Chapter 9:

Battle Plan - 14 years ago


Trent stood in the middle of the table that stretched from both sides, the map laid in front of him and the other four, it detailed their strategy, he put his hand on it and leaned in. He studied his enemy's formations. Mon - a former bandit, now a general of a rebellious Pure Blood group, that if given time to grow, could potentially threaten the throne - was planning an attack on the capital city - Morsh. Trent - Morshina's strategist - was now in charge of stopping that attack, and so he stationed his army on the border of the city.

Trent took a deep breath and continued explaining their battle plan "Fortunately, Mon was a bandit and he still fights like one on the battlefield. He is going to have tacticians with him, but ultimately the decision for their strategy falls back to him. He is planning a head-on attack, in which he will march his army in one go. A clever move, if he was in a desperate situation, luckily he isn't in one today. So the plan is as follows: Korn, Mort, you two will lead your army in the same formation as his, your forces will then be equal. Teph, Beth," he smirked realizing both names rhymed "You two will each take 500 infantry and lead your squads flanking from the back, putting him in a choking situation, earning us the advantage."

"An advantage?" repeated a confused Teph.

"Unfortunately, Mon isn't that stupid, I have confirmed that earlier," said Beth, both hands clasped behind her back, she looked contemplative.

"We received word from a messenger who was sent by Mon to discuss a peace talk," continued Trent, "we held him hostage!" Korn chuckled at the statement, the madman liked torturing his enemies, but deep down he had a good heart. "After a couple of interrogations and bribes, he finally broke, he didn't know anything. Mon apparently was secretive about his tactics. But, the messenger was a part of a squad, that was a part of three battalions Mon left as reserves" Trent looked visibly worried. Beth walked toward him and laid a hand on his shoulder. Trent looked at her and nodded.

"If you didn't let the messenger go," said Teph, "what makes you think Mon will not suspect that his messenger didn't inform us about his plan."

"We did return him, hence the bribes. And, earlier this morning I sent Beth to have one final scout before I finalize our plan, and the report I got from her, meant that our bribes worked.""Finalize your plan?" asked Teph, "that means you have a way of winning us this battle."

Trent nodded.

"Do you guys realize something off in this meeting?" Trent asked the group. They looked around for a moment but then shook their head.

"Let me tell you something, if your level of awareness is this low, then how the hell do you expect us to win this battle in the first place," said Trent chuckling to himself."Jackson is missing," Beth said flushing; she hated looking stupid.

"Bingo," replied Trent pointing at her, but his head was focused on the map."Jack is our trump card, and our only reserve," he pointed to a spot between the enemy's camp and the area they suspected the head-on clash would take on, suggesting that's where Jack is now. "Should anything go wrong with the head-on clash, then we won't have a way of winning this battle. He is to only engage, should the three battalion reserves march to assist Mon, who will be leading the head-on clash".

"Head on clash. You are repeating the same words, Trent, you are worried aren't you?" said Korn, it was the first time the group heard him speak. He liked to think before talking."I am. I don't like wagering my men's lives and having no backup plan, but it's the only way, I've gone over 100 different simulations with Jack and this is the only one in which we have hope."Everyone was quiet for a moment, but the silence was interrupted when a messenger entered the tent.

"Forgive my intrusion sir, but Mon has begun the march." the messenger said in a hurried tone.

"Earlier than I expected, but our army knows the plan, spread the word, we march!" Trent said, and the group hurried outside.

"May glory be with you," he said."With us all", they replied.

Trent stood inside his tent, his advisors entered minutes later and began discussing reports, and possible scenarios, should things go wrong. Everything left was for him to sit and assist them should they need help. Hopefully, his tactics don't cause women to become widows and children orphans.