town as no one lives here".

Noah came outside and said he found some food packets that were inside the house . Then we continued our little tour. At the end of the town there was an old train station. I told Keit and Noah to go ahead because I wanted to check on the station to get help from communication centre if it was still working. 

As they went ahead , I went inside the station at there was a board near the communication centre that had pictures of the people who died in war . What struck me the most was the picture at the bottom! The picture at the bottom was Keit's . I was in shock I couldn't move a bit suddenly someone taped on my shoulder. I was so scared when I turned around it was Keit.

Dark and Shadow

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