Chapter 49:


Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

Heyaaa everyone! Skorge37 here and I have a pretty huge announcement and account update!

As some of you have seen, I changed my account quite a bit and thats for a good reason! Me and my bestie for life, Aliza (AKA Kyoko) have decided to do a 2 admin account on here!

She is my main artist and she also does commissions on her own so if you are looking for an artist to do novel covers or characters, she can help you with that!

Now some of you would want to see her work beforehand and you're in luck! She has given me permission to use her artwork for showcase that I will be uploading to this journal shortly!

She also has a "carrd" thing where it gives links to all her social medias and ways of contacting her. The link for her card is below

We are so excited for this and hope you all enjoy the novels and artwork!