Chapter 1:

Under Renovations

Elementalist 44

Hi, MiKey here with an announcement/update for you guys. I wasn't gonna say anything because I did kinda migrate to another site after "stuff" happened, but it kinda felt wrong to not say anything to anyone who reads Elementalist via honeyfeed.

I am, really, really, not happy with the quality of the chapters that I've written as of now. They've all been unpublished.

Not sure why I've decided to do this now, even when I do have a lot of positive comments about Elementalist so far, but I don't know, it just feels like it could be better, you know? When I go over and read them myself, they don't have that feeling that I get when I talk or write about the stuff I want to put in the series later on, or even the stuff that I'm dealing with now. It's like, if you ask me, the first few chapters I wrote gave Elementalist44 a slow and, in my opinion, quite a boring start, but maybe it's because I literally take months to upload a new chapter. 

I did say to myself that I wouldn't go off on a tangent, but this needed to be said. I was also thinking of leaving the old stuff up for a day or two before unpublishing it so people would be able to compare the quality of that stuff to the new stuff, and I since I've already taken them down I'd have to republish them, but I don't know if they'll then appear in the new novels section and make it look like I'm re-uploading chapters for more likes. Don't want that.

So um, expect a 100% better (maybe) prologue by the end of May. I won't change too much but the tone needs tweaking. And some weak plot points need to be made, stronger.

thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Elementalist 44

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