Chapter 31:

sincerely yours

love sick delinquent

After that fateful incident happened yesterday…yahiro never talked to me again

"Look look"

"Over there see?"

"Yahiro gorgeous as always"

"I know ,right?he's way cooler than most guy out there in general department"

"I wish I could have lunch with him !at least once in my life"

"Why not just ask"

" I was wondering if you would like to...have lunch with me"


"Sorry,but I already have lunch plans with someone else"

"Thanks for asking though"yahiro weary smiled as he scratched her cheeks and silently walk away from me

"Geez Katarina!how did you-where did that even come from?"claudia asked in surprise

"He said no....."i said as i looked down

"Did you really just ask yahiro out to lunch?!"

"Yes, is something wrong?"

"He always turns everyone down..."

"He doesn't eat with anyone...except for Gabriel and shannon"

"But Doesn't that make her so much cooler?He's like a lone wolf always keeping his distance from others!"

"Even when she turns you down.he's super gentle about it"

"Yahiro!over here"


"I don't get why everyone likes you so much"shannon said and rolled her eyes”just because they found out you play piano”

"I never asked them to like me.they're just making up stuff about me"he responded coldly

I can't believe you were late again!

I wasn't

I wanted to walk to school with you together

I'm sorry ,we can walk home together

We will eat lunch at the rooftop

Huh why



Is this Always going to be like this?

Yahiro...I can't believe she's letting that woman bully you like that.ignore her!She's not worth listening to.skill not letting you out of her grasp!always ordering you around!

following yahiro around everywhere! She's such an eyesore”claudia whispered”i haven't forgot what she did to you at the concours”

"I don't think he likes bad girls."I timidly whispered

Eh, you like yahiro?

Katarina ?i heard yahiro from my back.i gulp

Its now or never

"People are selfish don't you think.they want the people they care about to only see the best side of themselves in most case though...but i guess you can be the best at anything and i do think your are perfect enough and i like you''i covered my mouth

"'oh no i said it''i thought to myself and i looked down .i don't want to see his reaction but i decided to finish it once and for all and calmed myself

there's no turning back

''I love you so much you're such an amazing person i could not help but to admire you and i would love you to be more comfortable with me you were an unexpected addition to my life little i did know you were the first ray of light that bring forth new life''I stutter.he look at me confusedly

"I want to improve myself so i can support you through and i want you to see the best side of myself"

"Even if you see i'm in the way.i want to be next to you“

“Is that s?”he slightly tilted his head”'can i asked you something katarina..just for once''he said in a cold tone''please stay away from me'' He said to me while looking straight to my eyes

i step away from him''but why

"Cause I'm already tired and I can't handle stuff like being with you anymore," he responded

''you're too kind in this cruel world katarina...please stay away from me from now on''

Did I just get rejected? yahiro?

i ended up telling him I liked him.but that wasn't part of the plan …I wanted to make him slowly fall for me.but I ended up confessed my love for him…and i lost the game

i was about to cry when i felt a warm hands intertwined on mine as i turned around to see who it was


gabriel did not responded and just stared at yahiro dragging me away from him

is gabriel concerned about me?he always put me first thats why im really touched by his action and will be forever grateful to him

gabriel is always protect me.i stared at gabriel's usual tired and sleepy face as he glance at me while dragging me away

from failure,shame and embarrassment

leave him be princess"he sweetly said as he stared at me with a huge smile on his face"

When we finally reached the rooftop and.i thought Gabriel will keep bringing what just happened earlier but instead he just sat down on the grassy carpet in the rooftop and open a box with cake as he hand it over to me

“Try this shortcake princess”he said cheerfully as he hand it over to me

Hastitately took the box and ate a piece of cake with a fork.”tasty!”i said as i happily ate the whole cake

“Tasty,healthy,fun,mouthwatering recipes made just for you”gabriel responded

“Woah you bake this gabriel” I went to sit with him and he stared at me with a gentle smile on his face

Seeing gabriels being positive and carefree somehow made me forget the embarrassing thing happened to me while ago

His hair seems soft”I thought to myself as I stared as his blonde hair was swayed gently by the wind.

"Come here," I told him, pulling him closer to me. He immediately lay down and rested his head in my lap. "I'm sorry katarina, I can't seem to stay awake.”

You can always use my lap as a pillow yah know”i said “as a thanks “i cheerfully said -running my fingers through his hair.

So soft:he whispered

I smiled blushing, I turned towards gabriel and he was sleeping peacefully, I went closer to him, giving him a light peck on his cheek.hes so much lie my little brother

A blonde hair is on my lap…smell like shampoo.i suddenly remembered the incident with rindou and how gabriel kicked them one by one

He was so vulnerable when he sleeps” can stare at gabriel's face forever”I happily whispered as he slowly opened his eyes.

Oh no!Did I wake him up?

“Kyashi,please go out with me”he mumbled as he slowly rubbed his eyes

What?!why would he confess his love for me

What's with the sudden question?there must be better girls out reiji

Gabriel should reevaluate himself”i thought to myself

I look back at Gabriel whose hands are released from mine, his right hand reaching out to touch my cheek. My face grew warmer when he touched it As he tucking my hair behind

i Um think you should take a look at the mirror and think again gabriel”i said in panic as i felt blood rushing on my cheeks”as long as i can be buried alongside with you im fine

Huh what kind of logic and long term plan is that?”i said angrily

“Just have to be patient until the time comes”saying that..gabirel took his trumpet from his case”for now,Just tell him whatever is on your mind honest”he added and stop up standing with light rays from the sun as wind blew i stared at him pinning my hair down in one hand i faced the oncoming breeze straight on.

A trumpet sound that tries to create a world anew as if it were blowing glass.

Is that…”kreisler - liebesleid?”my gaze was drawn to them so deeply ,they took my breath away

start off with a beautyl accent.and increase intensity and speed of vibrato as he starts to move the phrase along ...his slurring is seamless and the note lengths were well chosen

His glance really give this his music more energy and life

rhymiiticaly,she's really bringing out everything these fast notes have to offer,without rushing them beautifully smooth slur going up this run

Great tone great vibrato

gabriel hold jis mpote out for an impressive but not overdone length of time

The boy I love is really weak

Really really weak

He doesn't actually like yelling at people

Hell laugh about being inauthentic

When really, he wished be wasn't

Boys and girls alike all fawn over him, which makes him happy

But Every now and then,it makes him feel anxious,

There's so much he struggles with, and I love him so much,

The boy I love is really weak but he tries really hide behind those fake mask

“Can a man hide himself in hiding places, for the world not to see the real him?

you know, when we met he was a totally different person

i wonder who he really was