Chapter 1:

Chapter 0


At first glance you can see an island floating in the technological sky with a large medieval-looking tower in the center rising above the sea and stretching endlessly into space.

This is all that can be seen from the outside thanks to the promotional image released before the game became free for everyone.

A group of players with the "archaeologist" class went on an expedition when this world was first launched; the time it took them to walk the entire medieval island was one month, giving all players a map revealing the first 100 km of habitable land on the floating island.

After many updates, the island was renamed "central island" because of the tower inside it, which hides many mysteries that no one has been able to decipher to this day.

With the patches also came expansions with new islands with themes based on the era before the arrival of gunpowder.

In total it has been calculated that these islands can hold the entire population of the city of Lima when they are active, something new for a virtual reality and it is unimaginable to know how much data it can hold today and in the future.

Big cities, adventures and many ways to earn money is what this virtual world called WEO offers to the gamer community. World Epic Online is the game that revolutionized everything known in the year 2030. Its virtual reality is so immersive that it perfectly recreates the lakes, the fantastic creatures you can imagine, the oldest and most pleasant ecosystems on earth and above all the senses, especially the sense of pain.

Now, in the year 2032, the latest update called "the last player standing" is the key to unlock the insurance that has this world releasing infinite possibilities for all people.

Overcoming the dungeons, advancing through the great tower and facing the best players are some of the things that this patch requires, all to achieve the glory of being immortalized in this game that resembles the real world.

Tell me player, are you ready to overcome all these tournament difficulties, and achieve the glory of being called the last player standing.

If you decide to accept it WORLD EPIC ONLINE, the same that gave dreams to all players, will reward you with what you desire most: wealth, power, fame and above all glory.

Achieve the glory of being called the last player standing in the land of WORLD EPIC ONLINE.The last player standing will be the first to meet the next floor that will change everything WEO has known for two years.