Chapter 27:

perfect blue

love sick delinquent

Stop the performance''one of the judge stood up from his seat

the whole auditorium eent on unwearing silence waiting for what will going to happen next

''What happen to your accompanist?''he asked as he stared at ne with a serious look on his face''We don't approve of you charging the rules on your own''he added

''Come down at once''

i raised my bow once again and continue playing to where i stopped

''It's already over ...why is still playing?''i heard the female whispered

Perhaps I won't be able to play to my own satisfaction but I'll play anyway.

''Because I have opportunity to play and people are here to listull''i thought and i smiled

''I'll play my best.....So that people who listened to my performance will never forget me''

''I just want one person to listen...I just want him to listen.

i saw sir glen walked to the judge''Please wait you can't do that''

''But don't you need a piano accompanist for this piece?''the judge fired him

''Yes but''sir glenn averted his gaze''

''I wonder If it reached him.I hope it did''

''I'd its for accompanist ,I'm here''everyone looked to the guy whos wearing a black uniform while the rest is on pristine white

i saw claudia smiled at me


''Hey your not a register student''the judge said but yahiro ignored him and went on stage and walked to the black piano and began to play

this isn't a song of ending

It is a new encounter. A song of beginning


You're awesome

You did it yahiro!

Thank you yahiro

''The people here...would not forget us....I'm sure of it''

and I won't forget

That was awesome

''Seriously during a serious competition?''the judge said and sat down on his chair-accepting defeat

''After went through all the trouble to accompany me...sorry for finishing last''

''What are you saying ?I didn't expect you to play tristesse''

Its a song you like,right?

Well I guess

''It was quite an impressive performance''

''I was able to do my best in a lot of things to day because of you''i said straight to his face

I said its okay..its nothing really

and for the last

nicol carlton

How he plays it is just so incredibly gentle, thoughtful, as if the notes are caressing your ears, and you never recognized auditory beauty transforming into images of incredible landscapes, loved ones, your most treasured memories..

how It’s fascinating how human emotion can create such art, and control one entirely to let that emotion only trail into your hands, our hands, and with such, make the most wonderful art, or most fearing experiences.

music filled the venue as Nicol bowed down ,judges stood up from their seats, cameras flashed, and the whole place filled with applause.

My sight was filled with their smiles and the sound of applause

the way Nicol stood up on stage,So beautiful and poignant, a perfect illustration of a lifetime of experience and artistry.

now,as well as the others,his music touches the heart of the audience


''Um here''said a first year general department boy along with a girl beside him handing me a bouquet of flowers "Flowers for you"the girl said.timidly

"Wow, they're so pretty! thanks!"

"Oh miss Campbell. Well be posting the result thirty minutes after the panels done"

"Oh don't mind me"i said "Because I really don't care about that stuff"i added and smile

"katarina!"cecilion called me out .i turb around to see he was stabding along with reiji,gabriel and nicol

"Bye now thanks for the flowers!"i said waving at them as they run away from me

with flowers in my arms,Weaving through crowd towards cecilion

''That was awesome you were so cute''he said with a smile

"Thanks"i said shyly when i heard a group of students looking atme''shes katarina campbell right?

''wow even i know her name nos''

"Amazing!they're all talking about katarina"gabriel said cheerfully and hugged me

o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o

"well she was really cool wasn't she?"reiji agreed

"What did you think?"i excitedly asked nicol

"Um not bad"he said looking away from me

"This is amazing!they're still buzzing about her!you think shell win?''gabriel asked and finally let go of me

''These no way she'll win or even get a high rank.too many deductions''nicol responded''Not playing the scores written is a total taboo and the fact that she play chopin on violin''

''But why?!you saw how everyone loved it!''gabriel said proudly

''I could see it if this were a recital but no way in a competition''euphimia added

"I've never seem anyone get flowers after the prelims"nicol said in a low voice"Not only that but you don't even know them right?"

"For those first year hearing your performance, then rushing out to but flowers to his yo you

"It must've been an unforgettable day

I think it was that kind of performance

We vw announcing the names of the contestants who clears the preliminaries

1.Nicole carlton

2.cicilion reize

3.Reiji Lei

4.euphimia fildora

5.Gabriel roseblade

6.katarina Campbell

"Let's take a picture to remember the day katarina went off stage with barefoot!"gabriel said excitedly as he run towards js with an old camera

"Who the heck want to remember that?"reiji yelled at him

"Let's take the pictures outside the auditorium"cecilion suggested with

"Can y'all line up on the stairs"

"Hurry up you guys reiji euphimia stand there...cicilion, gabriel can stand there Nicole, katarina and yahiro can stand here in the middle"

"Youre too close" reiji said irritatedly as he pushed gabriel away

"What can I do?its an old camera"

"It doesn't have a big range so get closer" euphimia said glaring at the two

Am I in the photo?"yahirp asked

"Probably" nicole

"You don't even Care do you?"yahiro responded

Stop pushing me!

"You're the one who told is to stand here"

I can't help it.the camera isn't too wide

Then get out of the frame


i sat down on the hallway,where shanon volunteered to be my participant and i lean my back against the wall

It was quite an impressive performance katarina!''

But I got the last place...

that Was because of the problem you has before your performance

Things like the accompaniment and your appearance

Was that so...

A new participant has been added in the musical concours

From the regular department

Yahiro paxley''we both looked to each other in surprise

um i better get going''yahirp said as he scrapd his nape and sniled at me awkwardly

''im sorry about that yahiro if it wasn't for-''my words cut off when yahiro patted my head

''don't worry about it,i did it because i wanted to:” saying that he left

oh yeah did i forgot something

oh yeah!nicol,i haven't thank him for standing up for me

i rode up my feet and looked for nicol all ocer the place but he is nowhere to be seen

i finally went to the pond where eindou net

its dark already but luckily the moon shine so bright which light qas enough to illuminate the area

and there,saw him sitting on the grass watching the fo

i sat down beside him ,but he didnt say anything''There's one other reason to see you...I have something important to tell you''i shyly said

"Hold on"he said


"Let me go first. There's something I've gotta tell you,too"

"What is it?"I asked, then Nicole held out something. Beautiful in his hand

"Is this.."

Nicole held one hand over his mouth to cover his blushing face

I've never seen him blushing like this before

You said you wanted to see it

"I did but cicilion said itd be hard to find"

"If you don't want it,I'm tossing it"

"I want it!"I scrambled to snatch the flower out of his hand

That's when I noticed.... Nicole's hand was as dirty as could be

He mustve searched everywhere just to find one for me

"Its beautiful"

"I thought it'd be impossible to find one"

"When you're good as I am ,nothing is impossible"

I felt so overjoyed

I hurriedly took the flower out

Wow that's a really pretty flower

I borrowed an iron and pressed up the flower petals and in.the glass bookmark yahirp had gave to me

The petals fit perfectly

Someone's point of view

katarinas performance....

i was completely lost with my thoughts and before i knew it i was already standing in front of thw door of general department room 302

the archive?''i whispered as i twisted the knob open and went inside the room

I'm glad you came''

''Who are you?and how did you get my email?''

Collection information about the students of the school is my hobby

My specialty is uncovering peoples darkest secret and getting your contact information is an easy task

'' pure absurdity so stop wasting your efforts and my time''

I always wants to know peoples darkest secret.think of all the power you have against them’'she said proudly and sat on the table in the center ignoring what i just have said''

i looked around the area.the room is like an ordinary classroom was filled with bookshelf and dusty old bookes but despite that...the atmosphere is somehow calming and very aesttically artistic

i sigh''what do you want from me?''i fired at her

''i just want to tell you youre stupid''she said looking at me seriosuly

is she real?''i gritted my teeth for what she said

''As you see,i'm the president of the school newspaper club

But not one interesting thing happened in this school and Sadly no one read my newspaper how can they when that annoying literature club president still exist?them prefer to read useless novels and reading love stories and poems that doesn't make anysense.

i lisyenibed to her quietly and nooded''If you want readers need juicy gossip''i recommend

There just not enough exciting things happening in our school other than what gets people going is trashy drama and gossip!

If there was a bit more drama going on this school I can write more interesting


What are you trying to say?Want me to hurt katarina Campbell for your benefits?

No of course not,what I am trying to say is...

wait...didnt you already hurt her for your own benefits?

ypu frame her up twice didn't you?''she said as she smile smugly at me

spreading rumors of her being a prostitute twice,and attempting her to get drown on the pon?you have guts dont you

my whole body froze after what i did you know?

i.told you collecting information is ny hobby and it's my job

''You're insane?!''i saecastically asked and

laugh a bit

''It was you who spread rumors about katarina and set her up with a pervert. Am I right?How far are you willing to go?

my feet runs cold for what ive heard''how did you know?''

''i just know what i know....and that is ....everything''

"are you done talking?"

"You weren't even listening?"she gebtly giggles

"I have work to do.I'm heading back now"i said calmly as turned my back away from her and silently walked aw

If you can't afford to lose.then don't ever think of playing the game''last thing she said before i finally walked away,enough not to breathe the same air as her