Chapter 17:

A Reason to Live

Heaven's Codex

I woked up in an unfamiliar bed, my body felt like very weak, I can't see anything nor open my eyes with the bandage covering my sight. The defeaning sound of the Patient Monitor is the only thing I can hear covering the room, so I am still alive huh...After a while I heard the sliding door's sound, a person entered the room—

"Ahh, g-goodmorning, may I ask where am I?"

"(gasp) Doctor!!! Doctor!!! The patient woked up!!!"


Several people approached me to check me up, at my right a person's getting my bp I guess and at my left a person is asking me obvious questions.

"Hello, do you know your own name?"

"Minoru Albreicht, wh—" 

"Is somewhere in your body hurts?"

"Nothing hurts."

"Ahh good. Nurse! Call Sir. Gabriel Carter."

After all that, they left the room for a while. I didn't even got a chance to ask what's happening, I'm curious how everybody's doing right now. 

"Mmm, why am I...

...still alive?"

I heard the door slided once more, a person walks in with loud shoe footsteps.

"Uhhh, can I ask who are you?"

"Welcome back, Minoru."

That voice, its Gab's. I heard the chair at my left being pulled, Gab sat at the chair and given me a weak punch in my chest, greeting me.

"Its been a while...tsss (smile)" Gab spoken 

"A while? How long am I out? Two weeks or three?

"You've been out for almost 3 months now."

Shocked, Minoru spoke.

"T-That long? I can't imagine my self sleeping that long."

I lift my hands to my face trying to remove the blindfold covering my sight but Gab stopped me before I even reach it.



"I guess I'll tell you everything...

...back when we rescued you on the 7th Sector's Battlefield you were in a very critical condition. Your mana was so drained to the last drop, in short, you're in the brink of death. Luckily, we managed to restore some of your mana before it all run out.

"Then my eyes..."

"You overused the Eyes Of Azrael, if by any chance you used it once more on that time, your eyeballs will explode."

"Ahh, I see, ohhh...right, I basically can't see right now..."

"Hmmm (smile)"

"How about the others? Nehl, Ashley, Heva, Sally and...


"(sigh) Nehl suffered an intense fracture in his legs but now he's recovered, Heva got a fractured ribs and arms but it's pretty much healed now, Ashley suffered on an intense Mana Exhastion but she pretty much healed her Mana core this time...

...we managed to save Sally from huge mana exhaustion and broken bones, but Ezra..."

"How's Ezra?"

"He died, he died on a combat between him and Leviathan."

Minoru's head lowered after what he heard.


"He didn't died in vain, the four of you managed to defeat Leviathan...

...rejoice, you honored him."

"You sure know how to speak, Gab."

Gab stand up from the chair and spoke once more.

"I'll tell you everything soon, any requests?"

I looked up thinking what really is my request and told it to Gab.

"I...wanna go home."

"Uhumm, gotcha!"

Gab said goodbye for now and slided the door closed. I once more layed back on the bed thinking deeply why exactly do I live for. Am I really grateful to be alive? I'm alone now anyways, I have no one on me. Then, why am I still here?

By afternoon, the nurses assisted me to pack up my things and lend me a hand to go outside the hospital. Gab ordered one of his butlers to drive me to our Dorms, when the nurse opened the door I heard them yelling at me on the distance.

"Get well soon, hero!"


"That's how everybody sees you now, Mr. Albreicht." The nurse beside me said.

I bid them all farewell by vowing my head down and saying "thankyou" before entering the car and left.

After a while when Minoru left, a car arrived infront of the hospital, three people get off the car...its Nehl, Heva, and Ashley. 

"Wahhh! That was a long day at school." Nehl said.

"Let's see Minoru." Heva said.


They entered the hospital and walked to Room 106, Minoru's room, they noticed nurses getting in and out carrying bed sheets and blankets.

"That's Minoru's room isn't it!?"

"Y-yeah it is..."

The three rushed inside and saw nothing but an empty room. Nehl confronted the Nurses in the corridor and asked where Minoru is.

"Excuse me! Where's Patient106??"

"Ahh, Mr.Albreicht?"


"He was discharged not long ago with Sir. Gabriel's order. Actually, he left the hospital like 20 minutes ago."

"T-Twenty minutes ago?? Thankyou, maam!"

Ashley pulled his phone out and ringed Gab about the situation.

"Sir. Gab!!!"

"Didn't I said drop the 'sir' already? By the way, what's up?"

"Is Minoru—?!"

"Ow, so you dropped by the hospital? Man I thought you were in the dorms already?"

"He's on the Dorms now?"

"Not yet, they're still on the way. I gotta do something, catch ya later!"

Gab hanged up and the three get back to the car. 

Meanwhile, in Minoru's car.

"Sir, shall we drop by the Hero Memorial Cemetery?"

"Mmm, how can you read me so well? Yes please."

Their car detoured to the Hero Memorial Cemetery, Minoru felt the urge to visit Ezra's grave and the others who sacrificed their lives to reclaim 7th Sector. After a while, they arrived to the spot, the butler escorted Minoru out of the car, a refreshing breeze welcomed Minoru.

"I want to see Ezra's Grave."

"As you wish"

They walked to Ezra's Grave and stand there.

"Here we are."

Minoru converged his hands praying infront of Ezra's tomb when a familiar voice of a woman spoked behind him.



That voice, I remember it, it's Sally. I ordered the Butler to leave us alone for now sitting on the Wooden bench beside the Ezra's grave.

"So you've been discharged, its been 3 months." 

"Is it really 3 months now?"

"Ihmm (agree)"

"You? How are you?"

"I'm still on the process of healing some of my injuries, still, I'm good." 

"So Ezra didn't make it."

"Yeah, Unfortunately. I always come here day by day, he's a good friend."

"Mmm, I know."

We felt silent for a minute while the refreshing wind blew upon us, I stand up.

"You know, I have this idiom..."


"Don't be sad that it ended, be happy that it happen. I'm sure Ezra's happy on the otherside, never forget your bond with him, that's the most important thing you know?"

"Ihmm (smile), you and Gab kind of resembles each other."

"Are we?"

We both chuckled together, we chat for a moment, we laugh, we got saddened a little bit, but most importantly we managed to accept what's already here.

"So yeah, its getting dark soon, I'd be on my way now."

"Thanks, Minoru."

"Don't mention it, I can't see your face right now HAHAHA, you see...this bandage—"

"No need for that."

"Yeah, Catch ya later, Sally!"

The butler assisted me inside the car. I'm very glad I got a word with Sally, she's still a little depressed right now but I guess that's how life works, by that time, I know Ezra's there with us...Rest In Peace Sir. Ezra.

After a while of driving we arrived on the dorms. I said goodbye to Gab's butler and vowed my head to say 'thankyou'. I entered the very quiet corridors, this defeaning silence...I think I missed it a bit. I climbed up stairs and almost got tripped, HAHAHA this bandages in my eyes irritates me. Just imagine if I accidentally shatter an expensive Vase in here, well I guess this not a museum for that to happe—. I accidentally tripped on something and felt a vase like flower pot about to fall.

I managed to save the pot and my self from out balancing. I let out a very dissapointed sigh, I stand up and carefully put the flower pot down. I feel the door's number and here it is my room number 045, I wanna lie in my bed so bad.

I groped the door knob and realised it was locked and I don't have the goddamn key. I let out a very very dissapointed sigh.

"Why is this happening to me, ow—"

I heard a car engine stopping by infront of the Dorms. I guess they're here, maybe Nehl got the key for all the doors so I waited on the corridor. 

"Minoru!! Minoru!? Minoru!!" 

I heard them calling my name simultaneously. They climbed the stairs and saw me standing on the corridor.

"Uhh, do you have the key, I may look pathetic but—"

Two people jumped on me knocking me down with a hug cutting what I'm about to say. This scent, its Heva and Nehl I can't be wrong. Ahhh right, its been three months I forgot, it may be almost just days for me, but they haven't seen me for three whole months now. 

"MINORUUUU!!" Nehl yelled at me.

"O-Oi calm down!"

"Hey you two! Let Minoru breath will you!!"

That voice its Ashley.

"You dont wanna give me  a hug too?" I asked her with a teasing voice.

"Nah, screw that! Welcome back, rascal."

I felt Heva's presence, ah yes she's still hugging me tight.


"Minoru, you stupid! That time, you really wanted to die didn't you?! Idiot!!!"


I patted her head putting her at ease.

"Don't worry, I'm alive."

She clinged on me harder after I said that.

"Minoru! Let's have a welcome back party! I bought many snacks downstairs!!" Nehl said.

"Hm (smile), sure!"

Maybe I'm still wandering, why did I live, why didn't I die on that spot, why am I still here. Well I guess I found it, that thing I'm looking for for almost years now. Its now infront of me, I found...A Reason to Live