Chapter 13:

Vol. 1 ☆ Database

Scarlet Finale! (Demo)

Our little game has barely started, and a few fascinating terms have already popped up. Isn't it exciting? Oh? Who am I? Don't tell me you've already forgotten about me, that would hurt my heart you know. The lovely and charming Viktor is here at your service.

What am I doing here? Why of course I'm here to share my findings with you. I'm sure you noticed it too, right? The bolded words as you followed along through the story. I'm sure you understand I can't share beyond the information you should already have, spoiling the game is no fun. Of course, if new information comes up along the way, I'll make sure to show you.

I think I've said enough for now, haven't I? How about we take a look?


Admin: Viktor
Password: ********

Access Granted.


Anything Scarlet: This is the name of the newly founded company. The boss is none other than Faith. Maybe "boss" isn't the best term to use here, is it? It does have quite the fancy skyscraper as its location after all. Then again, apparently their slogan is that "they do anything." Anything, huh? Some ideas do come to mind. Maybe some other time.

Burst Bullets: These are special bullets compatible with Faith's weapon. It seems they are capable of releasing quite the destructive blast. For bullets like this to exist... it goes past secret military weaponry if you asked me. I would love to get my hands on one.

Day of the End: Self-explanatory. The day the world will come to an end. Something about this doesn't sit right with me. After all, isn't the end of the world a very broad term? What? Would a sudden explosion or catastrophe end the planet in a flash? Somehow, I don't think that is the case. Hasn't the world ended for many already?

Judgment Stage: This one is quite intriguing. From my understanding, this is a countdown that leads to the end of the world. According to the prophecy, this would begin on October 9th, 2016. I wonder what's up with that date. Apparently, it's because of what it said in the prophecy but... no, nevermind. Regardless, we are already standing in this stage. If anything, I can conclude it simply means something is bound to happen at any moment now. Of course, even if it all stays the same, I will make sure to shake things up.

Luminescence 7468: This was the password that the little sister entered. Good thing her reaction time was fast enough, it would have been troublesome for me if my dear Faith had to step down the stage this early on. This is a code that caused a device in the Castle of Hope to shoot out a holy light. Then again, the result was anything but holy. Hm? What do the numbers mean? Let's leave that for another time.

Organization of Hope: This is the name of the organization that has taken over Glint City. When you think of an organization you would think of a group of evil villains, wouldn't you? Yet, all its members are civilians from this city who joined under the promise their lives would be saved. If you were to ask me, I think the world has already ended for them.

Scarlet Grimoire: This is the name of the weapon Faith carries. Even though I would love to know why it is named like that, I have failed to get hold of that information for the time being. Even though this is nothing but a normal (and cool looking!) gun at first glance, it can also use Burst Bullets for fatal attacks. Impressive as that is, I highly doubt that that is the extent of what it can do.

Scarlet Outburst: [Data Encrypted. Access Denied.]

Silver Memories: Small silver tubes that can compress and carry an item inside them. It seems like these were created by the elder Mireille sister. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous that I didn't come up with them first. Then again, I wouldn't call myself exactly an inventor. I could see some use for them, but they are not a priority.


What do you think about my insight? Of course, please remember my data is not absolute. Maybe you were able to notice things I haven't. I would love to hear your thoughts as well. Alas, it seems our time is running short. I'm sure we'll meet again soon enough.

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