Chapter 15:

7th Sector『Part 4』

Heaven's Codex

Leviathan get passed to Sally and dashed to Minoru and Ashley's direction. Alarmed, Minoru casted his Enhancement Magecraft raised to Level A, he grabbed Ashley and carried her away. With Minoru's Agility he managed to dodge Leviathan's sharp claws, upon dodging Sally appeared infront of Leviathan's face and kicked him a few meters away.

While carrying Ashley in his arms Minoru dashed away to the tree's direction leaving the hot spot.

"Ashley! You have the Senses of Raguel, can you somehow connect my sensory to the other two's mind?" 

"I've never done it before, but I'll do my best, give me plenty of time to locate their mana!"


Minoru dashed away while carrying Ashley, with his Agility he managed to dodge the hostiles on the way. Ashley started cultivating her Angel's Mana to connect to the other two.

"Minoru! Here I go, this will hurt a bit bare with it!"

"Do it—AHHHHHH!!!"

Minoru received a very strong headache for a second, upon experiencing that—their minds finally connected. Nehl and Heva heard Minoru's echoing voice in his head.

"Huh? Minoru?" Nehl speaked

"Minoru? You two okay?" Heva answered 

"Yeah we are! I don't have much time to explain but I have a plan! AHHHH my head!!! Just go to the Clock Tower you see in the distance, let's meet there and please deliver this to the two Seraphs... much damage to Leviathan as possible while I'm severing the tree! Got it!"

Upon saying that Minoru's Voice dissapear from their heads. Minoru and Ashley gone to the clock tower, the place where they'll meet up.

Nehl jumped from the tree branch he's standing and neared Ezra.

"Mr.Ezra, please bear with Leviathan, Minoru needs us two. Minoru said kick Leviathan's ass as much a possible!"

"I got you kid, Go!!!"

Heva and Nehl flee. Upon doing so, Ezra casted a Mana Array to prevent Leviathan from fleeing.


"I'll make sure to stop you, prick!" Sally wispered

While waiting inside the tower structure, Minoru defended the main door from the moving roots.

"These things never run out!"

"Imagine what could happen if these things started to spread throughout the whole Empire..."

"That'll only happen if we all died here! YAAAAH!! (slash)...I never knew our first war will be like this! I just want to be an ordinary student (slash)."

"We're never ordinary, we're like the Kingdom's Sword and Shield...

...ah by the way Minoru, how do you know how to fight so well?"

"My Dad and Gab taught me to, I'm just a (slash) generic swordman."

"Mmm...I see."

"I know you have so many questions to ask, go ahead we have plenty 'o time (slash, slash)"

"Hmm (smile), it will hold for now. They're here!" 

Two green arrows shot from the sky landed on the roots infront, Heva landed and slashed the remaining ones. Nehl and Heva Entered the hall and we talked about the plan.

"You're finally here." Minoru speaked

"Now, what's the plan?" Heva asked

"I'm planning to decapitate the tree as fast as possible, you three please help me with this!"

"You need not to say that, tell us. (smiles)" Nehl speaked

"Leviathan has a very impressive Healing capability, but he depends on the tree to do it."

"Huh?" Heva speaked

"When Leviathan is damaged he absorbs mana from the Tree itself, causing the tree to focus on healing him and ceasing its Mana Absorption process, in simple explanation when Leviathan is damaged the tree stops operating."

"So the plan is to damage Leviathan and slash the tree simultaneously?" Nehl said

"Uh-huh. Ashley can you?"

"Yeah, prepare yourself for the headache!"

Ashley connected Minoru's Sensory to Sally and Ezra while battling Leviathan.

"M-Minoru? How can you?"Sally asked

"It's Ashley's spell not mine, I have a favor for you two!"

"What is it boy?" 

"Please, can you damage Leviathan as much as possible while we're doing the tree?"

"You don't need to tell me that! (lightning slash)"

"Leave him to us!" Sally speaked

Their minds disconnected after a second.

"I'll be the one taking down the tree, please assist me—" 

"You have the Eye of Azrael that's a huge help but cutting that huge tree would be a problem with just mana imbuing in your sword! You'll die in mana exhaustion!" Heva speaked

"If that happens...

Minoru stand up.

...I'll be relying on Ramiel, my Angel."

They left the tower and fought their way to the Tree of Erebus

Just a kilometer more to reach the tree's foot they stumbled upon several demons along the way. Their bodies are infested with black roots and their skin are beggining to rott, we prepared our weapons.

"Minoru, we'll be doing this! Charge more mana!" Heva speaked


Heva attacked first, swinging her sickle in different direction she killed the demons infront. Nehl as well engaged in shooting his arrows.


We heard a very strange voice from somewhere.

"You heard that?"

"What is it?"

Once more, we heard it again somewhere around us.


Nehl glanced behind and saw a strange girl standing behind him. The girl extended her hands to Nehl, roots grew from her hands trying to attack Nehl, he dodged it and aimed his bow to the girl.





Her hands one again extended to Nehl attacking him with black roots.

"How do you my na—no way..."

Nehl got a glance from the girl's face, its Nehl's Sister who died days ago.



He dodged all the girl attacks. Trembling, Nehl aimed his bow to her sister. Ashley after killing some of the demons jumped and landed to the roof near Nehl.

"Nehl!! What's the problem!!"

She saw Nehl's trembling hands while aiming to the demon.

"This is not like you! Ne—"

Nehl's tears fell from his eyes while aiming the bow to her sister. Ashley figured out what' going on and decided to take action, she casted an ice spell to the demon' direction but the demon blocked it with her root hands.


"Sister, why..."

Nehl's hands keep on trembling.

"I-I can't do it."

"Back off Nehl!"

Heva dashed from Nehl's back jumping from the window. The girl's hands extended again imbued with roots, Heva pin the roots down with the Blood Scythe Minoru appeared from Heva's behind mid-air and used the roots to bridge to the girl's head. He removed his glasses and imbued his sword with his Blue Flame Mana.

"This is a Farewell!" 

Minoru slashed the girl's head clean, Minoru's sword couldn't handle the mana anymore and broke into pieces. Nehl approached her sister's corpse and teard up.

"Rest In Peace now sister, thanks for everything."

"Nehl, What's your sister's name?"

"Elizabeth, Elizabeth Laurentius."

"Rest Well in the other side Ms.Elisabeth"

They vowed their head infront of the corpse, after a while of Nehl mourning her sister they left the spot. Nehl called for Minoru once more.

"You broke your sword."


Nehl casted his unique spell: Materialization. He materialized a thin sturdy sword from his hands and lend it Minoru.

"Use these...

...Thankyou, Minoru,"

"Hmm (smile)"

After a long fight, they managed to get to the Tree of Erebus, now the problem is how they can decapitate it.

"A HUGE MANA INCOMING!!!!" Ashley screamed


Nehl materialized a sword from his hands and blocked the sudden creature attacking them. Their eyes widened for who it is, its Leviathan using the 7th Seraph's Katana to attack us. Leviathan's left side limbs was heavily damaged, his left arm was decapited and his skins were like fried in an intense heat.


Leviathan backed off meters away and laughed like a villain.

"You guys are stupid if you really think you can kill me!!!"

Leviathan's expression wasn't liks from earlier, he's now very serious and enraged. 

"You guest it right! That Ezra bullshit is now dead!!"

Nehl raged for what he heard and traded blows with Leviathan.


"YES! ENHANCEMENT!!!!!! A!!!!!"

I casted my Enhancement magic and used the tree trunk to move to the higher place. I used all my spells just to get through it! 


Information Board:


Seraphs are the Empire's highest ranking soldiers/exorcists. There's only one Seraph in every Sectors from Sector 7 to The Main Sector Babel. 


7th Sect: Ezra Rowan

6th Sect: ???

5th Sect: ???

4th Sect: Sally Villan

3rd Sect: ???

2nd Sect: ???

Main Sect: Gabriel Carter

Information Board:


A boy from one of the four Royal Clans of the Throne bearing the blessing of one of the angels of early empire.

Abilities: Bow Expert, Martial Arts, Multiple Element Affinities,etc.

Angel: Uriel The Angel of Creations 

Angel Weapon: Orion

Devine Order (Weapon Special Attack): ???

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