Chapter 0:

A Stagnant Snapshot

Everything is Not Daijobu

It’s later than usual. Bookmark here

I find images circulating through my mind of things that never happened, of people I once knew. Everyone is recognizable, playing out how I remember them in my head. Bookmark here

I’m sure they’re not like this at all anymore, but a memory stands the test of time. Bookmark here

I can’t know for sure the people they have turned into. I still can’t figure out if the me that I can see is from the past, or the version that exists today. Bookmark here

That makes me think I haven’t changed much in ten years.Bookmark here

I know that’s a lie. Bookmark here

I wonder if their impression of me has changed over time, or if the memory of that is also etched into time itself. Bookmark here

A stagnant snapshot of what once was. Bookmark here

No matter how much I change, it will persist.Bookmark here

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