Chapter 1:

chapter 1


Katie:Oh I know I'm going to get this job.

Jason: I just came back from work what is it?

Katie: Oh work you mean slack off all day? Yeah right unlike you I'm going to get a job.

Jason:I at least don’t spend all day on your phone with photopshop and seflies.

Katie:Oh you limp dick loser just you wait I'm going to get the job and you and your buddy are going to be bowing to me like good little doggies just you wait ohohohohoho.

Jason:Good luck master.

Katie:You bet your butt as I am number one ohohohohohohoho!!

Billie:Miss Katie you’re next.

Katie:Yes this is going to be my moment!

Billie:Have a seat.

Katie:Thank you for having me here.

Billie:So what got you interested in working for sacred blood enterprises?

Katie:I’ve grown up with your products and its always been a dream of mine to work for such a company like them always ahead of the times as well as always coming out with the best stuff you can buy.

Billie: I see I see that’s good.

Katie:You guys even now are always on top no matter how bad things get.

Billie:That we are and also speaking of which what skills do you got that nobody else would have we can use?

Katie:Top of my class in all aspects and I was also on the badminton team in high school won a championship as well too against hopeville high as well.

Billie:Nice work.

Katie:Thanks I also have a typing speed of 150 words per minute as well too.

Billie:Impressive as well too.

Katie: And oh yeah I also did track as well too won that as well.

Billie:Nice work once more.
katie: Thank you!

Billie:And I think that concludes our interview.

Katie:Thank you for having me here.

Billie:No problem have a nice day.


Billie:Congradulations you got the job.

Katie:Thank you!

Billie:You start tomorrow at 9.00 am see you then.

Chapter ends.